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T h e  P C - S I G  L i b r a r y  o n  C D - R O M,

                1 2 t h E d i t i o n


The PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM, winner of the Optical Publishing
Association's Best Consumer Product Award, has added a hypermedia
interface that makes it easy to find and download any type of program
you could want. The WordCruncher text retrieval program has also been
implemented to assist you insearching this vast collection.

This CD-ROM contains over 3700 fully functional shareware programs, each
with a detailed review. The 12th Edition has added over 300 new programs
and over 500 updates since the release of the 11th Edition. The
collection is always kept current and now contains over 70 megabytes of
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 applications, fonts, icons, games and wallpaper

The range of software is phenomenal! There are huge assortments of
games, everything from adventure games with full SVGA and SoundBlaster
support to favorites like Klondike, Chess and Othello. Spreadsheets,
databases, wordprocessors and graphics programs are instantly available
and there are literally hundreds of unique and specialized programs that
will save you time and money. This amazing collection will help you get
a handle on all your business and home accounting and also teach your
children about zoology.

Each of the more than 3700 programs has a one-line description for quick
reference, Just pick one of the 13 software categories and a subcategory
to begin browsing for a program that interests you. You might choose the
Games Category, where you can pick from 12 subcatgories including
Adventure, Arcade, Cards and more. A mouse click (or keyboard stroke) on
the program title takes you to a detailed description of the program.
you can immediately download the software to your hard or floppy drive,
and in many cases view a screen shot.

You can find any program in the collection quickly and easily by using
the search button. When you are in a program category just type in the
title of the program and you will be taken to the description of that
program. The popular WordCruncher text retrieval program has been added
to allow searching every description for any word within that
description, not just in the title or keywords chosen by someone who
thinks differently than you do. The WordCruncher is ideal for finding
programs which perform a specific function, just try searching for
"split", "math" or "subtract". Or switch to the Disks section where you
will find an alphabetical list of all the programs which can be searched
by program title or disk number.

Everyone has their favorite programs and we're no exception. Our 44
favorite programs can be run immediately. No downloading is necessary,
all you do is click on the word "RUN" in the program description and
you'll be working or playing with top notch software right on the CD.

The power of hypermedia will allow you to try out more software than you
ever thought possible. We are sure that you will find a multitude of
programs to your liking on the P-SIG Library on CD-ROM.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT PS/2 or compatible with 640K, DOS 3.3 or
higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM player. We
recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e E s s e n t i a l H o m e & B u s i n e s s C o l l e c t i o n

"Never before has such a valuable collection of popular shareware been
compiled on one CD-ROM that everyone can afford." Dr. File Finder a.k.a.
Michael Callahan

Finally, 368 of the most useful, popular, important shareware programs
have been put together on one CD. No matter what your need, it's on The
Essential Home & Business Collection.  Everything from Administration to
Windows software is here.

The Essential CD incorporates the WordCruncher text retrieval system.
Every program on the disc is indexed by title, filename, PC-SIG disk
number, and every word in the program description.  A new utility, Narc,
is implemented so you can look at the program files and the author's
on-line documentation without having to first copy the program to your
hard disk.  By using WordCruncher and Narc, you can quickly find the
program you want and review it to be sure, without ever having to run it
from your hard disk.

If you've got a CD-ROM player at home and want to get more use of it and
your computer, or if you're trying to avoid purchasing another Nintendo
cartridge, or if you just enjoy looking at new software, you need The
Essential Home & Business Collection.

System Requirements:

IBM PC/XT/AT PS/2 or compatible with 384K memory DOS 3.1 or higher and
Microsoft MS-DOS CD ROM extensions.

T h e  P C - S I G   G a m e s    C D - R O M

Now you can play a game a day fo over a year.  This CD-ROM is jammed
with over 380 shareware games of all types, designed to appeal to the
new generation of CD-ROM users out for fun.  The CD incorporates a
hypermedia interface and allows 250 of the games to be played directly
from the CD-ROM.

The hottest games in shareware are on this disk, including the
action/arcade games "Jill of the Jungle" and "Wolfenstein 3D," which
rival or surpass commercial PC and Nintendo for use of animation,
SoundBlaster audio, and VGA graphics.  There are also games designed to
teach children mathematics, spelling and even ecology.  All these games
for less than a dime each!

Over 250 of the games can be played directly from the CD without copying
them to a floppy or a hard drive.  Being able to run from the CD means
that users can explore games without using up valuable hard disk space
or spending time downloading and deleting files.  The hypermedia
interface makes it easy to browse the titles, read a one line
description or full review, and copy or start a game by clicking the
mouse or using the keyboard.

T h e   P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   G a m e s   C D - R O M

The new PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM contains over 550 of the best
shareware games, including 53 educational games for children and 57
Windows games. 430 of them can be played directly from the CD without
using your hard drive space.

This edition employs the award-winning HyperReader interface, allowing
easy searching and playing by using a mouse or the keyboard.

This CD is the first in a six-volume PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware
series. Each volume will include the programs from a section of the
PC-SIG collection and also the programs and text from the current issue
of Shareware Magazine. This CD contains the entire text from the
May/June issue of Shareware Magazine, featuring hardware reviews of
the Tandy Sensation and the Media Vision Pro 16 Multimedia System.
Software reviews included cover 58 new shareware releases, security,
educational, CD audio and PIM's. 159 of the programs mentioned in the
magazine are included and can be downloaded using the HyperReader

There are also 89 programs which were updated since the last issue of
Shareware Magazine, helping those of you who have purchased the 12th
edition of the PC-SIG Library keep on top of the everchanging world
of shareware.

As well, a description of every program in the PC-SIG Library can be
searched with the WordCruncher text retrieval program. This Games CD
continues the ten year PC-SIG tradition of providing quality programs
and information to help you find the best program for your purpose.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT/PS/2 or compatible computer with 640K,
DOS 3.3 or higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM
player. We recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

To Order in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask for Customer Service.

For Technical information: Call 408-730-9291 and ask for Technical

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near


                            P C  -  S I G


Welcome to the world of Shareware, state of the art software you can
actually try before you buy.

Shareware, a term coined in the early eighties, refers to the method of
distribution chosen by the software authors.  With shareware, you can
receive a program and put it through its paces without having to pay for
it. If you find the program useful, and choose to keep the program, then
you pay a modest registration fee to the author.

For the last nine years, PC-SIG has been providing shareware and public
domain software to its customers and members.  Since 1982 PC-SIG has
developed an unprecedented library of shareware programs, constantly
updated, consistently strong in every category.  Our library of
shareware contains over 3500 titles divided into 120 logical categories.

Every program we add to the library is thoroughly reviewed and tested to
insure that each one meets the high standards of reliability and value we
insist upon and you expect.  As a result, our library doesn't contain
every shareware program available, just those that really work.

PC-SIG has grown into the premier distributor of shareware and and
shareware information by producing shareware collections on CD-ROM,
publishing an encyclopedia of shareware, and by publishing Shareware
Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine distributed world-wide.

Quality and support - guaranteed.  All of our programs are guaranteed
virus free.  We've isolated our systems and check every program
submitted to insure that no viruses make their way to your computer or

Our support staff is available by phone as well as on our BBS to help
you with questions about installation and operation of PC-SIG's

Through our network of international distributors, PC- SIG strives to
bring you the most current, exciting, technically advanced software
available as shareware.

If you can't find the software you need in PC-SIG's library, it may well
not exist.

To order the latest in Shareware, in the U.S.A: Call (800) 245-6717

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



PowerKey for WordPerfect                          CBG Software, Incorporated.
Copyright (c) 1992                                9402 S. 69th East Avenue
Call or write for latest version.                 Tulsa, Oklahoma USA 74133-5348

                               WHAT IS POWERKEY

   PowerKey is a WordPerfect 5.1 (R) add-on program to enhance and simplify
   using WordPerfect.  Written entirely in the WordPerfect macro language,
   it is an integrated system of several hundred powerful macros and soft
   keyboard definitions that give the user a simpler and more efficient
   alternative to the standard WordPerfect keystrokes.

   Entirely menu driven, PowerKey is designed for keyboard efficiency
   to minimize the keystrokes required to perform a given task and to
   minimize the time-consuming use of the mouse and WordPerfect function
   keys.  Many specialized macros and functions are also included.


   CBG Software is a fully incorporated company in the State of Oklahoma,
   specializing in applications programming.  PowerKey is our first offering
   for WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.
   PowerKey is distributed as SHAREWARE.  It is a copyrighted product of
   CBG Software, Inc.  Many long hours have gone into planning and developing
   this fine product.

                            POWERKEY  IS  NOT  FREE

   PowerKey is being distributed as Shareware to minimize the large
   advertising, packaging and distribution costs that make up a large
   portion of the cost of commercial products.  This cost elimination enables
   Shareware authors to provide excellent software at fair and reasonable
   costs to the user.

   Please read the accompanying license agreement, LICENSE.TXT, on the
   PowerKey disk.  This agreement grants you the right to evaluate PowerKey
   for 30 days with no obligation.

   After 30 days, you are obligated to register PowerKey with CBG Software
   Inc. if you wish to continue using the program legally.

   If you DO NOT register PowerKey, it is illegal to continue to use the
   program after the 30 day trial period.

   The registration fee is US $20 for a single copy registration.  Multiple
   copy discounts or site licenses are also available.  Please write or call
   for more details. (Please call after 5 pm CST Mon-Fri or on weekends)

   A bound and printed copy of the manual may also be purchased for an
   additional $10 + $3 shipping and handling.

   For your convenience, an order form is included with the program.  The
   order form is an ASCII text file, REGISTER.FRM, and may be edited with
   any text editor, edited with WordPerfect or printed and filled in by

   To register, complete the form and send it with the $20 registration fee
   (check, money order or corporate PO) to

     CBG Software, Incorporated
     9402 South 69th East Avenue
     Tulsa, OK 74133-5348

   For orders from outside the United States, please remit the registration
   fee in US dollars or checks drawn on a US bank.

   Whether you decide to register PowerKey or not, you are encouraged to
   support the Shareware concept by making duplicates of the PowerKey disk
   or disks and passing them along to others that may be interested.  You
   may also upload the program files to bulletin boards provided that the
   files are not modified in any fashion.


   The complete PowerKey program consists of the following twelve (12) files.
   (The installation batch file MUST be on each program disk).

   Disk 1
     PKINSTL .BAT      PowerKey installation batch file
     README  .1ST      this document
     LICENSE .TXT      CBG Software License Agreement
     INSTALL .WPM      PowerKey installation macro
     PKMACROS.EXE      self-extracting PowerKey macros
     PKDATA  .EXE      self-extracting PowerKey data files
     PKKEYBDS.EXE      self-extracting PowerKey soft keyboards and macros
     WP51    .BAT      batch file to run WordPerfect and initialize PowerKey
     TABLE   .PK       simple text file used in the PKTUTOR tutorial
     REGISTER.FRM      PowerKey registration form

   Disk 2 (360K diskettes only)
     PKINSTL .BAT      PowerKey installation batch file
     PKTUTOR .PKM      PowerKey tutorial document (WP5.1 format)
     PKMANUAL.EXE      self-extracting PowerKey manual formatted for laser
                         or postscript printer


   PowerKey is a WordPerfect 5.1 add-on program to enhance and simplify
   using WordPerfect.  Written entirely in the WordPerfect macro language,
   it is an integrated system of several hundred powerful macros and soft
   keyboard definitions that give the user a simpler and more efficient
   alternative to the standard WordPerfect keystrokes.

   Entirely menu driven, PowerKey is designed for keyboard efficiency
   to minimize the keystrokes required to perform a given task and to
   minimize the time-consuming use of the mouse and WordPerfect function
   keys.  Many specialized macros and functions are also included.

   As a simple example, to italicize a word in WordPerfect 5.1 requires
   at least 11 keystrokes:

     ctrl-LEFT  alt-F4  ctrl-RIGHT  LEFT  ctrl-F8 A I

   You could record a macro, say ITWRD.WPM, but to execute the macro
   requires 8 keystrokes:

     alt-F10 I T W R D ENTER

   Compare to PowerKey's 3 keystrokes:

     ctrl-W I

   Similarly, to boldface a word (ctrl-W B), move a sentence (ctrl-S M),
   move a text table (ctrl-T M) or insert a footnote (alt-I F) greatly
   reduce the keystrokes and the time required to create or edit a
   WordPerfect document.

   For even fewer keystrokes, use the "fast macro" key (\).  To italicize
   a word, simply place the cursor anywhere within the word and press \I;
   to bold the word, \B; to underline, \U.  Many other fast macro functions
   are also available; press \{HELP} (\ + the WordPerfect Help Key) for
   a complete listing.

   PowerKey has an extremely rich range of applications.  As another example,
   the special "shortcut" key (/) allows you to define customized shortcut
   abbreviations for commonly used text.  Imagine: instead of typing
   "deoxyribonucleic acid" simply enter /dna and PowerKey will do the rest.

   The interactive tutorial included with the program has many exercises
   and examples to get you started right away on the road to greater
   efficiency and productivity with PowerKey.


Installing from a hard drive

   PowerKey CANNOT be installed directly from a hard drive.

   If you have downloaded the PowerKey compressed file or files from a
   bulletin board and decompressed the program and user's manual files, make
   a backup copy of the decompressed files onto a floppy disk and follow the
   install procedure described below.

   All the PowerKey files will fit onto a single 3.5" disk or a 5.25"
   high density disk.

   If you have only a 5.25" 360K capacity drive, copy the files onto two
   360 kB disks as indicated in the WHAT'S ON THE DISKS section above and
   follow the instructions below for installing from a floppy drive.

Installing from a floppy drive

   To install PowerKey from a floppy drive, execute the WordPerfect macro
   INSTALL.WPM on the PowerKey program Disk 1.

   To execute this macro, start WordPerfect with the /m command:

     wp /m-[d]:\install

   where [d] is the drive containing the program Disk 1.

   For example, if installing from floppy drive B, enter

     wp /m-B:\install

   where [d] = the drive letter B.

   Alternatively, you may execute this macro from within WordPerfect.  From
   the normal edit screen, enter the commands


   where again [d] is the letter of the floppy drive containing the program
   Disk 1.


   To run PowerKey, the main PowerKey initialization macro, PKINIT.WPM, must
   be executed by WordPerfect.  This may be done by either of three methods.

   1   From the DOS command prompt, execute PKINIT.WPM upon WordPerfect
       startup with the /m parameter:

       wp /m-pkinit.wpm

   2   From within WordPerfect, execute PKINIT.WPM from the normal edit
       screen.  Press the macro execute key alt-F10 and enter PKINIT.WPM
       at the prompt.

   3   Use the WP51.BAT batch program include on the PowerKey program disk.
       Use the DOS copy command to copy WP51.BAT to your WordPerfect
       directory and simply enter WP51 at the DOS prompt to run WordPerfect
       and automatically initialize PowerKey.


   After installing PowerKey, you will be prompted to run the PowerKey
   tutorial.  If you choose not to run the tutorial at this time, you may
   run it at any later time by simply retrieving the tutorial document,
   PKTUTOR.PKM, on the PowerKey Program Disk (or Disk 2 if you have two
   360 kB disks).

   The PowerKey tutorial is highly recommended as a quick and easy
   introduction to many, but by no means all, of PowerKey's powerful
   capabilities.  After reading the tutorial document and performing the
   interactive exercises you will have a good understanding of the power
   available to you with PowerKey.


   The PowerKey manual is distributed as a WP 5.1 document, PKMANUAL.EXE, in
   compressed format.  Once uncompressed, it may be loaded into WordPerfect
   and printed as any other document.  The uncompressed document requires
   about 650 kB of hard disk memory and prints as ~180 pages on standard
   8.5 x 11 inch paper.

   You may elect to have the manual installed during the PowerKey instal-
   lation.  In this case, the manual document is automatically placed into
   the PowerKey directory, \powerkey, on the drive that you selected for
   the PowerKey installation.

   If you do not install the manual during PowerKey installation, you may
   install it at any time later.

   To install the manual onto your hard drive, place the floppy disk
   containing PKMANUAL.EXE into a floppy drive and enter the command

     [d]:pkmanual [p]

   where [d] is the drive letter and [p] is the desired path for the
   manual.  DO NOT include a final backslash in the path specification.

   For example, to install the manual from floppy drive A to the C:\wp51\files
   directory, enter

     A:pkmanual C:\wp51\files

   The manual document, PKMANUAL.WP, will be installed into the specified
   directory in WP 5.1 format.

   The PowerKey manual document is formatted for a HP Laserjet II (R)
   printer.  If you have a different printer, WordPerfect will reformat
   the manual document for your selected printer when retrieved.  In this
   case, some of the manual may not print exactly as originally formatted.

   If you decide to register your copy of PowerKey, a bound and printed
   copy of the manual may be purchased for an additional $10 + $3 S&H.


              S H A R E W A R E  M A G A Z I N E

Shareware Magazine has distinguished itself as the only internationally
distributed periodical devoted to the use and business of shareware.
Shareware Magazine provides detailed reviews of new products,
hard-hitting comparisons of shareware programs with regular retail
software, and timely information about changes in the industry and the
latest technology.

Intriguing columnists and regular features add to the excitement.  The
beginners section sheds light on new user's concerns regarding
everything from choosing the right operating system to alleviating the
intimidation of using on-line systems.

Educational sections focus on how low cost shareware can aid in
classroom learning, curriculum development, and as a forum for
discussing the impact of computers and technology in schools.

Graphics Gallery renders expert advice and suggestions on how to better
work with graphics, desktop publishing, CAD systems, and the Windows

Programmers benefit from others experience in developing new programs or
polishing existing ones as well as choosing the right programming

And columnists provide that subjective component, sometimes
controversial, that calls for a closer look at the way we compute and
how shareware effects what we do.

Published bimonthly, Shareware Magazine is available on a subscription
or at your local newsstand or computer bookstore.  In conjunction with
PC-SIG, there are special benefits for subscribers as well as
opportunities for discount purchases from PC-SIG.

To Order, in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask Customer Service.

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



FROM:  ___________________________


[A]                                                                         [B]

                                  PC-SIG Inc.
[A]                                                                         [B]
                            1030-D East Duane Avenue

                               Sunnyvale  California


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       1.  Place any other pages underneath this page.
       2.  Using the Fold lines (above) as a guide, fold this flap under.
       3.  Fold the address flap so it covers this flap.
       4.  Tape or staple the envelope at the two spots marked [A].
       5.  Slip in any other enclosures (business cards, cheques, etc.).
       6.  Tape or staple the envelope at the spots marked [B].

PC-SIG Inc. 1030-D East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94086


     Do not mail cash.   Please allow four weeks for processing.


Check the items desired:

PC-SIG Disks - Member $2.49 for 5.25" or $2.99 for 3.5"
           Non-member $3.50 for 5.25" or $4.00 for 3.5"

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  total  ______

One year subscription to Shareware Magazine            $19.95  ______

Super Saver Membership                                 $39.95  ______
(includes a 1 year subscription to Shareware Magazine,
 the PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher,
 and 5 free disks)

The PC-SIG Catalog on Disk                              $5.00  ______
($5.00 is refundable with your first order)

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher      $20.00  ______

The PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM                       $19.95  ______ 

The PC-SIG 12th Edition Library CD-ROM                 $99.00  ______

Upgrade to the 12th Edition from ANY previous edition
of the PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM!                       $59.00  ______

Upgrade from ANY other CD-ROM just!                    $59.00  ______

The Essential Home & Business Collection CD-ROM        $39.00  ______  

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware on CD-ROM
(1 year subscription)                                  $99.00  ______

                                                    Subtotal   ______

Shipping and Handling                                          $4.00

                    California residents add 8.25% sales tax   ______

                                                       TOTAL   ______

      If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!

To order by phone with VISA or MASTERCARD: Call (800) 245-6717
Ask for operator #2351

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3949

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README   TXT     11639   1-13-93  11:32p
GO       EXE     27162   4-28-93
CDROM    TXT      8196   6-01-93   3:26p
GO-FORM  DAT      3336   6-01-93   2:30p
GO-STRT  DAT       541   6-01-93  11:07a
PCSIG    TXT      2329   6-01-93   2:31p
PKUNZIP  EXE     29378   2-01-93   2:04a
SHAREMAG TXT      1831   6-01-93   2:32p
SIGORDER TXT      3336   6-01-93   2:30p
PWRKEY   ZIP    269312   8-12-93  10:18a
       10 file(s)     357060 bytes
                           0 bytes free