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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3886)

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             **************     O R D E R    F O R M  ****************
            Make check payable to:   SSP
            (Sorry, no VISA          PO BOX 1506, Dept: LAP
            or Mastercard            MERCER ISLAND, WA 98040        
            credit cards)            (206) 236-0470  CIS: 72020,2176
       A list of registration benefits you receive, including bonus disks 
       appears at the end of this form...
       Print your address and phone number below: 

       On the line below, who provided your copy of Professor P.C. 
       Laptop! - ???
        Registration payment brings 3 bonus disks and updates promptly! 
           You are using this version of Professor P.C. Laptop!   5.6
       qty ordered: ____    SINGLE ISSUE REGISTRATION                     
                            $29.95 postpaid  (Check in US funds)          
                            Valid for U.S.A. and Canada
                            Washington residents add 8.2% sales tax       

                   ____     Foreign addresses add $5.00 shipping
       Wait a minute! ---> Five dollar discount! If you have 
                           included a letter or short article
                           containing a NEW laptop tip or technique
                           which we can reprint in Professor P.C. 
                           Laptop!, subtract $5 off the registration price. 

       Note: three bonus disks provided if 360K format, 5.25 inch size 
       disks ordered. Otherwise expect two bonus disks, 720K format, 
       3.5 inch size. The higher density 3.5 inch disks hold more 
       programs so you will receive fewer disks but the same amount of 

       Here's what you receive for $29.95....                

       ONE DISK containing additional powerful laptop and notebook 
       utilities and custom programs to increase the usefulness of your 
       computer. If you like the tips, ideas and training from this 
       software package you NEED this disk to bring your laptop to its 
       full potential! Plus you also receive... 

       ONE DISK containing the latest version/update of the massive PC-
       Learn computer tutorial, a much larger computer tutorial system. 
       Whether you are a beginner or more advanced user, PC-Learn 
       contains MANY MORE detailed tips and training tutorials you can 
       use with your laptop. Plus you also receive.... 

       ONE DISK containing the latest REGISTERED version of Professor 
       P.C. Laptop! in case you have an old version of this package. 
       And finally you receive.... 

       A registration certificate and registration number to validate 
       your legal right as a fully registered user of Professor P.C. 


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3886

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README           10461   7-02-92   9:28a
INSTALL  BAT     11922   7-02-92   9:28a
LAPKEY   COM       521   7-02-92   9:28a
LHATXT   EXE     12824   7-02-92   9:28a
PART1    EXE    110052   7-02-92   9:28a
PART2    EXE     99559   7-02-92   9:28a
PART3    EXE     13299   7-02-92   9:28a
PART4    EXE      2556   7-02-92   9:28a
PART5    EXE      2760   7-02-92   9:28a
REGISTER TXT      2997   7-02-92   9:28a
GO       BAT        30   8-11-93   2:06p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
       12 file(s)     269021 bytes
                       48128 bytes free