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BKG   Windows background fader

  This program is for Windows users who have limited memory and/or
think faded colors look nice as a background.  This program will 
display a color fade as your Windows background.  A color fade means 
that the color gradually changes from one side to another in a smooth
fashion.  This App. has the advantage over wallpaper of needing very 
little memory.

  Once you run the program, the starting/ending colors and the fade
direction can be set from a dialog box.  The dialog box is brought
up by clicking on the background with the RIGHT mouse button. Setting
RGB values for the colors is done with scroll bars and/or mini edit boxes.
The fade style (Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical Center, Horizontal center)
is set via a combo box. The dialog box also has options to save the color
or exit the program.

  Before running BKG, make sure you set your wallpaper to NONE.  If you 
don't everything will work OK but the wallpaper will still be taking up 
whatever memory it needs for the bitmap.

  If you use other programs which are invoked by clicking the right mouse
button on the background (BackMenu for example), you can disable the mouse
for this program by adding the line UseMouse=No to the [BKG] section of 
your Win.Ini file. Note that if you do this you will need to edit Win.Ini
to change colors in the future as you will have no way of getting to the 
dialog box.

  Feel free to copy, distribute, fold, spindle and mutilate this program
as you like, BUT... I hereby claim no responsibility whatsoever for any
reason for anything... ever. Go GATORS!

                        Craig Fitzgerald
                        2900 SW 2nd Ct.
                        Gainesville, Fl. 32601


T h e  P C - S I G  L i b r a r y  o n  C D - R O M,

                1 2 t h E d i t i o n


The PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM, winner of the Optical Publishing
Association's Best Consumer Product Award, has added a hypermedia
interface that makes it easy to find and download any type of program
you could want. The WordCruncher text retrieval program has also been
implemented to assist you insearching this vast collection.

This CD-ROM contains over 3700 fully functional shareware programs, each
with a detailed review. The 12th Edition has added over 300 new programs
and over 500 updates since the release of the 11th Edition. The
collection is always kept current and now contains over 70 megabytes of
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 applications, fonts, icons, games and wallpaper

The range of software is phenomenal! There are huge assortments of
games, everything from adventure games with full SVGA and SoundBlaster
support to favorites like Klondike, Chess and Othello. Spreadsheets,
databases, wordprocessors and graphics programs are instantly available
and there are literally hundreds of unique and specialized programs that
will save you time and money. This amazing collection will help you get
a handle on all your business and home accounting and also teach your
children about zoology.

Each of the more than 3700 programs has a one-line description for quick
reference, Just pick one of the 13 software categories and a subcategory
to begin browsing for a program that interests you. You might choose the
Games Category, where you can pick from 12 subcatgories including
Adventure, Arcade, Cards and more. A mouse click (or keyboard stroke) on
the program title takes you to a detailed description of the program.
you can immediately download the software to your hard or floppy drive,
and in many cases view a screen shot.

You can find any program in the collection quickly and easily by using
the search button. When you are in a program category just type in the
title of the program and you will be taken to the description of that
program. The popular WordCruncher text retrieval program has been added
to allow searching every description for any word within that
description, not just in the title or keywords chosen by someone who
thinks differently than you do. The WordCruncher is ideal for finding
programs which perform a specific function, just try searching for
"split", "math" or "subtract". Or switch to the Disks section where you
will find an alphabetical list of all the programs which can be searched
by program title or disk number.

Everyone has their favorite programs and we're no exception. Our 44
favorite programs can be run immediately. No downloading is necessary,
all you do is click on the word "RUN" in the program description and
you'll be working or playing with top notch software right on the CD.

The power of hypermedia will allow you to try out more software than you
ever thought possible. We are sure that you will find a multitude of
programs to your liking on the P-SIG Library on CD-ROM.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT PS/2 or compatible with 640K, DOS 3.3 or
higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM player. We
recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e E s s e n t i a l H o m e & B u s i n e s s C o l l e c t i o n

"Never before has such a valuable collection of popular shareware been
compiled on one CD-ROM that everyone can afford." Dr. File Finder a.k.a.
Michael Callahan

Finally, 368 of the most useful, popular, important shareware programs
have been put together on one CD. No matter what your need, it's on The
Essential Home & Business Collection.  Everything from Administration to
Windows software is here.

The Essential CD incorporates the WordCruncher text retrieval system.
Every program on the disc is indexed by title, filename, PC-SIG disk
number, and every word in the program description.  A new utility, Narc,
is implemented so you can look at the program files and the author's
on-line documentation without having to first copy the program to your
hard disk.  By using WordCruncher and Narc, you can quickly find the
program you want and review it to be sure, without ever having to run it
from your hard disk.

If you've got a CD-ROM player at home and want to get more use of it and
your computer, or if you're trying to avoid purchasing another Nintendo
cartridge, or if you just enjoy looking at new software, you need The
Essential Home & Business Collection.

System Requirements:

IBM PC/XT/AT PS/2 or compatible with 384K memory DOS 3.1 or higher and
Microsoft MS-DOS CD ROM extensions.

T h e  P C - S I G   G a m e s    C D - R O M

Now you can play a game a day fo over a year.  This CD-ROM is jammed
with over 380 shareware games of all types, designed to appeal to the
new generation of CD-ROM users out for fun.  The CD incorporates a
hypermedia interface and allows 250 of the games to be played directly
from the CD-ROM.

The hottest games in shareware are on this disk, including the
action/arcade games "Jill of the Jungle" and "Wolfenstein 3D," which
rival or surpass commercial PC and Nintendo for use of animation,
SoundBlaster audio, and VGA graphics.  There are also games designed to
teach children mathematics, spelling and even ecology.  All these games
for less than a dime each!

Over 250 of the games can be played directly from the CD without copying
them to a floppy or a hard drive.  Being able to run from the CD means
that users can explore games without using up valuable hard disk space
or spending time downloading and deleting files.  The hypermedia
interface makes it easy to browse the titles, read a one line
description or full review, and copy or start a game by clicking the
mouse or using the keyboard.

T h e   P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   G a m e s   C D - R O M

The new PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM contains over 550 of the best
shareware games, including 53 educational games for children and 57
Windows games. 430 of them can be played directly from the CD without
using your hard drive space.

This edition employs the award-winning HyperReader interface, allowing
easy searching and playing by using a mouse or the keyboard.

This CD is the first in a six-volume PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware
series. Each volume will include the programs from a section of the
PC-SIG collection and also the programs and text from the current issue
of Shareware Magazine. This CD contains the entire text from the
May/June issue of Shareware Magazine, featuring hardware reviews of
the Tandy Sensation and the Media Vision Pro 16 Multimedia System.
Software reviews included cover 58 new shareware releases, security,
educational, CD audio and PIM's. 159 of the programs mentioned in the
magazine are included and can be downloaded using the HyperReader

There are also 89 programs which were updated since the last issue of
Shareware Magazine, helping those of you who have purchased the 12th
edition of the PC-SIG Library keep on top of the everchanging world
of shareware.

As well, a description of every program in the PC-SIG Library can be
searched with the WordCruncher text retrieval program. This Games CD
continues the ten year PC-SIG tradition of providing quality programs
and information to help you find the best program for your purpose.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT/PS/2 or compatible computer with 640K,
DOS 3.3 or higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM
player. We recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

To Order in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask for Customer Service.

For Technical information: Call 408-730-9291 and ask for Technical

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near


	Welcome to this software.  Please read the KeyPro User's Manual
(MANUAL.WRI) which is in MS-Write format.
	KeyPro consists of the following files:

	KEYPRO.EXE	KeyPro Executable Program
	KEYPRO.HLP	KeyPro Help File
	MANUAL.WRI	KeyPro User's Manual


                            P C  -  S I G


Welcome to the world of Shareware, state of the art software you can
actually try before you buy.

Shareware, a term coined in the early eighties, refers to the method of
distribution chosen by the software authors.  With shareware, you can
receive a program and put it through its paces without having to pay for
it. If you find the program useful, and choose to keep the program, then
you pay a modest registration fee to the author.

For the last nine years, PC-SIG has been providing shareware and public
domain software to its customers and members.  Since 1982 PC-SIG has
developed an unprecedented library of shareware programs, constantly
updated, consistently strong in every category.  Our library of
shareware contains over 3500 titles divided into 120 logical categories.

Every program we add to the library is thoroughly reviewed and tested to
insure that each one meets the high standards of reliability and value we
insist upon and you expect.  As a result, our library doesn't contain
every shareware program available, just those that really work.

PC-SIG has grown into the premier distributor of shareware and and
shareware information by producing shareware collections on CD-ROM,
publishing an encyclopedia of shareware, and by publishing Shareware
Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine distributed world-wide.

Quality and support - guaranteed.  All of our programs are guaranteed
virus free.  We've isolated our systems and check every program
submitted to insure that no viruses make their way to your computer or

Our support staff is available by phone as well as on our BBS to help
you with questions about installation and operation of PC-SIG's

Through our network of international distributors, PC- SIG strives to
bring you the most current, exciting, technically advanced software
available as shareware.

If you can't find the software you need in PC-SIG's library, it may well
not exist.

To order the latest in Shareware, in the U.S.A: Call (800) 245-6717

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



Prior to using this software, please read and agree to the
warranty and license agreement contained in section 1 of this
file.  By using this software you have agreed to the terms.

We strongly urge you to register and license your software. 
By doing so, you receive all of the benefits as described in 
section 6 of this file, plus you will assist us in our efforts
to continually improve the software and our support.  Please
remember, if you make use of our software, you are expected to
pay the registration fee of $19.95. 

SitBack Technologies, Inc. is a member of the Association of 
Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the 
shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve 
a shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the 
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can 
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but 
does not provide technical support for members' products. Please 
write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 
49442 or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to ASP 
Ombudsman 70007,3536."

This document consists of the following topics.

1. Warranty and License Agreement
2. Product Overview
3. Major Benefits
4. Overview of features (Backup, restore, purge, move)
5. System Requirements
6. Installation Procedures
7. Registration and License fee information
8. How to Contact SitBack Technologies, Inc.
9. Information on other commercial products sold by
   SitBack Technologies, Inc.

1. Warranty and License Agreement

Carefully read the terms and conditions of this agreement before
using or installing Reflect.   If  you do not agree with them, you
may return the software to the place of purchase for a full
refund. The customer agrees that this program is being used on the
condition that Customer agrees to this license.  

SitBack Technologies, Inc.  agrees to grant, and the Customer
agrees to accept, a non-exclusive, nontransferable license to use
the program delivered with this agreement under the terms and
conditions set forth below.  SitBack Technologies, Inc. reserves
the right to make changes or improvements to the Reflect computer
program and any accompanying documentation at any time and without

Copyright: 1992 SitBack Technologies, Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
This operator manual is the property of SitBack Technologies, Inc.
The Reflect computer program, design and this manual are
protected by trade secret, copyright and other laws.  These
materials may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, transcribed,
translated into any other language, reverse assembled or reverse
compiled, without the express written approval of SitBack
Technologies, Inc. Any such unauthorized activity may result in
criminal or civil liability.

Disclaimer of Warranties: Except as specifically provided above,
SitBack makes no other warranty or representation, either
expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the
implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular
purpose. Users of Reflect must accept this disclaimer of
warranty. Reflect is supplied as is. SitBack Technologies,
Inc. shall have no liability or responsibility to the purchaser
or any other person for any loss or damage or any special,
incidental or consequential damages caused or alleged to be
caused directly or indirectly by the product, including, but not
limited to, any loss of data, interruption of service, loss of
customer goodwill, loss of business, or anticipatory profits
resulting from the use or operation of the product.  Some states
do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or the exclusion
or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the
above limitations may not apply to you. 

Reflect is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge
to the user for evaluation.  Feel free to share it with your
friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of
another system.  The essence of "user-supported" software is to
provide personal computer users with quality software without
high prices, and yet to provide incentive for programmers to
continue to develop new products.  If you find this program
useful and find that you are using Reflect and continue to
use Reflect after a reasonable trial period, you must make
a registration payment of $19.95 to SitBack Technologies, Inc.

The $19.95 registration fee will license one copy for use on
any one computer at any one time.  You must treat this software
just like a book.  An example is that this software may be used
by any number of people and may be freely moved from one computer
location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it
being used at one location while it's being used at another.
Just as a book cannot be read by two different persons at the
same time.

Commercial users of Reflect must register and pay for their
copies of Reflect within 30 days of first use or their
license is withdrawn.  Site-License arrangements may be made by
contacting SitBack Technologies, Inc..

Anyone distributing Reflect for any kind of remuneration must
first contact SitBack Technologies, Inc. for authorization.
This authorization will be automatically granted to distributors
recognized by the (ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for
shareware distributors, and such distributors may begin offering
Reflect immediately (However SitBack Technologies, Inc. must
still be advised so that the distributor can be kept up-to-date
with the latest version of *PROGRAM*.).

You are encouraged to pass a copy of Reflect along to your
friends for evaluation.  Please encourage them to register their
copy if they find that they can use it.  All registered users
will receive a copy of the latest version of the Reflect

License Agreement: You may: a) use the program on a single
machine: b) copy the program into any machine readable or
printed form for backup or purposes in support of your use of
the program on the single machine. Additional license agreements
and payments are required if the software is used on more than
one computer at a time. 

2. Product Overview

Introducing Reflect, from the makers of SitBack For DOS
and Windows, SitBack Lite For Windows, The Locator, Sync-It
and Compress It praised by leading publications such as InfoWorld
and PC Week.

We Hope You Enjoy Using Reflect.

Reflect is a file transfer and synchronization program which keeps
your latest files updated and synchronized between any two physically
attached PCs, two PCs using Microsoft DOS 6.0's Interlink program or
between two PCs on a network with the push of a button.   
You can be as selective as you want in determining which files or
directories you want to transfer or synchronize and can exclude files
or entire directories.  Reflect insures that only the most recent
files are updated and prevents over-writing a file if it has been
changed on both PCs. 
The Synchronize feature keeps files between to PCs or drives identical.
It keeps track of files which have been deleted from one PC or drive
with the option to delete these from the other as well.  This keeps the
files and directory tree structure identical.  This is ideal if you
use programs such as a personal information manager or other database
programs and need to keep these files completely synchronized
(identical) on both drives. 
Reflect can be used to transfer and synchronize files between; 
*  Two PCs using Microsoft's DOS 6.0 Interlink Program 
*  LAN Workstation to Server 
*  Server To Server 
*  Hard Disk To Hard Disk  
*  Notebook/Portable with the docking station. 
*  Hard disk to Portable Hard Disk 
*  Removable Cartridge To Hard Disk (Bernoulli, Syquest, WORM,
   Magneto Optical or rewritable optical)
Major Uses 
1.      To keep your latest files updated and synchronized between two
	PCs (using DOS 6.0 Interlink program) or storage devices. 
2.      To keep databases such as Personal Information Managers
	synchronized on two storage devices. 
3.      To transfer files from one PC to another on a LAN or using
	Microsoft's DOS 6.0 Interlink program. 
4.      To keep critical directories between two servers or workstations

Major Benefits  
*       The ideal companion with Microsoft DOS 6.0's Interlink  program.
	Compare with other programs which cost over $100.00. 
*       Windows installation program, On-Line Manual, On-Line Registration
	and On-Line Help. 
*       Keeps the latest versions of files updated and synchronized
	on two PCs or storage devices.  
*       Optional synchronize feature keeps files deleted from one
	device deleted from the second device, keeping the files and
	directory structures identical on both and completely
	synchronized.  Ideal for databases and personal information
*       Works with all leading LANs. 
*       Automatic protection against updating files which were changed
	on both storage devices.  
*       Does not interfere with backup programs.  
System Requirements 
*       IBM« PC/XT/AT, PS/2 or 100% compatible. 

*       Windows 3.0 or higher, DOS 3.0 or higher. 
*       Supports DOS 6.0 Interlink program between any DOS
	addressable storage device including hard disk, network
	servers, portable hard disks, floptical, Bernoulli, Syquest,
	WORM, erasable and magneto optical. 

6. Installation Procedures

The installation program is a Windows application and, therefore, 
requires that you install the product while running Windows.

a. Insert the Reflect diskette in the disk drive. Invoke File/Run
from Windows Program Manager or File Manager.

b. Type A:\INSTALL, where A: is the letter of the drive that
contains the Reflect diskette.  

The Installation program will copy the program files in the
location of your choice.  The option defaults to the REFLECT
directory on the C: drive.

c. To accept the defaults click on Continue, otherwise change the 
   settings.  Once the files are copied, a group called REFLECT
   is created and displayed with the Reflect, On-Line Manual
   and Registration icons in it.

   You are then displayed a screen with information regarding how
   to register and license your software.  Please refer to the 
   information below.
d. Click on OK to continue.  You are now ready to use Reflect.

e. To display the Reflect Window, double-click on the Reflect icon. 

7. Registration and License Fee Information

If you make use of Reflect, you are expected to pay the
registration fee.

We strongly urge you to register and license your software. 
By doing so, you receive all of the benefits as described below
and assist us in our efforts to continually improve the software
our support.  Please remember, if you make use of our software, 
you are expected to pay the registration fee of $19.95. Upon receipt
of your registration fee you will receive; 

- Printed manual.
- Technical support for one year.
- Product upgrade announcements.
- Special prices on commercial products and site licensing.
Call 1-913-894-0808 if you have questions or would like to
place a phone order.

To register, please press the Register push button for
registration information and payment procedures.  This
pushbutton executes the Notepad program and displays a file
called REGCARD.TXT. Please fill in the form, print the file
and send it to us.

8. Contacting SitBack Technologies, Inc.

SitBack Technologies, Inc.
9290 Bond Suite 104
Overland Park, KS 66214
(913)-894-0808  Fax (913)-894-0250

9. Information of our other products

SitBack Technologies, Inc. develops and markets numerous product
both through shareware and commercially.

The are:

*  Reflect
*  Sync-It
*  The Locator
*  SitBack Lite For Windows
*  SitBack For Windows
*  SitBack For DOS

Sync-It Product Overview

The ultimate file transfer and synchronization program.

Sync-It is a must have program for those of you who use more
than one computer and need to frequently transfer files between
them, without the hassle of connecting cables. 
It's the perfect program for computer users who frequently
switch between portables and desktops and need the latest
versions of their important files updated on both PCs. 
Or, if you frequently transfer files between PCs... desktops,
notebooks/laptops or network whether at home or in the office,  
In-Sync is the answer.  Better yet if you frequently transport
files between offices, it's the ideal solution.  
Connecting cables or a modem is often impossible, cumber-some,
inconvenient or impractical.  Sync-It eliminates the tedious task
of transferring files between PCs using cables, modems or DOS

With Sync-It you can use any removable media such as floppy disks
as a transfer media. 
Sync-It even keeps track of files which have been deleted from one
PC with the option to delete these from your other PC as well.
This is ideal if you use programs such as a personal information
manager and need to keep these files completely synchronized
(identical) on two PCs. 
Transfer Utility 
The Transfer Utility is used each time you want to transfer files
from one PC to another, using a transfer media such as floppy
diskettes.  You can be as selective as you want in determining
which files or directories you want to keep synchronized.  All
of the files which you have created, changed or have been copied
in the directories you want to keep synchronized are copied to
the transfer media. 
If you need to keep files such as a database or personal
information manager totally synchronized (identical) between
two PCs, the "Synchronize" feature assures that files deleted
from one PC are also deleted from the other. 
Optional file compression minimizes the number of disks needed for
transferring files and our split file technology assures that the
largest files can be transferred even when using floppy disks. 

Update Utility 
The Update Utility, restores the files you transferred from the
transfer media onto the other PC, making sure only the most recent
files are updated and that all files are synchronized. 
Major Benefits 
- Keeps the latest versions of files on multiple PCs updated. 
- No cables to attach. 
- Easy to install, setup and use. 
- Splits large files onto more than one diskette. 
- Compresses files during file transfers to minimize the number
  of diskettes needed. 
- Option to delete files which have also been deleted from another
  PC, keeping such things as databases  and PIMs completely
- Automatic protection against updating files which were changed
  on  both PCs. 
- Transfer media can be any removable storage device. 
- Does not interfere with backup programs. 
- On-line documentation and help facility. 
- Unlimited technical support for registered users. 
Major Uses 
1. To keep your latest files updated between PCs. 
2. To keep databases such as Personal Information Managers
   synchronized on two PCs. 
3. To transport data between cities or offices. 
4. To transfer files from one PC to another. 
3. System Requirements

Windows 3.0 or higher, DOS 3.0 or higher, IBM« PC/XT/AT,PS/2«
or 100% equivalent systems.


The Locator is the ideal companion and utility for any PC user who
uses removable storage as an integral part of their computing.
The use of removable media such as SyQuest drives, Bernoulli Boxes,
flopticals, opticals, floppies and the emerging PCMCIA cards is

Software programs used today occupy a massive amount of hard disk
space. And data files are becoming larger and larger. 
Removable media use is growing as a result of the need for more and
more disk space for applications such as backup, archival, secondary
storage, additional primary storage and security.  Keeping these
disks organized, locating files and determining which disk a file is
on is time consuming, difficult and cumbersome.  
The Locator is very different from other File Finder utilities which
only allow you to search an "on-line" disk to locate files.  With
The Locator the disk doesn't even have to be inserted. 
The Locator allows you to catalog files on your removable disks
into a database and using the file finder, quickly and easily locate
and determine which disk a file is on.  You no longer have to
tediously insert each disk and repeatedly change and display
directories.  Now the location of these files is at your fingertips
and instantly accessible. 

Catalog Utility 
The Catalog Utility creates a database on your hard disk containing
information about each of the files which are cataloged.  You can
be as selective as you want in determining which drives, files or
directories you want to catalog.  You can catalog multiple drives
at once or multiple disks from the same drive. Each file recorded to
the database contains the following information.  
	1.  Catalog Name (User defined) 
	2.  Disk ID (User defined) 
	3.  File Name 
	4.  File name extension 
	5.  Date/Time 
	6.  All file attributes  
	7.  File Size 

The Catalog Name and DISK ID are user defined to make it easier for
you to locate files and determine which disk a file is on.   
File Finder 
The location of the potentially thousands of files you have on
removable disks is at your fingertips, giving you instant access
to your files. 
A Summary Report displays the files in alphabetical order along with
the DISK ID.  If you know the first character of the file name, just
press the character and instantly, all files which start with the
character you chose are displayed.  Or, if you know the DISK ID,
just click on it and all the files on the disk are displayed.
To be even more selective, the Filters option allows you to define 
your own search criteria  The Detailed Report displays all of the
information captured about each file.   
Major Benefits 

*       Keeps an on-line database of all files you have on removable

*       Quickly determine which disk a file(s) is on. 

*       All your files on removable disks are now at your fingertips,
	easy to locate and instantly accessible. 

*       Keeps you more organized and efficient. 

*       Catalog multiple drives at once or multiple disks from
	the same drive. 

*       Great for use with SyQuest, Bernoulli, optical, optical juke
	boxes, floppies, flopticals, PCMCIA cards and networks. 

*       Easy to install, setup and use. 

*       On-Line Registration - On-Line Manual- On-Line Help. 

SitBack Technologies, Inc. develops and markets a family of
backup programs.  They are;

SitBack For DOS - ($99.00)
SitBack For Windows ($99.00) - 
SitBack For Networks (20 User/100 User) - ($395.00/$795.00)
SitBack Lite For Windows - (19.95)

For more information on our commercial products, review the
information below or click on "Other Products" under the Help
Menu item.

These products provide for fully automatic, hands free
backup by working completely in the background.  The backup
of newly created and changed files can be scheduled throughout
the day so that your hard disk or server is kept currently backed
up without lifting a finger or exiting your program(s)

What the press says;

"SitBack stands above the field with backup programs.  Background
operation and control options push SitBack ahead of the field.
Buyers sing praise of ability to program automatic, unattended backup" 
	- PC Week 
"Indeed SitBack is shot through with common sense and goes to
inordinate lengths to rescue you from your own stupidity.
Other packages I've found useful.  SitBack I found indispensable." 
	- PC Magazine 
"Backing up is a lot like dental hygiene:  By the time you get
serious about flossing and brushing, it's usually too late.
SitBack takes the bite out of hard disk backup by saving files
in the most convenient way - without your involvement." 
	- PC World 
SitBack has to be one of the most exciting products of the year.
Overall SitBack is one of the best backup packages available..." 
	-Computer Buyers Guide 
"The ideal low-cost semi-continuous backup system would let you
back up to disk and schedule backups on whatever schedule you 
desired.  Enter SitBack." 
	- Network Computing 

The Problem 

If you're like most people, you know how important it is to
regularly back up your hard disk.  But like most people, you
probably don't.  Why?  Because back up is a chore.  It's 
non-productive and traditional backup software - although fast-
requires too much effort, making backup easy to ignore.   
Even if you backup once a week or month, all of the files you
have created or changed since your last backup are still exposed.
These files are usually the most important at the time and if 
lost causes the greatest productivity loss.  
The Solution 

Its SitBack, a memory resident backup program that keeps your
most recently created and changed files backed up automatically,
in the background, without lifting a finger or exiting the 
programs you are working with.   
You remain 100% productive and at the same time 100% protected.   
Its perfect for professionals who have more important things
to worry about than the usual hassle involved with other backup
programs, but who's data is critical and time sensitive. 
How It Works 

SitBack works when your not by backing up your newly created and
changed files each time your computer is just sitting idle for
an amount of time you can specify.  So your hard disk is kept 
currently backed up throughout the day... automatically and in
the back-ground. 
Or you can schedule backups at specific times of the day or week.  
Either way it's the perfect utility for those who want complete
peace of mind, without the hassle. 
Easy To Use/Setup 

SitBack is easy to install and setup.  Just tell SitBack which
drives, directories or files to backup, how frequently and to 
where.  Once it's setup, the rest is left to SitBack.
You probably won't even know its there.   
Major Uses 

It's the perfect companion even if you already own but only
periodically use another backup program or tape drive. 
- Hard disk to floppy, floptical, optical, Bernoulli and Syquest
- Workstation to server 
- Server to server or workstation 
- Hard disk to hard disk 
Network Compatible 

SitBack is certified and approved by Novell Inc. and works with
all leading peer-to-peer or server net-bios based networks. 

Backup Features 

- Complete unattended and background operation in both DOS
  and Windows. 
- Full or incremental backups. 
- Backed files are the same as original 
- Recreates the same directory tree structure. 
- Backup multiple drives to the same or different destination
  in one session. 
- Archive option keeps up to 100 versions of a file backed up. 
- Backup open files. 
- Successive drive feature automatically accesses secondary
  back device when the first one gets full.
- Archive option to backup multiple versions of the same file.
- Navigation utility allows for easy selection of drives and
- Disk rotation feature allows automatic management of backup sets. 
- Option to recreate directory tree structure on backup media. 
Restore Features 

- Easily restore individual files, directories or entire
  backup set. 
- Files can be accessed via DOS or software programs. 
- Backup disks can be restored on other PCs and from previous
  DOS versions. 
- Restore to different drives or directories. 
- Restores only the latest versions of files. 

Scheduling Features 

Schedule the backup of newly created or changed files as often
as you want.

- During computer idle time. (User defined) 
- Specific times of the day or week 
- Schedule backups of different groups of files at different times 
Storage Management

Purge - Delete old or unneeded files to free up valuable disk
Move -  Move old or infrequently used files to secondary storage
Shadow -Compare source and destination drives and delete files
	from the destination which no longer exist on the source,
	making them the same. 
The Ideal Companion for owners of  Bernoulli, Syquest, floptical
or optical drives... Comprehensive features designed specifically
to enhance your use of these products. 
Major Benefits 

- Completely unattended 
- Does not slow you down - more productive 
- Takes advantage of times when your PC is not in use 
- 100% protected throughout the day - more secure 
- Easy to install, setup and use
- Keeps most recent files currently backed up 
- Network compatible 
- Hands free, Hassle free 

SitBack Lite Product Overview

Introducing SitBack Lite, from the makers of SitBack For DOS
and Windows, praised by leading publications such as InfoWorld
and PC Week.

SitBack Lite is the simplest backup and storage management
program on the market today.  The program consists of 4
powerful and indispensable backup and storage management
utilities.  SitBack Lite makes backup as easy as it can get.
You don't have to be an expert or read a 200 page manual
to backup your valuable information. 

SitBack Lite incorporates all of the utilities you will need
for your data protection and storage management needs.  One 
step is all you need to perform each of these invaluable

We Hope You Enjoy Using SitBack Lite.

3. Major Benefits

- 4 powerful, comprehensive and flexible backup and storage 
  management utilities
- Includes backup, restore, move and purge programs
- One step for each feature
- Extremely easy to install and use
- Most affordable backup, restore and storage management 
  program on the market today.
- Comparable feature set as compared to more expensive 
  programs such as FastBack or Norton Backup
- Network compatible
- 100% upward compatible with SitBack For Windows
- Guaranteed 2 steps each day to keep disk backed up

4. Overview of Features


- Make  full or incremental backups.
- Selectively backup only the files which are important to you.
- Store commonly used backup configurations. 
- Splits large files onto multiple diskettes.  
- Backup files which are older, newer or between certain dates.
- Exclude files, files with common extensions or entire
- Store common backup configurations and destination drive.  
  Eliminates the need to re-enter information each time the
  user performs a backup.
- Works to any DOS device, including floppies, opticals, network
  file server, Bernoulli, Syquest or floptical drives.
- Preview option to determine the number of disks needed and the
  number of files to backup.
- Network compatible - works with all leading networks for 
  workstation or server backups.
- Options to include subdirectories, purge backup disk before use,
  split files, recreate directory tree structure, and auto disk


- Restore individual files, directories, files with common file
  name extensions or an entire disk.
- Restore only the latest versions of files.
- Recreates directory tree structure.


Free up valuable primary disk space by moving files you wants
to retain but don't need on primary media to a secondary storage

- Free up valuable primary storage space by moving infrequently
  used files to a secondary storage media.
- Copies files from one drive to another and then deletes each
  file as they are successfully copied from the source.
- Recreates directory tree structure.
- Move files which are older, newer or between certain dates.  


Purge old or unneeded files from a hard disk or use the purge
utility to delete files and directories from your backup
diskettes.  For example, delete all of the files from your hard
disk, including all of the directories which have a file extension
of *.BAK or *.TMP which are over 6 months old.

- Delete files and directories from your backup disks prior
  to reusing them.
- Or, free up valuable disk space by deleting files which
  you no longer want.
- Verify file by file or global.
- Purge files older than or between certain dates.

5. System Requirements

Windows 3.0 or higher, DOS 3.0 or higher, IBM« PC/XT/AT,PS/2«
or 100% equivalent systems.  Works with any DOS storage device
and net-bios network.
SitBack is a registered trademark of SitBack Technologies, Inc.
1992 Copyright, SitBack Technologies Inc.
Other brands and products are trademarks of their respective


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