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                       JUDY'S TENKEY(TM)

Judy's TenKey makes your calculations easier and more reliable.  If you use 
the default Windows calculator, you'll find that Judy's TenKey gives you 
many advantages (see below).  If you're still using an old-fashioned desktop 
calculator, you'll love the integration Judy's TenKey gives you with your other 
Windows applications.

This document provides a brief description of program capabilities, 
installation instructions, and author contact information.  A Windows Write 
version of this document is available with the distribution (you may
find it easier on the eyes).


HISTORY TAPE:  Records your calculations in a scrolling list which you 
can save, print, and resize (a real help in keeping track of your calculations).  
You can also reuse tape entries, saving typing and reducing errors.

SELECTABLE SYNTAX:  Judy's TenKey can process numbers like a 
scientific calculator (RPN), an adding machine, or a normal calculator.  If 
you are familiar with one and not another, you know how difficult and 
frustrating it can be to try to switch.  Perfect for accountants, engineers, and 

CUSTOMIZABLE DISPLAY:  You can decide how you want your TenKey 
to look (selecting from tape, memory, statistics, functions, trigonometry, 
finance, and number pad options), enabling you to optimize screen usage.  
Any TenKey function can always be activated via the keyboard regardless of 
the current display configuration.

FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS:  Judy's TenKey calculates monthly 
payments for most loans (e.g., cars, houses, etc.), expected investment 
growth, necessary retirement savings, inflation adjustment, and more.

STATISTICS:  Judy's TenKey calculates standard statistics for highlighted 
tape entries, including average value, sum, and standard deviation.

KEEP ON TOP:  You can set Judy's TenKey to stay on top of all other 
windows, so you quickly calculate something even when editing a document 

DECIMAL SETTING:  You can set Judy's TenKey to display the number of 
decimal positions you prefer, ranging from 0 to "as needed".  If you 
frequently deal with money, you might want to set the decimals to 2 (for 
cents) or 0 (for dollars).

INTELLIGENT COPY & PASTE:  You can copy tape entries to other 
applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Notepad.  You can also 
paste input from these applications.  If extraneous text and special formatting 
are mixed in with your numbers, Judy's TenKey uses heuristic reasoning to 
extract and interpret appropriate information.

EXTRA TOUCHES:  Judy's TenKey remembers your favorite screen 
position and displays itself there every time.  It also uses commas for 
moderately large numbers (e.g., "1,000,000"), displays negative numbers in 
red, and allows you to use the backspace key to edit results for further 
calculation.  When in scientific mode, it provides an unlimited stack.

BETTER PERFORMANCE:  Judy's TenKey enables you to work faster and 
more reliably.  Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your 
calculations, you will never return to the default Windows calculator.  We're 
so sure that you'll love using Judy's TenKey that we invite you to try it for 
free.  Simply send in the registration fee if you decide to keep


REQUIREMENTS:  Version 2.0 of Judy's TenKey runs under both Windows 
3.0 and 3.1. Including the tutorial demonstration, it uses 200K of disk space.

INSTRUCTIONS:  To install Judy's TenKey, simply run its installation 
program (install.exe) from the Windows File Manager.  This installation
program prompts you for additional information, allows you to cancel the 
installation, demonstrates its main features, and even offers to uninstall 
the program if you decide not to keep it.

REGISTRATION:  Judy's TenKey is provided as copyrighted shareware; the 
registration fee is a modest $14.75.  Registered user receive the latest 
version of the program, as well as a free copy of Judy's CountDown (TM), a 
fun program that helps you track important dates.


Judy's TenKey is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware 
Professionals (ASP).  For additional information, contact Dan Stickel at:

US MAIL:  602 Valeri Ruth Court, Santa Clara, CA 95050.

COMPUSERVE:  70574,2247.



Dan & Judy Stickel
602 Valeri Ruth Court
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Dear Dan & Judy,

I would like to register my copy of Judy's TenKey.  
  - My name appears in the "Help | About" menu as follows: ________________.
  - My version of Judy's TenKey is (see "Help | About"): ______.
  - My version of Windows is (3.0, 3.1, ...): ______.
  - My computer is a (286, 386, 486, ...): ___________.
  - My preferred syntax is (calculator, scientific, tenkey): ______________.

I understand that I will receive the latest version of Judy's TenKey, 
as well as a free version of Judy's CountDown, a fun program which helps me
track important dates.

I have enclosed a $14.75 check or money order made out to "Dan Stickel".  
Thank you for your prompt attention.



                         JUDY'S TENKEY(tm)
                       VERSION 2.0, MARCH 1993
                        VENDOR INFORMATION

This file provides information for Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors, 
Computer Clubs, and BBS operators who wish to distribute the Judy's TenKey
package (Individual and Company Users please refer to LICENSE.WRI for 

We would appreciate copies of anything you print regarding Judy's TenKey.
Please send us a copy of any reviews, articles, catalog descriptions, or
other information you print or distribute regarding the Judy's TenKey
package.  We can be reached at: Judy's Applications, 602 Valeri Ruth Court, 
Santa Clara, CA, 95050.  Thank you for your time and assistance and for 
supporting the shareware marketing concept.


KEYWORDS:  Windows, calculator, tape, finance, tenkey, RPN, ASP

BRIEF:  Judy's TenKey is an amazing Windows calculator with scrolling 
tape, selectable syntax, financial functions, customizable display, keep on 
top, copy & paste, tutorial demonstration, and more.  $14.75 includes 
free CountDown program.

EXPANDED:  Judy's TenKey makes your calculations easier and more effective. 
It gives you many advantages over the default Windows calculator, including: 
a scrolling tape which you can save, print, and resize; selectable syntax -- 
normal, scientific (RPN), or adding machine; financial calculations -- loan 
payments, retirement funds, inflation, etc.; customizable display; keep 
on top option; intelligent copy & paste; tape entry reuse; and much more.  
Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your calculations, you will 
never go back to the default Windows calculator.  $14.75 registration 
provides latest copy of program, notification of reduced fee upgrades, and 
free copy of Judy's CountDown.  Requires at least Windows 3.0 and 200K of 
disk space (including the tutorial demonstration).  Member of the Association
of Shareware Professionals (ASP). 

IN DEPTH:  Please see the DESCRIBE.WRI file for more details.


Individuals who wish to distribute the Judy's TenKey package to friends or
associates may do so in accordance with the restrictions outlined in

Computer Clubs, User Groups, BBS operators, and other Shareware Distributors 
may distribute the Judy's TenKey package in accordance with the restrictions 
listed below.

The Judy's TenKey package is defined as containing all the material listed
in the PACKING.LST text file.  If any files listed in the PACKING.LST text
file, or the PACKING.LST file itself, are missing, then the package is not
complete and distribution is forbidden.  Please contact us to obtain a
complete package suitable for distribution.

The Judy's TenKey package -- including all related program files and
documentation files -- CANNOT be modified in any way and must be distributed
as a complete package, without exception.  The PACKING.LST text file
contains a list of all files that are part of the Judy's TenKey package.

    Small additions to the package, such as the introductory batch files 
    used by many shareware disk vendors, or the BBS advertisements
    included by many BBS operators, are acceptable.

No price or other compensation may be charged for the Judy's TenKey
package.  A distribution fee may be charged for the cost of a diskette,
shipping and handling, as long as the total (per disk) does not exceed
US$8.00 in the U.S. and Canada, or US$12.00 internationally.

The Judy's TenKey package cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

You may not list any of our products in advertisements, catalogs, or other
literature which describes our products as "FREE SOFTWARE".  Shareware is
"Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free.

Judy's Applications prohibits the distribution of outdated versions of the
Judy's TenKey package, without written permission from Judy's Applications.
If the version you have is over twelve (12) months old, please contact us
to ensure that you have the most current version.  This version was
released in March, 1993.

Licensee shall not use, copy, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile,
disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program
except as provided in this agreement.  Any such unauthorized use shall
result in immediate and automatic termination of this license.

U.S. Government Information:  Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S.
Government of the computer software and documentation in this package shall
be subject to the restricted rights applicable to commercial computer
software as set forth in subdivision (b)(3)(ii) of the Rights in Technical
Data and Computer Software clause at 252.227-7013 (DFARS 52.227-7013).  The
Contractor/manufacturer is Judy's Applications, 602 Valeri Ruth Court, 
Santa Clara, CA, 95050.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Judy's Applications.

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REGISTER TXT       803   4-02-93  10:25p
TENKEY   EXE     75264   4-04-93   9:10p
TENKEY   HLP     65126   3-28-93  10:28p
VENDOR   DOC      5322   3-28-93   7:54p
WARRANTY WRI      3072   3-28-93   7:44p
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