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(C) 1991, 1992 NewQuest Technologies, Inc.
All rights reserved



  Q1: How do I contact NewQuest Technologies?
  Q2: What is ASCEND?
  Q3: What are the Minimum System Requirements to run ASCEND?
  Q4: How Do I Install ASCEND?
  Q5: What is the Best Way To "Explore" ASCEND?
  Q6: How Does The 60-Day Evaluation System Work?
  Q7: How Do I Order A Complete Working Copy of ASCEND?

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Q1: How do I contact NewQuest Technologies?

- NewQuest Technologies, Inc.
  2550 South Decker Lake Blvd.
  Salt Lake City, UT 84119

- Ascend Technical Support: 801-975-9999
  Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mountain Standard Time

- For Marketing Information contact NewQuest's Marketing Department at
  1-800-877-1814 or 801-975-9992.


Q2: What is ASCEND?

- ASCEND is a personal information and time management system running
  under the Microsoft Windows environment.  ASCEND is based on
  the popular time management techniques taught by the Franklin International
  Institute, the world's leading time management training company.
- ASCEND is not just software, but a total system.  Along with the software,
  ASCEND comes with Franklin's 4-hour time management seminar on cassette
  tape.  You can also purchase ASCEND with a Franklin Day Planner including
  a binder and a one-year supply of forms and accessories.
- ASCEND prints tasks, appointments, calendars, projects, address and phone
  numbers, etc., onto either blank pages or Franklin Day Planner pages.
  ASCEND is an incredible value at only $249 without a Franklin Planner or
  $299 with a Franklin Planner and a one-year supply of forms and accessories.
- ASCEND also interfaces with certain handheld technology and a special
  version is available for pen-based computers.  Call NewQuest for more
  information on these options.
- ASCEND is developed and marketed by NewQuest Technologies, Inc., an
  affiliate company of the Franklin International Institute Inc.


Q3: What are the Minimum System Requirements to run ASCEND?

- Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later version
- DOS 3.1 or later version
- An IBM Compatible PC (80286 microprocessor or higher)
- EGA, VGA, Hercules graphics card or compatible video graphics
  adapter and monitor
- 1 Megabyte of RAM (2MB or more is recommended for improved performance)
- One 1.2MB 5.25" diskette drive or 720K 3.5" diskette drive
- A Hard Drive with at least 2MB of free disk space after Windows has
  been installed
- A printer compatible with Windows 3.0 or higher
- A mouse supported by Windows is highly recommended
- A Hayes compatible modem that is supported by Windows is required
  when using ASCEND's "Auto Dial" feature


Q4: How Do I Install ASCEND?

- Start Windows on your computer.
- Place the Bernoulli Shareware Program Disk in one of your Bernoulli
- From the Windows' Program Manager Menu, pull down the File option.
- Select the Run option from the File menu.
- Enter D:\ASCEND\SETUP at the Command Line then press OK.
  (If you have inserted this program diskette in a different drive other
  than D, modify the above command accordingly, i.e., E:\ACSEND\SETUP, etc.)
- The ASCEND Setup program will now run.  Enter the drive location
  where you placed the ASCEND diskette.  (This field will default to A:\).
  Press TAB to advance to the next prompt.
- In the Destination Path field, enter the drive and path where you
  would like to install ASCEND. (This field will default to C:\ASCEND.)
  After you have entered the appropriate source and destination paths,
  select OK.
- ASCEND will now be installed in the appropriate path of your hard
  drive and a new program group will be created containing two icons
  (ASCEND and ASCEND Tools & Utilities).
- Double click on the ASCEND icon (the pyramid) to run ASCEND.


Q5: What is the Best Way To "Explore" ASCEND?

- You may load "demo data" into ASCEND by performing the following steps:
- Quit ASCEND if you currently have it running. Run the ASCEND Tools &
  Utilities program. Choose Demo from the menu to turn the demo data on.
- When this process is completed and the ASCEND Tools & Utilities window
  is closed, run ASCEND by double clicking on the ASCEND icon.
- The demo data will now be loaded into the ASCEND program.  Each icon
  will have demo data loaded to experiment with.  You can add, delete,
  or move the demo data in anyway you desire.
- To go through the demo data again, simply reset the demo data from
  the menu in ASCEND Tools & Utilities.  When you are ready to input live
  data, use the menu option in ASCEND Tools & Utilities to remove the demo
- Even after live data is entered into the evaluation copy of ASCEND, it
  is still possible to load the demo data again.  By turning on the demo
  data from the ASCEND Tools & Utilities, the program will automatically
  retain any live data and will automatically restore the live data when
  the demo data is removed.
- ASCEND has extensive on-line help.  The entire ASCEND manual is contained
  in summary format in ASCEND's help files.  For a quick index of the
  subjects covered in the help, select the Help/Index menu from within


Q6: How Does The 60-Day Evaluation System Work?

- All ASCEND program diskettes have been designed to run for 60-days
  from the time of installation onto a hard drive.  At the end of the
  60-days, the program "times out" and will no longer allow you access.
  This allows someone to "test drive" ASCEND for 60 days before their
- If you wish to continue using ASCEND beyond the 60-days, simply
  purchase a copy of ASCEND and you will receive special instructions
  and "key numbers" to enter into ASCEND that will "unlock" the program
  and your data.  Any live data that you input into ASCEND during the
  evaluation period can then be utilized once again.
- If you do not wish to purchase ASCEND to continue using it beyond
  the 60-days, simply erase the files contained in the ASCEND directory
  and remove the ASCEND directory from your hard drive.


Q7: How Do I Order A Complete Working Copy of ASCEND?

- The software package can be purchased either through your local software
  dealer, direct from NewQuest, or through the Franklin International
  Institute.  Marketing inquiries should be directed to NewQuest Marketing
  at 1-800-877-1814 or 1-801-975-9992.
  Software Express of Ogden, Utah is an authorized dealer for ASCEND.  ASCEND
  is distributed by Merisel and resellers should contact either NewQuest or
  Merisel about reselling ASCEND.  Merisel can be contacted at 1-800-MERISEL.
- Fax inquires to NewQuest should be directed to 801-975-9995.
- If you would like to purchase a copy of Ascend, or find out current pricing
  contact Software Express, 3880 Kiesel Ave., Ogden, Utah 84405.
  Phone (801) 399-1100 Monday thru Friday, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Saturday
  10 A.M. to 4 P.M..


You may legally obtain a copy of Ascend from a friend, NewQuest Technologies Inc., Franklin International Institute, or a computer dealer and try it out for a period of 60 days.  However, 60 days after Ascend has been installed on a hard drive, the program will stop working unless you purchase a license to use Ascend and enter a special Serial Number and Key Number found on the registration card included with your Ascend program.
If you would like to continue using Ascend beyond the 60-day trial period, simply call NewQuest Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-877-1814 for ordering information.  If you order the program, you will be able to continue using Ascend beyond the 60 days by entering the special Serial Number and Key Number into your Ascend program.  For technical support, call 1-801-975-9999.

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