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T h e  P C - S I G  L i b r a r y  o n  C D - R O M 1 2 t h   E d i t i o n

The PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM, winner of the Optical Publishing
Association's Best Consumer Product Award, has added a hypermedia
interface that makes it easy to find and download any type of program
you could want. The WordCruncher text retrieval program has also been
implemented to assist you insearching this vast collection.

This CD-ROM contains over 3700 fully functional shareware programs, each
with a detailed review. The 12th Edition has added over 300 new programs
and over 500 updates since the release of the 11th Edition. The
collection is always kept current and now contains over 70 megabytes of
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 applications, fonts, icons, games and wallpaper

The range of software is phenomenal! There are huge assortments of
games, everything from adventure games with full SVGA and SoundBlaster
support to favorites like Klondike, Chess and Othello. Spreadsheets,
databases, wordprocessors and graphics programs are instantly available
and there are literally hundreds of unique and specialized programs that
will save you time and money. This amazing collection will help you get
a handle on all your business and home accounting and also teach your
children about zoology.

Each of the more than 3700 programs has a one-line description for quick
reference, Just pick one of the 13 software categories and a subcategory
to begin browsing for a program that interests you. You might choose the
Games Category, where you can pick from 12 subcatgories including
Adventure, Arcade, Cards and more. A mouse click (or keyboard stroke) on
the program title takes you to a detailed description of the program.
you can immediately download the software to your hard or floppy drive,
and in many cases view a screen shot.

You can find any program in the collection quickly and easily by using
the search button. When you are in a program category just type in the
title of the program and you will be taken to the description of that
program. The popular WordCruncher text retrieval program has been added
to allow searching every description for any word within that
description, not just in the title or keywords chosen by someone who
thinks differently than you do. The WordCruncher is ideal for finding
programs which perform a specific function, just try searching for
"split", "math" or "subtract". Or switch to the Disks section where you
will find an alphabetical list of all the programs which can be searched
by program title or disk number.

Everyone has their favorite programs and we're no exception. Our 44
favorite programs can be run immediately. No downloading is necessary,
all you do is click on the word "RUN" in the program description and
you'll be working or playing with top notch software right on the CD.

The power of hypermedia will allow you to try out more software than you
ever thought possible. We are sure that you will find a multitude of
programs to your liking on the P-SIG Library on CD-ROM.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT PS/2 or compatible with 640K, DOS 3.3 or
higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM player. We
recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e   P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   G a m e s   C D - R O M

The new PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM contains over 550 of the best
shareware games, including 53 educational games for children and 57
Windows games. 430 of them can be played directly from the CD without
using your hard drive space.

This edition employs the award-winning HyperReader interface, allowing
easy searching and playing by using a mouse or the keyboard.

This CD is the first in a six-volume PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware
series. Each volume will include the programs from a section of the
PC-SIG collection and also the programs and text from the current issue
of Shareware Magazine. This CD contains the entire text from the
May/June issue of Shareware Magazine, featuring hardware reviews of
the Tandy Sensation and the Media Vision Pro 16 Multimedia System.
Software reviews included cover 58 new shareware releases, security,
educational, CD audio and PIM's. 159 of the programs mentioned in the
magazine are included and can be downloaded using the HyperReader

There are also 89 programs which were updated since the last issue of
Shareware Magazine, helping those of you who have purchased the 12th
edition of the PC-SIG Library keep on top of the everchanging world
of shareware.

As well, a description of every program in the PC-SIG Library can be
searched with the WordCruncher text retrieval program. This Games CD
continues the ten year PC-SIG tradition of providing quality programs
and information to help you find the best program for your purpose.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT/PS/2 or compatible computer with 640K,
DOS 3.3 or higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM
player. We recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e  P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   W i n d o w s   C D - R O M

The brand new PC-SIG World Of Windows is a must-have for Windows users.
In order to produce the best possible Windows collection PC-SIG has made
an alliance with the acclaimed Windows OnLine BBS. So not only do you have
access to the collecting and weeding out efforts for which PC-SIG is
famous, but also the huge volume of fonts and sound files and the in-depth
software reviews of the world's best Windows BBS.

This CD contains every one of the best Windows shareware programs
available, 350+ in all, over 900 TrueType fonts which can be used
without royalties, 429 ATM fonts, over 2,000 sound files in .WAV,
.VOC, .SND, .SOU, .MID format and 2,794 icons! A major computer
catalog is offering a collection of 250 fonts for $49.95. They have
great prices on hardware and software, but this time they can't
touch us.

As if the files aren't enough, we thought you would want to preview
and use these sounds, fonts, icons and programs directly from the CD,
without taking the time and space to unarchive them. So we have
included a font previewer and installed, a sound player and an icon
manager. Over 200 of the programs can be run simply by clicking on
them in the File Manager. Nobody else offers you anything close to
this type of access.

We're not done yet. In add to all the Windows riches described above,
this CD also contains the text and programs from the July-August
issue of Shareware Magazine. This is the second in a six-volume PC-SIG
Encyclopedia of Shareware CD-ROM series (Games was the first). Each
volume includes the programs from a section of the PC-SIG Library plus
all the text and every program from the current issue of Shareware
Magazine. Software reviews for this issue cover over 100 programs
including games, communications, printing, text editors and more. 124
of the programs mentioned in the magazine are included, plus 225
programs updated since the May-June issue.

TO ORDER in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask for Customer Service.

For Technical information: Call 408-730-9291 and ask for Technical

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near


--------- QUICK STARTUP INSTRUCTIONS ----------------------------

Setting Up Your Working Directory

Before you start, you will need to create a working directory
and place the basic startup files in it as follows:

C:\> mkdir mygame
C:\> cd mygame
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:builder.zip dcworld.exe
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:player.zip dcplay.exe
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:graphics.zip *.7x5 *.mde1 
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:blocks.zip dcblock.exe2
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:scripts.zip dcc.exe
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:newgame.zip *.*
C:\mygame> dir

 Volume in drive C is DCSOFT-114 
 Directory of C:\DCGAMES\TEST
.            <DIR>     04-14-92  11:01p
..           <DIR>     04-14-92  11:01p
DCWORLD  EXE    248765 12-15-92  12:04p ! World builder
DCPLAY   EXE    398343 12-14-92  11:39p ! Game driver
DCBLOCK  EXE     97564 12-11-92  10:47p ! Graphics block builder
DCFONTS  7X5      1152 02-29-92  12:01p ! Graphics font
DCBLOCKS VLO     27929 11-27-92  11:30p ! VGA low resolution graphics
DCOBJECT VLO     12177 11-27-92  11:28p ! "
DCPEOPLE VLO     18621 11-19-91  11:21p ! "
DCSYSTEM VLO      1795 10-17-92   7:18p ! "
DCC      EXE    209232 12-05-92  11:45p ! DCGAMES script compiler
DCCTOKEN DAT     17650 11-27-92   1:56a ! DCGAMES token definition file
BARTENDE SCR      3788 09-08-92  10:42a ! Script to handle bartenders
BEGGAR   SCR       712 09-08-92  10:42a ! "   "   beggar characters
CASTING  SCR     12364 11-27-92   1:45a ! "   "   casting spells
CIVILIAN SCR      1274 09-08-92  10:42a ! "   "   civilian characters
CONTROL  SCR     16501 11-22-92  10:47p ! "   "   timed and control events
GUARD    SCR      3823 09-08-92  10:42a ! "   "   guard characters
HEALER   SCR      4911 09-08-92  10:42a ! "   "   healer characters
HOSTILE  SCR       342 11-08-92   1:48p ! "   "   hostile characters
INITGAME SCR      1760 11-28-92   3:24a ! "   "   game initialization
MERCHANT SCR      4016 11-08-92   3:04p ! "   "   merchant characters
OBJECT   SCR     32308 11-27-92   1:55a ! "   "   objects
PRISONER SCR      3012 09-08-92  10:42a ! "   "   prisoner characters
QUESTER  SCR      4428 11-27-92  11:52p ! "   "   quester characters
REGULAR  SCR      1716 09-08-92  10:41a ! "   "   regular characters
RESURECT SCR      1208 10-29-92   1:25p ! "   "   death & resurrection
TELLER   SCR       936 09-08-92  10:43a ! "   "   teller (oracle) character
TRAINER  SCR      5891 10-29-92   1:26p ! "   "   trainer character
DCSOUNDS VFL    611793 10-29-92   1:20a ! Sound Blaster Sound Effects
    25 file(s) 2345678 bytes

You may want to delete the file DCSOUND.VFL if you don't have a
Sound Blaster card.  It is quite large and serves no purpose
unless you have the sound board.

You need to compile the scripts before you can use them in your
game, and the following command will compile all of them:

C:\mygame> for %i in (*.scr) do dcc %i

For every file with an extension of SCR, the script compiler
(DCC.EXE) will generate a file with an extension SCO (for script

Instead of creating a brand new game, this document will use the
sample game that is included with DCGAMES.  The following
command will install the example script on top of the directory
we just created.

C:\mygame> pkunzip a:\example.zip -o
C:\mygame> pkunzip a:\examplsb.zip -o

The -o option tells the PKUNZIP program to overwrite any file
that already exists on the current directory.  The example game
includes copies of the script files, as well as some additional
ones that handle special cases in the game.  The EXAMPLSB file
contains the Sound Blaster specific files.


                            P C  -  S I G

Welcome to the world of Shareware, state of the art software you can
actually try before you buy.

Shareware, a term coined in the early eighties, refers to the method of
distribution chosen by the software authors.  With shareware, you can
receive a program and put it through its paces without having to pay for
it. If you find the program useful, and choose to keep the program, then
you pay a modest registration fee to the author.

For the last nine years, PC-SIG has been providing shareware and public
domain software to its customers and members.  Since 1982 PC-SIG has
developed an unprecedented library of shareware programs, constantly
updated, consistently strong in every category.  Our library of
shareware contains over 3500 titles divided into 120 logical categories.

Every program we add to the library is thoroughly reviewed and tested to
insure that each one meets the high standards of reliability and value we
insist upon and you expect.  As a result, our library doesn't contain
every shareware program available, just those that really work.

PC-SIG has grown into the premier distributor of shareware and and
shareware information by producing shareware collections on CD-ROM,
publishing an encyclopedia of shareware, and by publishing Shareware
Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine distributed world-wide.

Quality and support - guaranteed.  All of our programs are guaranteed
virus free.  We've isolated our systems and check every program
submitted to insure that no viruses make their way to your computer or

Our support staff is available by phone as well as on our BBS to help
you with questions about installation and operation of PC-SIG's

Through our network of international distributors, PC- SIG strives to
bring you the most current, exciting, technically advanced software
available as shareware.

If you can't find the software you need in PC-SIG's library, it may well
not exist.

To order the latest in Shareware, in the U.S.A: Call (800) 245-6717

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



-- Version 3.03 of DCGAMES was released on June 29, 1993 --

This system consists of a set of ziped archives containing the different
files that are needed to create and play an adventure.

DCGAMES.ZIP  : Is a ZIP of all the ZIP files, which makes it easyer to 
               distribute on bulletin boards.

DCPLAY.DOC   : Game Driver documentation (How to play a game)
CONTEST.DOC  : 1993 Game Contest Rules
DCGAMES.DOC  : World Builder Documentation
BUGFIX.DOC   : List of BUG fixes and Enhancements
INSTALL.DOC  : How to install the game system.
FUTURES.DOC  : Some features I'm working on.
README.DOC   : This file
INVOICE.DOC  : How to register and get the latest copy and other stuff.
LICENSE.DOC  : Shareware License Agreement
DCSCRIPT.DOC : Script Language User's Guide
DCSCRREF.DOC : Script Language Reference Guide
BUILDER.ZIP  : Is the Game Builder (DCWORLD.EXE) and it's documentation.
PLAYER.ZIP   : Is the runtime program (DCPLAY.EXE) and it's documentation.
SCRIPTS.ZIP  : The script compiler (DCC.EXE), documentation and samples.
NEWGAME.ZIP  : Starting files for a new game
GRAPHICS.ZIP : Contains graphics files for CGA, EGA, VGA and TANDY screens.
EXAMPLE.ZIP  : Sample Adventure Game.
EXAMPLSB.ZIP : Sound Blaster files for the Sample Adventure Game
CONVERT.ZIP  : Upgrades adventures built with older versions of DCGAMES.
UTILITY.ZIP  : Utilities to convert graphics, print reports, create .VFLs

To extract these files, you have to use PKWare's PKUNZIP program.  You can
download this program from any bulletin board, or contact:

 PKWARE, Inc., 7545 N. Port Washington Rd., Glensdale, WI 53217


To create a new adventure, you need:


To test your adventure, you also need:


To run the example adventure, you need:


If you have a Sound Blaster, you also need:

   EXAMPLSB.ZIP    - Voice and Music for example game
   UTILITY.ZIP     - Contains utilities to create VFLs (voice files)

You will need to print the documentation from BUILDER.ZIP and PLAYER.ZIP
before you start.  If you intend to write or modify scripts, you also
need the documentation from SCRIPTS.ZIP.

Note that if you send in your registration (see INVOICE.DOC), you will
receive full documentation (over 150 pages) including the World Builder
User's Guide, Script Language User's Guide, Script Language Reference
Guide and Game Player (Driver) User's Guide.

--- Getting the latest copy ---

The latest copy of the Graphics Adventure Game Builder can be obtained
from any large BBS or authorized shareware disk vendor.  I try to keep
the following sites updated:

 a) Software Creations BBS, 1-508-365-2359 (2400 V.42/MPN 5)
                            1-508-368-4137 (16.8k HST Robotics)
                            1-508-368-7036 (14.4k V.32/V32bis Hayes)

    This BBS includes over 6 Gigabytes of files, and has set up a 
    separate section for DCGAMES.  This section will contain the 
    latest programs, graphics, sound effects, music files, as well
    as utilities to create them.  You can upload your own games
    and public domain or shareware utilities, and download other
    user's games to play.  You can also post questions to other
    authors using the system, or to me personally, since I will
    be checking in as often as I can.

 b) CompuServe GAMERS forum, Library # 9 (CRPG).  Browse DCGAMES.

 c) Public Brand Software (Disk # GV44), 1-800-426-3475

 d) Directly from DC Software.  See the file INVOICE.DOC for fees
    and registration benefits.

For more information, and if you have any questions, I can be reached
at CompuServe (User # 72557,336), Internet (davidh@ttsi.tandem.com),
or directly at:

   DC Software
   P.O.Box 866771
   Plano TX 75086-6771
   Tel. (214) 517-0428.


              S H A R E W A R E  M A G A Z I N E

Shareware Magazine has distinguished itself as the only internationally
distributed periodical devoted to the use and business of shareware.
Shareware Magazine provides detailed reviews of new products,
hard-hitting comparisons of shareware programs with regular retail
software, and timely information about changes in the industry and the
latest technology.

Intriguing columnists and regular features add to the excitement.  The
beginners section sheds light on new user's concerns regarding
everything from choosing the right operating system to alleviating the
intimidation of using on-line systems.

Educational sections focus on how low cost shareware can aid in
classroom learning, curriculum development, and as a forum for
discussing the impact of computers and technology in schools.

Graphics Gallery renders expert advice and suggestions on how to better
work with graphics, desktop publishing, CAD systems, and the Windows

Programmers benefit from others experience in developing new programs or
polishing existing ones as well as choosing the right programming

And columnists provide that subjective component, sometimes
controversial, that calls for a closer look at the way we compute and
how shareware effects what we do.

Published bimonthly, Shareware Magazine is available on a subscription
or at your local newsstand or computer bookstore.  In conjunction with
PC-SIG, there are special benefits for subscribers as well as
opportunities for discount purchases from PC-SIG.

To Order, in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask Customer Service.

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



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                                  PC-SIG Inc.
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                               Sunnyvale  California


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PC-SIG Inc. 1030-D East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94086


     Do not mail cash.   Please allow four weeks for processing.


Check the items desired:

PC-SIG Disks - Member $2.49 for 5.25" or $2.99 for 3.5"
           Non-member $3.50 for 5.25" or $4.00 for 3.5"

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  total  ______

One year subscription to Shareware Magazine            $19.95  ______

Super Saver Membership                                 $39.95  ______
(includes a 1 year subscription to Shareware Magazine,
 the PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher,
 and 5 free disks)

The PC-SIG Catalog on Disk                              $5.00  ______
($5.00 is refundable with your first order)

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher      $20.00  ______


The PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM                       $19.95  ______ 

The PC-SIG World of Windows CD-ROM                     $19.95  ______

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware CD-ROM 
Series (6 CD-ROM Set)                                  $99.00  ______

                                                    Subtotal   ______

Shipping and Handling                                          $5.00
Express Shipping Available.
Call PC-SIG for more information.

                    California residents add 8.25% sales tax   ______

                                                       TOTAL   ______

      If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!

To order by phone with VISA or MASTERCARD: Call (800) 245-6717
Ask for operator #2351

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4021

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

INSTALL  TXT      3761   5-25-93   8:45p
README   TXT      4091   6-29-93  11:39a
ARJ      EXE     72652   5-30-91   8:37a
CDROM    TXT      7526   9-24-93   1:51p
GO-FORM  DAT      3276   9-24-93   1:56p
GO-STRT  DAT       541   6-01-93  11:07a
GO       EXE     27158   4-28-93
PCSIG    TXT      2319   9-24-93   1:59p
SHAREMAG TXT      1831   6-01-93   2:32p
SIGORDER TXT      3176   9-24-93   1:57p
DCGAMES  ARJ    230624  10-11-93  12:49p
       11 file(s)     356955 bytes
                           0 bytes free