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Anyone wishing to charge a fee for distributing copies of Winner$ must have 
written authorization from the author, without which, the distributor is 
guilty of copyright violation.  To receive such authorization, send this 
completed application, along with a copy of your software library's order 
form to: Second Banana Software/PO Box 550263/Atlanta, GA 30355.  Include $7 
to cover processing costs.  This application is not necessary for 
distributors already recognizd by the Association of Shareware Professionals.

Name of Organization: ___________________________________
Your Name: ______________________________________________
Your Title: _____________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________


1.  The fee charged may not exceed $10 (except for express mail and 
international postage), including postage, mailer, and any other charges.

2.  Your library's catalog or listing must state that this program is not 
free, but is copyrighted software designed to allow the user to evaluate it 
before paying.

3.  The offering and sale of Winner$ will be stopped at any time the author 
so requests.

4.  Copies must be made from the copy of Winner$ sent to you with this 

5.  Problems with or complaints about the program will be reported to the 
author for investigation.

In return for a license to charge a fee for the distribution of Winner$, I 
agree to comply with the above terms of distribution.

Signed: ___________________________  Date: ______________
          Your Signature

Accepted: _________________________  Date: ______________
            Second Banana Software  

Control Number: ___________________

Windows 3.1
1.5 megabytes to install and run

1)  People who bet on professional football games
2)  Fans of professional football
3)  Computer game players

A completely automated betting system for pro football.  Winner$ predicts
the winner and recommends the bet for all NFL games weekly.  Requires no
statistical input by the user, other than actual scores.  The system has a 
track record of 70%+ winning bets against official spreads.

*  Total Windows graphical user interface.
*  Help screens for every field in the system.
*  Only two main screens for the user to learn.
*  Unlimited support by the author.
*  Downloadable database from nationwide HUB network serving WINNER$ -- 
   eliminates the need for *any* statistical input by the user.

*  Each future year's edition for half-price
*  Current year's edition of College Winner$
*  Free upgrades
*  Instructions for downloading updated database weekly.

From the DOS prompt:  Type WINNER$ C:\WINNER$.  Then follow the instructions.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3910

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

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        1 file(s)     358798 bytes
                        3072 bytes free