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                 AQUA MAN   (1.0)    REGISTRATION FORM


               Please find enclosed the $12.00 registration fee for
          Aqua Man. This registered version will speed up the loading
          and exiting of the game, plus give me a total of 40 puzzles, 
          with the solutions to all!  As a Member, I want to receive 
          information on your other Shareware Games, discounts on other 
          Soleau Software and to be eligible for Special Bonus Packages.

                          *    *    *    *    *

                             GAME PACK OFFER
                        New Soleau Software Members

               As a New Soleau Software Member I have the option of
          enclosing an additional $6.00 for your Game Pack Offer of
          eight unregistered versions of your most popular Soleau
          Software Games on a 5 1/4" HD disk. I can receive this
          bonus offer by checking the appropriate line below.

                          *    *    *    *    *


          ____   $12.00 for the Registered version of Aqua Man.

          ____   $18.00 for the Registered versions of Aqua Man I & II
          ____   $24.00 for the Registered versions of Aqua Man I & II & II
          ____   $6.00  Game Pack of Eight Soleau Software Shareware Games

            * Foreign Users:  Add $2.00 for postage and pay by
              Check drawn on a U.S. or Canadian Bank or P.O. Money Order.

          MY NAME AND ADDRESS IS:  __________________________________



          I GOT THIS PROGRAM FROM: __________________________________

          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:          Soleau Software
                                           163 Amsterdam Ave
                                           Suite 213
                                           New York, NY.  10023


                     S O L E A U   S O F T W A R E

                            AQUA MAN  v1.0

                        Program by William Soleau

                           Requires:  EGA/VGA

                  Requires Files:  Aquaman.exe  Aquaman.ov1
                                   Aquaman.ov2  Aquaman.ov3
                                   Aquaman.ov4  Aquaman.ov5
                                   Aquaman1.fnt Aquaman2.fnt

                         * AQUA MAN DIRECTIONS *

           Aqua Man is a New Soleau Software Puzzle game in its continuing
           series of Strategy games.  The objective is to push various
           shaped pipe links to connect the two storage pumps located on
           the game board.

                      *  MOVING AND PUSHING LINKS *

           Aqua Man is controlled by the Arrow Keys (up/dwn/rgt/lft).
           A link can be pushed in any direction by your man as long
           as it has an unobstructed path.  When pushed, a link will
           continue to move in that direction until either it hits
           another object or reaches the side of the game board.

                   * ROCKS / WHIRLPOOLS / STORAGE PUMPS *

           The brown objects located on many puzzle levels are rocks and
           cannot be moved.  There are also occasionally two whirlpools
           that can be used in your objective to connect the two storage
           pumps.  If you push a link into one of the whirlpools, it will
           emerge from the other whirlpool and continue to slide in the
           same direction until it hits another object.  The link will
           be eliminated if it emerges from the whirlpool and is blocked
           by another object.  There are also various links which have
           no pipes on them.  These will not help you connect the two
           storage pumps, but can be placed so that the other links
           can be properly pushed into the correct positions.

           There is at least one solution to each of the 20 puzzles,
           others have several solutions.  There are no monsters, clocks,
           or alien ships to contend with, it's just a pure logic game
           which relies totally on your problem solving abilities.

                               * SCORE CARDS *

           Aqua Man will allow up to five different players with a personal
           score card.  When you solve a puzzle, it will place a <*> after
           the puzzle number showing that you solved that particular puzzle.
           If you seem to be having trouble solving one puzzle, try another
           one and come back to it later.  Any of the 20 puzzles can be
           tried, so you DO NOT need to do them in any particular order.

                              * KEYS / OPTIONS *

           The keys for all the options are located at the bottom of
           the game board.

               <O>ptions     <C>hoose Puzzle     <Q>uit Game

           <Q>uit Game     / exits Aqua Man

           <C>hoose Puzzle / brings up the score board and allows you to
                             select the puzzle to play.

           <O>ptions       / allows access to various features.
                             Toggle Sound
                             Change Player

                               * SOLUTIONS *

          Aqua Man will show you a solution for the first three puzzles if
          you want him to.  This is a great way to see how the game is
          played.  However, why let him have all the fun?  Try out the
          first few puzzles and if you're really stuck, press the <O>ption
          key and select Solutions.  Aqua Man will then do his thing and
          push the various links so that they connect the two storage pumps.

                              * DELUXE VERSION *

                         40 Puzzles & All Solutions!
                                 *  plus  *
                          Aqua Man II  &  Aqua Man II

                   *  SOLEAU SOFTWARE  /  REGISTRATION  *

           This game is distributed as Shareware and may be passed
           along to your friends or local BBS. A registration fee
           of $12.00 is requested if you find this game is a worthy
           addition to your game collection. The registration will
           greatly speed up the loading and exiting of the game,
           and give you access to 20 new puzzles for a total of 40!
           Also the solutions to all of them will be available to you
           at the press of a key.

           Aqua Man II and III continue the series of mind-bending
           puzzles.  Each version contains 40 new puzzles and the
           solutions for all!.  If you register Aqua Man I for $12.00,
           you can get Aqua Man II and Aqua Man III for $6.00 each!

           By registering Aqua Man, you will instantly become a Soleau
           Software Member.  All Soleau Software Members receive
           the latest version of the registered game, information
           and discounts on our other Shareware Games, plus Special
           Bonus Package Offers.

           Please take the time to read the AQUA_REG.DOC file or see the
           closing screen within the game to get more information on our
           many other EGA/VGA games and how to become a Soleau Software

           We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope
           you will continue to enjoy this as well as our many other
           Shareware products.


                                William Soleau

                              Soleau Software
                              163 Amsterdam Ave
                              Suite 213
                              New York,  NY  10023


║                  <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #4010 AQUA MAN  >>>>                 ║
║  To Start the game, type: AQUAMAN  (press Enter)                        ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║

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AQUA_REG DOC      2265   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  DOC      6214   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  OV1     54273   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  OV2     57083   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  OV3     10347   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  OV4       185   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  OV5      2265   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN1 JFT      8738   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN2 JFT      8738   3-01-93  12:00p
FILE_ID  DIZ       384   3-01-93  12:00p
AQUAMAN  EXE     82082   3-01-93  12:00p
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
GO       TXT       693   9-09-93   9:46a
       13 file(s)     233298 bytes
                       79872 bytes free