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Users of Design SHELL must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
"Design SHELL is supplied as is. The author  disclaims all warranties,
expressed or implied,  including, without  limitation, the  warranties
of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.  The author assumes
no  liability for damages,  direct or conse-quential, which may result
from the use of Design SHELL."

Design SHELL is a  "shareware program"  and is  provided at no charge
to the user  for evaluation.  Feel free to share it with your friends,
but please do not give it away  altered or as  part of another system.
The  essence  of  "user-supported"  software  is to  provide  personal
computer users with quality  software without  high prices, and yet to
provide incentive for programmers to continue to develop new products.
If you  find this  program useful  and find  that you are using Design
SHELL  and  continue  to use  Design SHELL  after a  reasonable  trial
period, you must make a registration payment of $30.00 + $4.00 S/H  to
jwh: SoftWare.   The $34.00 registration fee will license one copy for
use on any one computer at any one time.  You must treat this software
just  like a book.  An example  is that  this software may be  used by
any  number  of  people  and may  be  freely moved  from one  computer
location to another,  so long as there  is no possibility  of it being
used  at one location while it's being used at another. Just as a book
cannot be read by two different persons at the same time.

Site-License arrangements may be made by con-tacting:

                    jwh: SoftWare
                    6947  Haggerty  Road
                    Hillsboro, Ohio   45133

           Phone:   513-393-2402

Anyone distributing Design SHELL  for any  kind of  renumeration  must
first contact jwh: SoftWare for authorization. This authorization will
be automatically  granted to  distributors recognized by the (ASAD) as
adhering  to  its  guidelines  for shareware  distributors,  and  such
distributors  may begin  offering  Design SHELL  immediately  (However
jwh: SoftWare must still  be advised  so that  the distributor  can be
kept up-to-date with the latest version of Design SHELL.

You are  encouraged  to  pass a  copy of  Design SHELL  along  to your
friends for  evaluation.  Please encourage them to register their copy
if they find that they can use it.  All registered  users will receive
a copy of the latest version of the Design SHELL system.




    Design SHELL (tm) v3.0b   Registration information

   Registration  INVOICE

   Remit To:                                                 From:

   jwh: SoftWare                           ________________________________
   6947 Haggerty Road                      ________________________________
   Hillsboro, Ohio   45133                 ________________________________
   (513) 393-2402                          ________________________________

                                               Contact individual:


                                    DATE: ____/____/________

   Qty                                       Unit Price           Total
   _____ ____________________   _______          ________      ____________

   _____ Design SHELL (tm)       v3.0b           $30.00        ____________

                            Shipping and Handling $4.00        ____________

                          Orders outside USA add $15.00 @      ____________

                 Ohio residents add 6 percent sales tax        ____________

                                                  Total        ____________

   Registered users receive:  The latest  version of  Design SHELL (tm)  on
                              a 3 1/2 in.  disk, a library of over 600,  16
                              color Icons, and free phone support.

                            NOTE !  No printed manual is supplied with
                                    Design SHELL.

                              Future updates are $8.00 to registered users.

   Only checks, money orders, or cash is accepted.
   For information on CREDIT CARD orders call: 513-393-2402




Design SHELL (tm) v3.0b by: jwh: SoftWare

 Member of the Association of Shareware Authors and Distributors (ASAD)
    Design SHELL is a complete Graphics User Interface (GUI) or menuing
    system that is very user friendly with stunning graphics. Very easy
    to setup and operate.   Design SHELL uses 16 color picture icons to
    access titles and applications and allows the user to fully edit or
    create icons.

    * 30 titles or applications per page, sub menus can be up to three
      levels deep. A possible 27,000 selections.
    * Full password protection on all options.
    * Full point and click mouse support.
    * Screen blanking.
    * Drops totally out of memory during application execution.
    * Full 16 color Icon editor.
    * Allows multiple commands to be executed from one selection.
    * If wanted, will ask the user for a command line parm.
    * Allows complete customization for screen colors and fonts.
    * On-line help system.
    * Complete Directory/File utility module.
    * Point and Click menuing shell for PK-ZIP.

System requirements:
    640 kb of System Memory
    VGA Color Card & Monitor
    MicroSoft (tm) Compatible Mouse & Driver

    Filename    Description
    ------------  --------------------------------------------------------
    DESIGN3b.ZIP  Design SHELL v3.0b  Icon Based Super Menu (GUI) (ASAD)

    If your BBS  allows long file descriptions,  please include any of the
    above  information  that will help explain  Design SHELL to your users
    and please include the ASAD logo.

                                      Thank You; jwh: SoftWare



    Updates and changes to Design SHELL (tm)
    Version 3.0b
    1>- A new password option has been added to the Setup module
        that allows setting up a password for the entry to Design SHELL.

    2>- A problem in the Utility module that was causing out of string
        errors has been fixed. The utility module will now read up to
        320 directories on any one drive.

    3>- Some of the Design SHELL program Icons have been changed.

    4>- A problem of the mouse not moving to the bottom of the screen
        with some mouse drivers has been fixed.

    5>- A user warning prompt is now displayed when deleting Icons in
        the Icon editor.  You now have to answer Yes or No to
        continue the delete of a Icon.

    6>- Page Up and Page Down options have been added to all scrolling

    Version 3.0a
    1>- A complete Directory and File utility module has been added
        that provides options for Creating, Renaming, or Erasing
        directories.  Provides options for Copy, Rename, Erase,
        Move, View text files, and setting file attributes.  This
        module also provides a complete SHELL menu for the populer
        PKWARE's archiving program (PKZIP).

    Version 2.1a
    1>- In the Icon editor, a new option has been added that allows
        moving an Icon file from one Drive/Directory to another

    2>- In the Icon Editor, a new option has been added that allows
        changing the Drive/Directory (Path) that Icons can be loaded
        or saved to while in the Icon Editor.

    3>- While in the password setup routines, you may now escape
        out at any time by pressing the ESC key.

    Version 2.0a
    1>- A problem found in the password routines was causing the loss
        of the mouse cursor at verious times.  This has been fixed.

    2>- The Icon Editor was not saving the changes made to the last
        pixle line in the Icon file.  This has been fixed.

    3>- A new option that provides a way to re-set the mouse cursor
        speed has been added to the setup routines.

    4>- A new option that provides a way to re-set the keyboard speed
        and delay rate has been added to the setup routines.

    5>- A new option has been added in the Icon Editor that provides
        a way to scroll the Icon Up/Down/Left/Right on the editor.
    6>- In the earlier version, it was very easy to out run the editor
        with the mouse cursor. The editor is much faster now and it is
        virtually impossable to out run it with the mouse cursor.

    7>- When selecting a menu or file option, if you have selections
        stacked on the screen, the top most selection will be selected
        when clicked on with the mouse.

    8>- In the setup routines, you now have a new option that allows
        turning Icon shading On or Off.


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4045

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DESIGN   EXE    121325   2-01-93   3:53p
DS_UTIL  EXE    113709   2-01-93   3:53p
SHELLRUN EXE     32269   2-01-93   3:53p
DS_FILES EXE     49101   2-01-93   3:53p
README   1ST      3657   2-01-93   3:53p
SYSOP    DOC      1825   2-01-93   3:53p
DISCLAIM DOC      2545   2-01-93   3:53p
REGISTER DOC      2023   2-01-93   3:53p
UPDATES  DOC      3068   2-01-93   3:53p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
GO       BAT        18   9-02-93   2:10p
       11 file(s)     331580 bytes
                       26624 bytes free