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	 HardTrack V1.2
	 Copyright, 1993
	 All Rights Reserved.

	ASAD Ombudsman Policy

	HardTrack has been produced by a member of the Association of
	Shareware Authors and Distributors (ASAD).  Any problems of a
	shareware nature that can not be resolved either by the source of
	the program or the the author of the program (whichever is
	applicable) may be brought to the attention of the ASAD Ombudsman
	for possible correction.  Please send all information, including
	the name and address of the person or company you received the
	program from, to: ASAD, Attn: Ombudsman, 1323 Garfield Avenue
	Springfield, Ohio 45504. Telephone (voice) 513-399-4828 or
	(fax) 513-399-2501.  Additional information about ASAD may be
	obtained by writing the above address (Attn: Membership Director)
	and requesting a membership application package.

                ASAD -- Working for you and with you!


	HardTrack V1.2             ┌─────┴───┐     │              (R)
	Copyright, 1993          ──│         │o    │──────────────────
	Jim Olsen SUPERWARE        │   ┌─────┴╨──┐ │  Association of
	All Rights Reserved.       │   │         │─┘  Shareware
				   └───│    o    │    Professionals
				 ──────│    ║    │────────────────────
				       └────╨────┘    MEMBER

	ASP Membership.

	"HardTrack is produced by a member of the Association
	 of Shareware Professionals (ASP).  ASP wants to make sure
	 that the shareware principle works for you. If you are
	 unable to resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP
	 member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able
	 to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute
	 or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide
	 technical support for members' products. Please write to
	 the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI
	 49442-9427 USA, FAX 616-788-2765 or send a Compuserve
	 message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536"


	 HardTrack Version 1.2
         Copyright, 1993. Jim Olsen - SUPERWARE.
	 All Rights Reserved.

	 ==> This file contains release notes. <===

	 Version 1.2  - 08.17.93     - Changed Credit Card order vendor to
				       the nice people at Software Shopper!
				     - Version number remains the same.

	 Version 1.2  - 07.31.93     - Added Doc for Extremely Large Drives.

	 Version 1.1  - 07.16.93     - <ASP> and <ASAD> Shareware.
				     - Added mouse support.

	 Version 1.00 - May 28, 1993 - Initial HardTrack Release.


	HardTrack V1.2 Release information

        Copyright 1993, Jim Olsen SUPERWARE, All Rights Reserved.

        Thank You For Evaluating HardTrack!

        HardTrack is the easiest and quickest Hard Drive Auditing
        Software you'll ever see. It's small, can be used on a Hard Drive
        for file change tracking, or use HardTrack from a FLOPPY for
        software audits. Review the user's guide at HardTrack's main
        menu, or in the file HDT.DOC.

                                        Jim Olsen SUPERWARE <ASP>.

	Installing HardTrack V1.2.

        For Hard Drive installation, just copy HDT.EXE to a DOS path
        directory. Follow these steps:

        -  Identify a DOS path directory. Type PATH at the DOS prompt.
           Look for a suitable directory, such as C:\UTIL or C:\DOS.

        -  Copy HardTrack to your HardDrive. Type:
                Copy A:\HDT.EXE C:\UTIL\QD.EXE
                or   B:\HDT.EXE C:\UTIL\QD.EXE
              Where: UTIL is the DOS path Directory you've chosen.

        -  If you do not have LIST.COM, you may also copy HDTLIST.EXE
           to the same DOS path directory.

        -  Type HDT at the DOS prompt. Press enter and you can review
           Hardtrack instructions by pressing 'H' - How to use HardTrack.

        -  You may use Hard Track from a floppy. Refer to PC Adminstrator
           mode in the online user guide.

	New Features in HardTrack V1.2

	- For Extremely Large Drives, documented how to correct out of
	  memory conditions.

	New Features in HardTrack V1.1

        - Added Mouse support. The mouse moves the cursor UP or DOWN.
          The left mouse button simulates pressing ENTER.

        - Association of Shareware Professionals <ASP> Membership.
          Refer to the file ASP.TXT for more information.



You may charge your registered version of QuickDir with VISA,
MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS, by calling the Software Shopper
order line at (800) 847-0309. Outside the United States, call 
(502) 228-4492 or fax to (502) 228-5121 or mail your order to:

               Software Shopper
               The Falsoft Building
               PO Box 385
               Prospect, KY  40059

Registration fees and technical support for registered programs are
as stated in the author's documentation. Please contact the author
for technical assistance with this software. Software Shopper
assumes no technical or legal liability for software purchased
through the order service.


	 HardTrack Version 1.2
         Copyright 1993, Jim Olsen - SUPERWARE
         All Rights Reserved.

         -  I encourage Shareware Vendors, User Groups, Online Services,
            and Bulletin Boards to distribute HardTrack V1.0 under the
            following conditions:

               1. - These descriptions are used for file listings:

		  - Filename: HDTRAK12.XXX.

                  - Short description (1 Line):
		    HardTrack V1.2 <ASP> - Use Before Sofware Install.
                  - Medium description (2 Lines):

		    HardTrack V1.2 <ASP> - Use Before Software Install.
		    Tracks Modified, New, Missing Files. Fast!

                  - Long description (4 Lines):

		    HardTrack V1.2 <ASP> - Use Before Software Install.
		    Tracks Modified, New, Missing files on Hard and
		    Network Drives. Automatic, Manual and PC Admin
		    modes. Scans drives at bootup, or use from floppy.

               2. - The distribution package is not modified in any way.
		    It MUST contain these 12 files:

		    HDT.EXE       - HardTrack Executable File.
		    HDT.DOC       - Program Documentation.
		    HDT.BBS       - Obtain Latest SUPERWARE Programs.
		    HDTLIST.EXE   - Alternate List Program.
		    HDTLIST.DOC   - List Documentation.
		    HDTORDER.FRM  - HardTrack Order Form.
		    HDTREL.DOC    - HardTrack Release Information.
		    README.DOC    - Installation Instructions.
		    ASP.TXT       - ASP Information.
		    ASAD.TXT      - ASAD Information.
		    FILE_ID.DIZ   - Program Description.
		    VENDOR.DOC    - Distribution Information.
		    REGISTER.DOC  - Registration Information.

		  - These files MUST NOT be modified in any way.

	       3. - The HTD.EXE program must display 'EVALUATION USE ONLY'.
		    when it is run, and also must have 'R - Register
		    HardTrack' as an option on the main selection menu.

	       4. - You MAY NOT distribute any version of HardTrack
		    containing 'REGISTERED TO:' on the main selection panel.

               5. - You may not charge more than eight (8) U.S Dollars
                    for a shareware distribution fee.

               6. - You must clearly state this is SHAREWARE, and
                    additional payment is required to the AUTHOR.

	       7. - To encourage wide distribution, I am not limiting
		    vendor distribution of HardTrack. However, the author
		    reserves the right to change this distribution
		    policy at any time.

	       8. - I'm asking for a sample copy of any CD ROM distribution.
		    This is NOT Manditory, but rather a request so I can
		    track distribution trends.

              -  Should you wish to make special distribution agreements
                 with the author, or to verify this distribution policy,
                 you may contact him at:

                     Jim Olsen - SUPERWARE
                     P.O. Box 1291
                     Naugatuck, CT. 06770.

              Voice: (203) 723 - 0014.
	 CompuServe: 71564,725.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3957

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

GO       BAT        34   9-20-93  10:39a
ASAD     TXT      1006   8-02-93  12:20p
ASP      TXT      1132   8-02-93  12:20p
HDTREL   DOC       547   8-17-93  10:59a
HDTLIST  DOC      9611   8-17-93  10:58a
HDT      BBS      1249   7-31-93  12:28p
HDT      EXE     65830   8-17-93  10:33a
HDT      DOC     45469   8-17-93  10:58a
HDTLIST  EXE     23426   7-17-93  11:29a
HDTORDER FRM      2211   7-16-93   5:26p
VENDOR   DOC      3083   8-17-93  11:04a
README   DOC      2174   7-31-93   1:11p
REGISTER DOC       731   8-16-93   8:08p
FILE_ID  DIZ       436   8-17-93  10:56a
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
       15 file(s)     158979 bytes
                      154624 bytes free