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       For Release: May 1993             Contact: John G. Derrickson
                                                  834 Chestnut St. #1204
                                                  Phila., PA  19107  USA
                                                  215 922-1826

                       NEW PROGRAM VERSION FOR USERS OF 
                          HP LaserJet+ and MS-DOS PC

       JaDy(tm) FontEdit version 6.1 by John G. Derrickson, provides the
       power to build and alter fonts for HP-compatible laser printers.
       It edits softfonts, using a mouse (optional) and the numeric key-
       pad for omni-directional cursor control, with full access to all
       definition parameters.  It functions under Windows and in plain
       DOS.  It supports all screen formats: monochrome character
       displays, AT&T 6300, Hercules graphics, CGA, EGA and VGA.  Many
       users of laser printers haven't graphic displays; FontEdit can
       simulate graphics using block-graphic symbols.
          Despite the many available laser fonts, not all symbols are in
       all fonts.  For example, most fonts do not include the copyright
       and trademark symbols.  With FontEdit, users can include any
       symbol into their favorite fonts.
          FontEdit is featured in The Font Problem Solver, a "how-to"
       book by David D. Busch, twice winner of "Best Book" from the
       Computer Press Association.

       FontEdit supports myriad editing capabilities.  The function
       menus are immediately productive.  All functions are displayed as
       needed for full editing power with instant on-screen context-
       sensitive help.  (Support is offered by phone, email and mail,
       but few users have felt the need.)  Users can change pixels of
       characters with auto-scrolling for grids too big to fit on screen
       and zoom to several magnifications.  Cursor control is managed by
       any combination of the normal cursor-control keys, the numeric
       keypad as an eight-direction control, and a Microsoft-compatible
       mouse.  Special effects include bold, ghost, incline, overlay,
       re-size, shift and negative image.  Fonts can be combined and
       split, copied, flipped, inverted, output as raster graphic file
       and printed for a sample sheet to analyze and catalog.  Fonts can
       be converted between fixed and proportional.  Utilities are
       provided to convert portrait to landscape orientation and to
       build character width tables for MS-Word, PC-Write and XyWrite.
          The most significant change in the previous version is support
       for a Microsoft-compatible mouse.  Other changes include:
        * support for non-graphic displays; now everyone can edit fonts;
        * enlarged editing area; 3/4 screen is dedicated to editing;
        * printed reference card depicting help screens and edit menus.
       Version 6.1 fixes several irritating problems reported by users:
        * preserve left offset of newly drawn image;
        * allow use of setup without need to first save file;
        * prevent file corruption when combining fonts.
       And, version 6.1 adds these features:
        * new setup function to specify screen colors;
        * user specification of cell width and height;
        * block graphic display can be used with screen-graphic modes.

       FontEdit is a mature product.  It is used worldwide, supporting
       the special needs of international communication in a mixed-
       language environment.  Foreign words and names are printed in
       their glyphic splendor.
          FontEdit has been used to develop special symbol sets, like
       the ZODIAC font by Psychic Planner, Inc., included with FontEdit.

       FontEdit is well-behaved.  It is fully self-contained -- no extra
       files to maintain -- so installation is simple.  It does not
       modify itself nor any system files, so virus scanners are not
       confused.  It does not bother the user with pleas for money nor
       warnings of criminal behavior.  It will not terminate abnormally;
       it protects the user's efforts, and changes can be saved anytime.

       FontEdit is not simply shareware.  It is not public domain.  It
       is not freeware.  FontEdit is commercial software.  FontEdit is
       Copyright 1989 John G. Derrickson.  All rights reserved.
          The author has coined a new word, EvALUEwARE, to describe this
       special type of commercial software.  He defines EvALUEwARE to be
       the full-featured product offered free -- as a marketing technique
       -- expecting satisfied users will purchase future versions.
          The author recognizes that computer software holds a unique
       position in the publication universe.  Computer software is easy
       to copy.  Computer users often copy programs, unaware they may be
       violating copyright law.  The author will not risk making his
       customers into unwitting criminals.  Therefore, he permits users
       to copy and distribute freely.  In fact, FontEdit is available
       from bulletin board systems and software library distributors.
          The author is so confident users will love FontEdit, they will
       purchase the newest version.  Furthermore, as incentive to
       purchase, he offers customers free softfonts, utilities, printed
       reference card and those who report problems get a free update.
          He thinks of this as a money-back guarantee before-the-fact.

       System requirements for FontEdit are: an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or
       compatible computer with any display type, 264K RAM, MS-DOS 2.11
       or later, HP LaserJet+ or compatible printer, and a 3-1/2" or 
       5-1/4" disk drive.  A Microsoft-compatible mouse is optional.

       JaDy(tm) FontEdit is available as file FONTJD.EXE from the
       CompuServe IBM Hardware Forum (IBMHW), the GEnie Home Office/Small
       Business RoundTable (HOSB), other bulletin board systems, and from
       The Public Software Library (800 242-4775), Public Brand Software
       (800 426-3475) and other distributors.  FontEdit is included with
       the book The Font Problem Solver: How To Install And Use Type With
       Your Software And Printer, PC Edition, by David D. Busch,
       published by Business One Irwin, Homewood, IL, ISBN 1-55623-506-2.
          FontEdit version 6.1 is available for $30 (check, cash or
       money order, U.S. dollars; price includes first class mail, air
       mail internationally) from: John G. Derrickson, 834 Chestnut St.
       #1204, Philadelphia, PA 19107 U.S.A.  For American Express,
       Discover, MasterCard and Visa orders, call The Public Software
       Library at 800 242-4775 or 713 524-6394, by FAX at 713 524-6398,
       by CompuServe Email to 71355,470, or by mail to PsL, P. O. Box
       35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705.  Please specify disk size and item
       #10393 when ordering.  Questions about the order shipment status
       and technical support should be directed to John Derrickson.


       JaDy is a trademark of John G. Derrickson


║               <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #4040 JADY FONTEDIT  >>>>               ║
║  For installation instructions, type:  FONTJD  (press Enter)            ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║

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FONTJD   BBS       503   5-07-93   3:03p
FONTJD   KWS        81   2-22-93  10:14p
FONTJD   PRN     12726   4-30-93   9:36p
FONTJD   TXT      7314   4-30-93   9:46p
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
GO       TXT       693   9-02-93  11:44a
        7 file(s)     235668 bytes
                       81920 bytes free