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Block Breaker  Version 1.2

To install "Block Braker", resister BLOCK.EXE from the Program Manager menu.
After invoking "Block Breaker", please refer to "Help".

Major differences from the last version (Version 1.1)

Fixed the bug that the ball sometimes passed through Gold Block.
Fixed the bug that the reflection of the ball was unnatural.
Added "Help" on the menu.

Yutaka Emura


Kye version 2.0    -    Save the Children
===============         =================
Copyright (c) 1992 Colin Garbutt.


Development & Testing.

Kye (the dog) of course		eating
Peter Harris (pharris@cix)	testing
Bob Whitaker (rwhitaker@cix)	testing
Richard Garbutt			2 levels

New Level Files. (on registration disk)
Bob Whitaker (rwhitaker@cix)	rw1
Chris Stevens			chris2
Emily Morton			fissio
Jan Wilson			gnats,cop
Lucy Hodgman			lucy
Mike Ketcham			angie
Emily Morton			fissio
blesch@cix			tim1
CIS 75600,1142			erin
Garry Knudson (CIS 70303,2203)	garry,wave,hard,nasty
???				positive
Jenny Garbutt			jenny
Lizzie Garbutt			lizzy


║         <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3983 WINDOWS ARCADE GAMES III  >>>>          ║
║  All of these games require Microsoft Windows in order to run.          ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Play Block Breaker, type:  WIN BLOCKE  (press Enter)                ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Play Space Walls, type:  WIN SPACEW  (press Enter)                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Play Kye, type:  WIN KYE  (press Enter)                             ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║


Kye version 2.0    -    Save the Children
===============         =================
Copyright (c) 1992 Colin Garbutt.

Whats new in version 2.0.

  - now supports the charity Save the Children 
    - so dig deep.
    - see on-line help for more details.
  - on-screen editor
  - new levels 10->15
  - black holes, one way doors, time bombs
  - much better mouse control
  - loads of new level files available.
  - credit card registration.

Good luck - have fun - AND do some good.


Space Walls 

	This is a game written for fun only. If you enjoy this game
or have any comments please let me know. Send mail to compuserve 
address 72570,2065.


	The object of the game is to shoot the center of the rotating
walls. Avoid flying into the walls or being hit by the two defending saucers. Yo

	You can adjust the game environment by choosing Settings on 
the front screen.
- Change the acceleration produced by each button push.
- Change the friction (rate the ship will slow its glide)
- Change the speed the enemy saucers chase ship.
- Choose keyboard or Mouse mode.


	Mouse mode:

	Left Button  - Accelerates ship each time pressed.
 	Right Button - Shoots a bullet/Stops current bullet.
	Slight movement left,right,up,or down will rotate ship.
        <ESC>        - Quits current game.

	Keyboard mode:

	'A' or 'a'   - Accelerates ship each time pressed.
   	<SPACE>      - Shoots a bullet/Stops current bullet.
	<UP ARROW>   - Faces ship upwards.
	<DOWN ARROW> - Faces ship downwards.
	<LEFT ARROW> - Faces ship left.
	<RIGHT ARROW>- Faces ship right.
	<ESC>        - Quits current game.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3983

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BLOCK    EXE     18944   9-22-91  10:25p
BLOCKE   DOC       413   9-22-91  10:38p
BLOCKE   HLP      2776   9-22-91   7:34p
SPACEW   EXE    176640  10-26-90   9:52p
SPACEW   DOC      1199  10-26-90  10:19p
KYE      EXE     90112   5-06-92   2:53p
KYEHELP  HLP     12067   4-30-92   2:16p
BORDER   KYE       688   4-30-92   2:16p
DEFAULT  KYE     10455   5-05-92   2:42p
TEMPLATE KYE       669   4-30-92   2:16p
CREDITS  TXT       744   5-06-92  12:24p
README   TXT       503   5-06-92  12:24p
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
GO       TXT      1155   9-09-93   9:32a
       14 file(s)     316396 bytes
                       38912 bytes free