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Hi, Finance!(TM) Version 2.18 <ASP>

This file provides information for Shareware disk vendors and
sysops who wish to distribute Hi, Finance! 2.18.  This version
fixes bugs in versions 2.00-2.17. 

One Line Program Description and Keywords:
Hi, Finance! 2.18 <ASP> Windows 3.X Financial Calculation/Planning

Keywords: Windows Financial Planning Calculation Loan Amortization 
Business <ASP>

Brief Program Description:
Hi, Finance! v2.18 <ASP> is The Financial Planning and Calculation
Program for Windows featuring iconic, menu, and button bar 
interfaces for accessing program modules, including financial 
calculator, loan calculation & amortization, personal financial 
planner, investment analysis, random number generator, calculators 
for markup, gross profit margin, sales tax, economic order 
quantity, and cost-volume-profit (breakeven) analysis.  It 
comes complete with online context-sensitive help, full 
documentation, and sample files.

Please read the documentation file, HIFINANC.WRI for the 
complete license agreement.  The following is an excerpt:

   Anyone distributing Hi, Finance! for any kind of 
   remuneration must first contact Brightridge Solutions, 
   Inc. at the address below for authorization.  This 
   authorization will be automatically granted members of 
   the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and such 
   distributors may begin offering Hi, Finance! immediately. 
   (ALL Rack and CD-ROM distribution must be specifically 
   authorized subject to a royalty agreement. Brightridge 
   Solutions, Inc. must still be advised by all carrying
   this program so that the distributor can be kept 
   up-to-date with the latest version of Hi, Finance!)

Registration is $59 US (plus $5 shipping & handling).  

Brightridge Solutions, Inc.	ORDER LINE (800) 241-7203	
1534 Brightridge Drive		Inquiries  (615) 246-3337
Kingsport, TN  37664		FAX	   (615) 246-6385
				BBS	   (615) 246-7212
				CompuServe      74676,235

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