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 Thank for your interest in Letterhead Pro. This program will install 16 
 graphic sample letterheads, 6 logos, and 1 watermark into WordPerfect for 
 Windows (All Versions). Each letterhead will also have a macro that installs
 the letterhead into any WordPerfect document. Of course, you must have 
 WordPerfect for Windows installed prior to the installation of Letterhead Pro.

 The installation program is in two stages, DOS and Windows. The INSTALL 
 program MUST be started from DOS by placing the diskette in a floppy drive and
 typing INSTALL. Do NOT call up Windows and execute the RUN command. After 
 completing the necessary DOS portion of the installation, Windows will 
 be called up and the installation will be completed. WordPerfect for 
 Windows will automatically be called with README.DOC on screen.   
 README.DOC contains instructions on how to use Letterhead Pro. You will be
 shown how to order your own customized letterhead, logo, and watermark. It is
 a WordPerfect document and must be viewed and printed from inside WordPerfect.
 You should print README.DOC so you may use it as a guide when displaying and
 printing the Letterhead Pro letterhead examples. The document is set up using 
 COURIER 10cpi typeface so that it would print the order form and other items
 correctly on almost any printer. You will be shown how you may obtain your
 own customized graphic letterheads for WordPerfect for Windows. All
 instructions, worksheets, and order forms are included. If you only want to
 copy your current letterhead into a graphic image for WordPerfect, it is 
 necessary to read and print README.DOC.

 You may design your own letterhead, convert your present printed letterhead,
 or have CPI Software design a letterhead for you. CPI Software will place this
 design into a graphic PCX format, add a macro, and return it to you.

 If the printer you are currently using will print WordPerfect graphics, it
 will print graphical PCX letterheads. This includes laserjets, ink jets, and 
 dot-matrix printers. You do NOT need special printer drivers or any add-ons to
 place a customized professionally created letterhead on all your WordPerfect
 documents. WordPerfect for Windows and Letterhead Pro are all you need.

 Before starting the installation, refresh yourself on whether you used the
 Standard or Custom installation when installing WordPerfect for Windows. If
 you do not remember, then locate the path to the macro files, graphic files,
 and WordPerfect document files. Use the Custom installation for Letterhead Pro
 and type in the path data when prompted.


 Letterhead Pro may be installed in one of three ways. It may also be removed
 from your hard disk (uninstalled) using the CLEANUP command below.

 1. Standard Installation:

 The installation corresponds to the WordPerfect for Windows Standard
 installation. This installation program placed the macros into the 
 \WPWIN\MACROS directory, and the graphics in the \WPWIN\GRAPHICS directory.
 The document files are in the \WPWIN directory. If you did not make any
 changes in the directory locations since installing WordPerfect with the
 Standard installation, then this is the method of choice.

 2. Custom Installation:

 This installation will let you place the document file, the macros, and the
 graphics into any directory you wish. You must know the path to each of these
 directories. For example, if you placed all documents into a directory named
 "DOC" off the main "WPWIN" directory on drive "C", then this would be the full


 You will be asked: a. the drive letter, b. the path for document files, c. the
 path for macro files (files ending with .WCM), and c. the path for graphic
 files (files ending with .WPG). If you are not sure how you had installed
 WordPerfect, then use this method. Locate these files before the installation,
 and write down their proper path. Even if you used the Standard WordPerfect
 installation, this method would work if you know where the files are located.

 3. Manual Installation:

 This method does not use the Letterhead Pro INSTALL program, but it must be
 done exactly as follows: 

 a. Locate where the WordPerfect document files, macro files, and  graphic
    files are on your hard disk. 
 b. From the INSTALL disk, copy these files into the proper directory:

           1. PROWIN.EXE and ZAP.EXE into the documents directory.
           2. MACROS.EXE and ZAP.EXE into the macros directory. 
           3. GRAPHICS.EXE and ZAP.EXE into the graphics directory.
 c. PROWIN.EXE, MACROS.EXE, GRAPHICS.EXE, and ZAP.EXE are self-extracting 
    files. You need only to type their names and strike the ENTER key, and
    the Letterhead Pro file(s) will be extracted from them.

 d. ZAP.EXE should be in every directory where any Letterhead Pro files are
    located. This contains the file CLEANUP.EXE that is used to remove all
    Letterhead Pro files from the directory (see below) at a later time.

 e. After extracting all files from the above files, call up Windows and click
    on the WordPerfect icon. After WordPerfect comes up, retrieve or open the
    README.DOC file. Read and print the README.DOC file as instructed.

                         UNINSTALLING LETTERHEAD PRO

 The installation places the file CLEANUP.EXE into every directory where 
 Letterhead Pro files have been placed. When you wish to remove all installed
 Letterhead Pro files, simply go into the directories where you have installed
 files and type:

                       CLEANUP   and strike the ENTER key

 You will be asked if you want to uninstall all Letterhead Pro files in that
 directory. Press the ENTER key and all installed files will be deleted, 
 including CLEANUP.EXE. 

 CPI Software also distributes Letterhead Pro for WordPerfect for DOS, 
 Letterhead Pro for Word for Windows, and Letterhead Pro for Ami Pro. In 
 addition, Laser Letterhead plus and The Laser Letterhead Kit are available
 specifically for laser printers. We have been designing letterheads for
 business and personal use since 1987. 
 Thank you again, and enjoy your experience with Laser Letterhead Pro.

                               CPI Software
                          Post Office Box 47097
                             Saint Petersburg
                            Florida 33743-7097
                           Technical Assistance

                                Member of the 
                          Association of Shareware
                          Authors and Distributors

  Letterhead Pro for WordPerfect has been produced by a member of the 
  Association of Shareware Authors and Distributors, and as such, has met 
  their demands for professional programming. Any problems of a shareware
  nature that cannot be resolved by CPI Software, may be brought to the
  attention of the ASAD Ombudsman for possible correction. Please send all
  information, including the name and address of the person or company you
  received Letterhead Pro for WordPerfect from, to: ASAD, ATTN: Ombudsman,
  2425 North Limestone Street, Springfield, Ohio 45503-1109.  

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3651

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README   TXT      7744   2-19-93   7:59p
BROWSE   COM      1088   2-01-93  12:00p
GRAPHICS EXE    206583   2-12-93   2:12a
INSTALL  EXE      8773   2-19-93   7:09p
MACROWIN EXE     34034   2-11-93   9:10p
PROWIN   EXE     26431   2-13-93  10:09p
ZAP      EXE     16088   2-15-93  11:53p
GO       BAT        36   6-07-93   1:43p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        9 file(s)     302817 bytes
                       15360 bytes free