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                                W I N P A K  #1

                         D E S C R I P T I O N    A N D

                     A U T H O R    I N F O R M A T I O N


    This file includes sample descriptions which you may use to describe
    the WinPak#1 package.  WinPak#1 is a trademark of Rhode Island Soft 
    Systems, Inc.

    Disk Vendors and Distributors please refer to the VENDOR.TXT text file.

                             Program Information:

    File Name:

       For consistency and to help users locate the files, please make sure
       that if the distribution files are archived into one file, it 
       is named:


       If the program is compressed using some other file compression
       method, then please use the name "FileName" with the appropriate
       extension (PAK, ARC, LZH, ZOO, etc.).


       Windows Utilities

    WinPak#1 Product Information                               Page 1 of 3


    Program Name and Version: 

       WinPak#1 Version 1.2

    Short Description:

       For BBS file descriptions that are limited in length (usually 1 line):
               Contains 4 great Win3.1 Screen Savers, TrueType Fonts, and icons!
       For BBS file descriptions that can handle larger blurbs:
               This is a package containing 4 original Windows 3.1 animated
               Screen Savers, 2 TrueType fonts, and over 100 icons!  Comes 
               complete with a quick and easy "setup" program.  Simply run 
               "setup" and then activate these Win3.1 screen saver add-ons 
               and Fonts via the Windows Control Panel.
    Long Description:

       With the advent of Windows 3.1, Windows now offers built-in support
       for animated, graphical screen savers, impressive TrueType fonts, and
       of course icons.  
       A screen saver is a program that will animate the computer
       display after a certain "timeout" period to keep a moving image
       on the screen so that the computer screen won't become burned-in.
       "Burn in" can result from having a computer screen displaying the
       same image for long periods of time, and ruins a monitor
       necessitating it's replacement.  Screen burn-in is NOT uncommon.
       By installing WinPak#1, users can select from 4 new screen savers
       that offer a variety of advanced, entertaining screen animations.
       Each of these screen savers allow the option of setting a custom
       timeout value and an optional security password.
       These screen savers can be used to save screens, to provide 
       entertaining animation sequences, and to provide for password
       security while away from the computer.

       The fonts in this package are original, unique fonts that will spruce
       up any document, and provide the appropriate look for professional
       quality documents.
       Please refer to the documentation for more details on this handy, 
       easy to use package.

    WinPak#1 Product Information                               Page 2 of 3

    Other Description:

       Please note that we are a member of the Association of Shareware 
       Professionals (ASP).  If you have a special area for products produced
       by ASP members, or if you denote ASP member's products in a special
       way, we would request and appreciate such recognition.

    Registration Information:

       Registration entitles the user to receive the full "Deluxe" package,
       containing everything in the shareware version, plus 2 more Screen 
       Savers, 2 more TrueType fonts, and over 100 more icons!  Also, 
       registered users are provided with customer support by U.S. Mail, 
       on Compuserve or Delphi, phone/fax, or on our 24-Hour Support Bulletin
       Board System (BBS), as well as notifications of new releases of any 
       Rhode Island Soft Systems products, discounts on upgrades, special 
       offers on other products, and the latest release on diskette when 
       We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  Our
       convenient, toll-free order line is: 1-800-959-RISS (7477).
       For complete user registration benefits and information please 
       refer to the WinPak#1 User Manual and the REGISTER.WRI text file.

    Author/Publisher Information:

       Rhode Island Soft Systems is a small software company owned and 
       managed by Eric G. Robichaud.  At Rhode Island Soft Systems, we
       believe that the PRIMARY purpose of our business is service, not
       profit.  This concept is fundamental to our approach to product
       development, production and marketing.  Rhode Island Soft Systems has
       been producing top quality computer software at reasonable prices,
       continuously since 1987.

       Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions, 
       comments, or suggestions.  I can be reached by mail at the following 
       address: Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc., PO Box 748, Woonsocket, 
       RI  02895  or by telephone at 401-658-4632.  For alternative methods 
       of contacting us (electronically, etc.) please refer to the section in 
       the WinPak#1 documentation entitled "HOW TO CONTACT RHODE ISLAND 

    WinPak#1 Product Information                               Page 3 of 3


                                   W I N P A K #1

                               P A C K I N G    L I S T

          The complete WinPak#1 evaluation package should contain the
          following files.  Please ensure that each file is present.  If
          any of these files are missing then the package is not complete
          and is not suitable for distribution to others.  The complete
          package may be obtained directly from Rhode Island Soft Systems 
          in a sealed envelope.

              File Name:                Purpose of File:
             ------------   ---------------------------------------------------

             WINPAK1A.SC_   "Line Art" Screen Saver module
             WINPAK1B.SC_   "Search Light" Screen Saver module
             WINPAK1C.SC_   "Shuffle" Screen Saver module
             WINPAK1D.SC_   "Window Washer" Screen Saver module
             FIBOX.TT_      "Boxed Letters" TrueType Font
             FIBOXBB.TT_    Inverse "Boxed Letters" TrueType Font
             WP1ICON1.DL_   Collection of over 100 icons

             WINPAK#1.WR_   The main documentation for the WinPak#1 package
             REGISTER.WR_   Registration information and order form.
             SITELICE.WR_   Site License Information and Agreement.
             COMMENT.WR_    A form that can be filled out to provide us with
                            information on a user's particular problem, 
                            question or product enhancement request.
             PACKING.TXT    This text file.
             README.TXT     Quick start information and install instructions

             SETUP.EXE      The WinPak#1 setup/installation program
             METER.DLL      Used by SETUP.EXE for installation
             SETUP.INF      Used by SETUP.EXE for installation
             VER.DL_        Used by SETUP.EXE for installation
             LZEXPAND.DLX   Used by SETUP.EXE for installation
             FILE_ID.DIZ    Industry Standard file containing a description of
                            of the software.  Used by BBS SysOps.
             VENDOR.TXT     Information and restrictions for disk vendors,
                            distributors, user groups, BBSs, and more.
             DESCRIBE.TXT   Sample descriptions for catalogs, BBSs, etc.

          Packing List                                              WinPak#1


                             WinPak#1 README.TXT 

       Hello and welcome  to  the  WinPak#1  software package from Rhode
       Island Soft Systems, Inc.!  
       This package contains four unique, custom designed  screen  saver
       modules, two TrueType fonts, and over 100 icons, all for use with
       Windows  3.1.   This  package  contains an automated installation
       utility that should be used  to install the screen saver modules.
       It should be noted that registered users of WinPak#1 receive  the
       full  "Deluxe"  version  of WinPak#1 which contains everything in
       this shareware version PLUS 2 more screen savers, 2 more TrueType
       fonts, and over 100 more icons!
       Most of the files in  this  package  are compressed using the DOS
       "COMPRESS" and "EXPAND" utilities.  The compressed files end with
       an   underscore   on   the   distribution   diskette,   such   as
       "WINPAK1A.SC_".   The  installation  program  will  automatically
       uncompress these files.
       This package must be installed in  the  main  Windows  directory,
       such  as  "C:\WINDOWS",  or  whatever  that  directory is on your
       particular computer.  The installation  program will ask for this
       directory upon start-up.  The documentation and  other  ancillary
       files  will be placed in a sub-directory called "WINPAK#1", below
       the main Windows directory.  If  you specify "C:\WINDOWS" as your
       Windows directory, then the documentation files will be copied to
       "C:\WINDOWS\WINPAK#1" for example.

       The  following  information will guide you through installing the
       WINPAK#1 files.  Once installed, the  SETUP program will create a
       program group and install  icons  for  the  documentation  files,
       which you can read by clicking on the document's icon.

                             VERIFICATION OF FILES 
       At this point, please look  for  all  of the files that belong to
       the WinPak#1 package.  All of the files are listed  in  the  file
       PACKING.TXT If the PACKING.TXT file or any of the files listed in
       PACKING.TXT  are  missing, please contact us for an official copy
       of WinPak#1 -- it would not  be  fair to either the user or Rhode
       Island Soft Systems, Inc.  to have a user evaluate an  incomplete

       WINPAK#1 - README.TXT                                     Page: 1
                              INSTALLING WINPAK#1
       WinPak#1  is shipped with a comprehensive installation program to
       automate traditional installation.  To install WinPak#1, you must
       be in the Windows environment.   To  install WinPak#1 we will use
       the SETUP program supplied as part of the package.
       From Program Manager's main window,  select  "File".   This  will
       cause  a menu to drop down.  Next, select "Run...".  A dialog box
       will pop up requesting a "Command Line".
       If the WinPak#1 files are  on  a floppy disk, insert the diskette
       into  the  A:  or  B:  drive,  as  appropriate  and  type  either
       "A:\SETUP" or "B:\SETUP",  respectively.   We  must  execute  the
       "SETUP" program that is located on the floppy disk.
       If  the  WinPak#1 files are in a directory on a hard drive, enter
       the full drive and directory path to where the WinPak#1 files are
       located, such as: "C:\DOWNLOAD\TEMP\SETUP".
       Please note that these are just examples -- the directories names
       and  drives  will  certainly  be  different  for  each individual
       computer.  The above examples are for illustrative purposes only.

       After entering the command to execute SETUP, press the ENTER  key
       or click on the "OK" button.

       At this point SETUP will handle the entire process of installing
       the WinPak#1 files.  
       To activate the screen savers, we must first  select  the  "Main"
       group in Program Manager.  Next, select the "Control Panel" icon.
       Finally,  within  Control  Panel, select the "Desktop" icon.  The
       "Screen Saver" portion of  the  dialog  box  will now contain the
       WinPak#1 modules in  the  list  of  Screen  Saver  "Names".   The
       WinPak#1  modules  can  be  easily identified as they are labeled
       with "WP1=>".

       To  install  the TrueType fonts, enter the Control Panel from the
       Main Program Manager Group.   Select  the "Fonts" icon in Control
       Panel.  Next, select "Add" to add  the  fonts  in  this  package.
       Choose  "Select  All"  and then click on the "OK" button.  That's
       all there is to do -- the fonts are now installed!

       To use the icons, simply specify the file "WP1ICON1.DLL" any time
       you  want  to  specify an icon, and select any of the icons  that
       are presented.

       The icons  in  the  WP1ICON1.DLL  file  are  included courtesy of
       Software Co-Op and are part of a larger  package  of  1700  icons
       published  by Villa Crespo Software.  Look for LexIcon in a store
       near you!

       WINPAK#1 - README.TXT                                     Page: 2


                             W I N P A K #1                                

          D I S T R I B U T I O N      I N F O R M A T I O N

          Version:  1.2         Date of Release: April, 1993                       
   This file contains information for Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors,
   Electronic Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), Computer Clubs, User Groups,
   and others who wish to distribute the WinPak#1.
   WinPak#1 is a trademark of Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.                
   For sample descriptions which you may use to describe the product         
   please refer to the DESCRIBE.TXT text file.                               
   Individual and Company users: Please refer to WinPak#1.WRI and
   REGISTER.WRI for more information.
                       Distribution Requirements:                            
   Limited Distribution License:                                             
   As the exclusive copyright holder for WinPak#1, Rhode Island Soft         
   Systems authorizes printed catalog, and electronic (BBS) on-line 
   distribution only in accordance with the following restrictions.  
   (CD-ROM and "rack" vendors refer to following section).
       o  The WinPak#1 package is defined as containing all the                     
          material listed in the PACKING.TXT text file.  If any files               
          listed in the PACKING.TXT text file, or the PACKING.TXT file              
          itself, are missing, then the package is not complete and                 
          distribution is forbidden.  In such an event, please contact 
          Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc. to obtain a complete package 
          suitable for distribution.                               
       o  The WinPak#1 package - including all related program               
          files and documentation files - CANNOT be modified in any          
          way (other than that mentioned in the following paragraph)         
          and must be distributed as a complete package, without             
          exception.  The PACKING.TXT text file contains a list of           
          all files that are part of the WinPak#1 package.                   

   VENDOR.TXT - Distribution Information                 Page 1 of 3
       o  Many BBSs customarily add a small text file                        
          (advertisement) to each archived file.  This text file             
          describes the BBS and tells people that the file was               
          downloaded from that particular BBS.  Other BBSs add a             
          small one-line message with their BBS name and phone               
          number into the compressed file, which will display when           
          the file is uncompressed.  Either of these methods of              
          mentioning your BBS are acceptable and may be used,                
          provided the program and documentation is otherwise                
          unmodified and complete.                                           

       o  Small additions to the package, such as the introductory
          or installation batch files used by many shareware disk
          vendors, are acceptable so long as they identify themselves
          as being added by the distributor, and not part of WinPak#1.
          The files may be archived into a single distribution file
          in accordance with the restrictions listed in DESCRIBE.TXT
          (ie. archive's filename).
       o  No price or other compensation may be charged for the WinPak#1
          package.  A distribution fee may be charged for the cost of the
          diskette, shipping, and handling, as long as the total (per disk)
          does not exceed US$8.00 in the U.S. and Canada, or US$12.00
       o  In order to maximize resources, Vendors often provide several 
          different programs/packages on a single disk -- this is perfectly 
          acceptable to Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.  We require that
          the WinPak#1 files be bundled in such a way as to be presented 
          as distinct and separate from those of other packages.  Archiving
          our distribution files into a single file (in accordance with 
          guidelines set forth in DESCRIBE.TXT) is a suggested method of 
          accomplishing this goal.
       o  Rhode Island Soft Systems prohibits the distribution of            
          outdated versions of the WinPak#1 package, without written         
          permission from Rhode Island Soft Systems.  If the version         
          you have obtained is over nine (9) months old, please            
          contact us to ensure that you have the most current                
          version. Please see the release date at the top of this file.  
       o  Distributors carrying WinPak#1 must inform Rhode Island
          Soft Systems, Inc. of the intent to distribute WinPak#1 (a
          post card will suffice) and must cease distribution immediately
          upon receipt of a written request from Rhode Island Soft 
          Systems, Inc. (should we request cessation of distribution).
       o  The PRINTED User's Guide may not be reproduced in whole or in 
          part, using any means, without the written permission of Rhode 
          Island Soft Systems.  In other words, the disk-based documentation 
          may not be distributed in PRINTED (hardcopy) form.

   VENDOR.TXT - Distribution Information                 Page 2 of 3
       o  You may not list any of our products in advertisements, catalogs, 
          or other literature which describes our products as "FREE SOFTWARE".
          Shareware is "Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free.

       o  The WinPak#1 package CANNOT be sold as part of some other inclusive 
          package.  Nor can it be included in any commercial software 
          packaging offer, without a written agreement from Rhode Island 
          Soft Systems.
       o  Licensee shall not use, copy, rent, lease, sell, modify,           
          decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or             
          transfer the licensed program except as provided in this           
          agreement.  Any such unauthorized use shall result in              
          immediate and automatic termination of this license.               
       o  U.S. Government Information:  Use, duplication, or                 
          disclosure by the U.S. Government of the computer software         
          and documentation in this package shall be subject to the          
          restricted rights applicable to commercial computer                
          software as set forth in subdivision (b)(3)(ii) of the             
          Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at           
          252.227-7013 (DFARS 52.227-7013).  The                             
          Contractor/manufacturer is Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.         
          PO Box 748, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895.                        
   CD-ROM and/or "Rack" Vendors:
      o   Any distributor who wishes to include WinPak#1 on a CD-ROM
          must contact Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc. for explicit,
          individual permission prior to any such inclusion.
      o   Any distributor wishing to package WinPak#1 on disks(s) for
          sale in retail establishments ("Rack" Vendors), or on any other
          such "point of purchase" display,  must contact Rhode Island Soft 
          Systems, Inc. for explicit, individual permission prior to any 
          such distribution.
      o   It is the policy of Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc. to require
          royalty payments for sales of products containing WinPak#1 by
          CD-ROM and "Rack" vendors.
      o   CD-ROM and "Rack" Vendors must adhere to all items in the 
          previous section.          
   All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Rhode Island        
   Soft Systems, Inc.
   VENDOR.TXT - Distribution Information                 Page 3 of 3

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3749

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WINPAK1A SC_     14995   4-27-93  12:00p
WINPAK1B SC_      9211   4-27-93  12:00p
WINPAK1C SC_      9757   4-27-93  12:00p
WINPAK1D SC_     13586   4-27-93  12:00p
README   TXT      5682   4-27-93  12:00p
VENDOR   TXT     10482   4-27-93  12:00p
PACKING  TXT      2615   4-27-93  12:00p
DESCRIBE TXT      6356   4-27-93  12:00p
COMMENT  WR_      3076   4-27-93  12:00p
REGISTER WR_      1951   4-27-93  12:00p
SITELICE WR_      8751   4-27-93  12:00p
WINPAK#1 WR_     19156   4-27-93  12:00p
SETUP    INF      1798   4-27-93  12:00p
SETUP    EXE     41488   4-27-93  12:00p
VER      DL_      6307   4-27-93  12:00p
LZEXPAND DLX      9936   4-27-93  12:00p
FIBOX    TT_     32646   4-27-93  12:00p
FIBOXBB  TT_     17072   4-27-93  12:00p
WP1ICON1 DL_     44913   4-27-93  12:00p
METER    DLL      9232   4-27-93  12:00p
FILE_ID  DIZ       446   4-27-93  12:00p
GO       BAT        34   6-30-93   3:15p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
       23 file(s)     271530 bytes
                       39936 bytes free