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                        ULTIMATE  BLACKJACK

                            Version 1.2

                    D E S C R I P T I O N    A N D

                 A U T H O R    I N F O R M A T I O N

                    Last updated:  30 July 1993

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Program Name:




       1. IBM Compatible Computer
       2. EGA/VGA with 256K on card
       3. Hard disk
       4. 540K free RAM
       1. Mouse
       2. Disk caching software
       3. Extended memory
       4. 286 or better processor
       5. Sound Blaster



   Go where no blackjack player has gone before -- into the Ultimate Zone.
   Enter a fully animated casino card game and gambling school.  Play with
   any of 12 computer characters.  Set the number of decks, match any Casino
   rules, watch game stats and much much more.  Be prepared, if you sit down
   at this table you may never get up.


   Enter the Ultimate Zone.  Relax and play blackjack by yourself with
   any one of the three dealers supplied, or play with up to 4 other players
   at the table.  If other players are selected, each will use a predetermined
   strategy (which can be monitored from game play).  You will be able to set
   up and change many aspects of game play to suit yourself.  Two card
   counting systems are available.  You can keep track of how you are doing
   by selecting STATISTICS.  Many more features make this game easy to play
   for the novice and powerful for advanced players.  12 different players
   (characters) are included as well as a powerful SIMULATIONS feature.  A
   TUTOR is provided and may be customized.  This is the ULTIMATE BLACKJACK

Registration Information:

   Registration fee for this program is $10.00 plus $3.00 S&H.

   For complete user registration information please run bjmanual.exe

Author/Publisher Information:

ACCIDENTAL SOFTWARE is a small software company owned and operated by
TERRY HASTINGS.  "If it's good, it's ACCIDENTAL".

Please feel free to contact me (TERRY HASTINGS) at any time if you have any
questions, comments or suggestions.  I can be reached by mail at the
following address:

   13245 SKIOMAH RD.
   APPLE VALLEY, CA. 92307

   Voice: (619) 247-2804


                            ULTIMATE BLACKJACK

                  (C) COPYRIGHT ACCIDENTAL SOFTWARE, 1993
                      "If it's good, it's ACCIDENTAL"

Thank you for choosing this program for evaluation.  Every effort has been
made to provide you with a quality entertainment package.  After a short
trial period for evaluation, if you decide to use this software a
registration fee is required.  Run "BJMANUAL.EXE" for information.

                             GETTING STARTED

Type "INSTALL" at the DOS prompt to install and set up this program for use.
If you encounter a problem with "INSTALL", you can manually install the
game.  To manually install ULTIMATE BLACKJACK you should first create a
directory on your hard disk for your game.   Now use the DOS copy command
to copy the file "ULTIMABJ.EXE" to the directory on your hard disk that you
created for the game.  Next, switch to this directory and type "ULTIMABJ".
This will self extract all game files.  To play the game you need only type
"UBJ".  If you have purchased the VOICE FILES for this game, follow the same
procedure substituting "UBJVOICE.EXE" for "ULTIMABJ.EXE".

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3898

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ULTIMABJ EXE    343984   8-14-93   9:27p
INSTALL  COM      6236   7-30-93  10:25a
HELP     DOC      1215   7-30-93  10:42a
VENDOR   DOC      4608   8-04-93   4:45p
DESCRIBE DOC      3729   8-04-93   4:44p
        5 file(s)     359772 bytes
                           0 bytes free