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║  To Start TEGL MAHJONG, type:  MAHJSOL  (press Enter)                   ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Start TEGL KLONDIKE, type:  KLONDIKE  (press Enter)                 ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║


                         TEGL SYSTEMS CORPORATION
          P.O. Box 580, Stn. A, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA  V6C 2N2
Telephone: (604) 669-2577 Tech Support: (604) 681-0914 Fax: (604) 688 9530

                                ORDER FORM

[ ] TEGL Windows Toolkit Release 3.0, includes TEGL Graphics Interface TEGL
    Virtual Memory Manager, TEGL Graphical User Interface and TEGL Font and
    Icon Editors. All source code included. $249
[ ] TEGL Windows Toolkit Release 3.0 - PROTECTED MODE - includes real mode
    version above. All source code included. Currently works with Borland
    2.0/3.0/3.1 using Pharlap 286, WATCOM 386 using Pharlap 386 and the
    Intel C Code Build Kit. $499 (call for info on other extenders).
[ ] TEGL Graphics Interface Release 3.0 (TGI). $129
[ ] TEGL Graphics Interface Release 3.0 - Protected Mode. $199
[ ] TEGL Virtual Memory Manager Release 3.0 (VMM). $99
[ ] TEGL Graphical User Interface Release 3.0, includes run-time libraries
    for TGI and VMM, Font & Icon Editors, and full source for the GUI. $129
[ ] TEGL Games Toolkit, Release 2.1 - pascal version only (source for 5
    games). $50
[ ] The Complete Games Toolkit, Release 3.0, pascal version only, includes
    TEGL Windows Tookit and TEGL Games Toolkit. $289
[ ] Big Games Package, executables for 5 games (incudes shipping). $35
[ ] Registration for TEGL Windows Toolkit II Release 1.2.(includes
    shipping). $50

Please specify the compiler you are using:
     [ ] C  or  [ ] Pascal, compiler name ______________________________

Please check one disk size: [ ] 3.5"HD [ ] 5.25"HD [ ]

$ _________ Subtotal

$ _________ Add $15 Shipping and Handling, ($30 outside Canada and
            Continental U.S.)
$ _________ Canadian residents add 7% GST (B.C. residents add 6% sales tax)

$ _________ TOTAL

Check method of payment: [ ] Cheque or Money Order [ ] Mastercard [ ] Visa
Visa and Mastercard orders call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST. Fax
available 24 hours.

Company _______________________________ P.O. # ____________________________

Individual ____________________________ Card No. __________________________

Address _______________________________ Expiry date _______________________

City _______________ Prov/State _______ Signature _________________________

Postal/Zip Code _______________ Telephone _____________ Fax _______________


                            TEGL Systems Corporation
                       Suite 780, 789 West Pender Street
                          Vancouver, British Columbia
                                Canada, V6C 1H2

                           Telephone: (604) 669-2577
                           Facsimile: (604) 688-9530

     TEGL software products are protected under both Canada copyright
     law and international treaty provisions. Products produced by TEGL
     Systems Corporation may not be sold, modified for redistribution or
     re-packaged individually, without the specific written permission
     of TEGL Systems Corporation.

                                  WHO WE ARE!

     TEGL Systems Corporation originated in a basement suite, 1 mile
     East of Vancouver BC, Canada.  Comprising of 5 staff; 1 programmer
     (Husband), 1 production manager (Wife) and three Assistants (ages
     2,4 and 5). (We were known as the Home Based Software Company).

     We have since expanded our operation and we are very pleased
     to announce the birth of our new software company: TEGL
     Systems Corporation.

     We are working very hard to bring these products to your local
     software store, so please help us out by asking about our products
     or telling others about them.

     We are continuing to create new and innovative software products
     and will continue to support the Shareware Market - since it was
     your original interest that made it possible.

                               What do we Expect!

     As with any shareware product, you are expected to register if you
     intend to keep a copy of the program for your entertainment, even
     if it is for occasional use.

                             What are we offering?

     GAMES - Our shareware contribution

          The ultimate in graphical images for your EGA/VGA display.
          Graphics so vivid that you can almost lift them off the display.

          *  TEGL Monopoly - the classic game board faithfully reproduced
             for your EGA/VGA display screen.

          *  TEGL Mahjong Solitaire - the most popular game in the orient.

          *  TEGL Klondike Solitaire - a classic game of solitaire.

          *  TEGL Mille Bornes - The French Card Game.
             "I found myself utterly addicted to it"
             - PC GAMES Feb. 1990

          *  TEGL Big2 - our newest game, the second most popular game in
             the orient, it's like a cross between bridge and poker!

             "Indeed, even if you are not a programmer, the games are worth
              worth picking up purely for their enjoyment value."
             - The Vancouver Sun, Feb.28, 1990

     PROGRAMMING TOOLKITS - not shareware

          *  TEGL Windows Toolkit for Turbo Pascal 5.5/6.0/7.0
             and Quick Pascal 1.0. If you're a Pascal programmer
             then you'll love how easy it is to make your programs
             move into the world of GUI. Only $249.

          *  TEGL Windows Toolkit for Trubo C 2.0, C++ 1.0, Borland
             C 2.0/3.0/3.1, Microsoft C 5.1/6.0/7.0, Watcom C, and Topspeed
             C A C-GUI for only $249. Hard to believe? Believe it.

          *  TEGL Games Toolkit for Pascal. All (every little
             last tiny bit) of the source code for our games. All the
             icons too! Yes, includes that fabulous deck of cards
             used in Klondike and Big2. Megabytes of code, only fifty
             bucks. Requires TEGL Windows Toolkit for pascal.

          *  The Complete Games Toolkit II. Combines TEGL Windows
             Toolkit II for pascal and TEGL Games Toolkit II for
             pascal and saves you ten bucks. Only $289.


     Sceptical? Well, we can understand that looking at the prices
     of most of the software out there. How about a test drive?
     Send us $10 and we'll send you the Introductory Package to TEGL
     Windows Toolkit. The introductory package includes units for
     Turbo Pascal or a library for Turbo/Borland C, Microsoft C,
     Topspeed C or Zortech C. (Please specify compiler when ordering).
     You can create real applications with the introductory package.
     The differences between the Introductory Package and the Commercial
     one are:

         Introductory Package      Commercial Package

         * no source code          * full source code (including asm)
         * 40 fonts                * 250 fonts
         * cannot distribute       * no royalties and you can
           programs                  distribute programs freely
                                   * 4 manuals

     When you see how good TEGL Windows Toolkit II is we know you'll
     want to order the commercial version.

     Use the "order.doc" file to make an order. Read "toolkit.doc"
     file for more information!


     TEGL Windows Toolkit

     The TEGL Windows Toolkit is a unique GUI windowing system.
     Applications produced with the TEGL Windows Toolkit II are
     completely stand-alone, that is, no TSR's or run-time modules
     are required to run completed application. Complete source
     code for the toolkit is included.

     The TEGL Windows Toolkit II is the most comprehensive and easy
     to use GUI toolkit on the market today. Features include:

     <> support for the following graphics adaptors/modes:

          * CGA         - 640 x 200 - 2 colors
          * Hercules    - 720 x 348 - 2 colors
          * EGA         - 640 x 350 - 16 colors
          * VGA         - 640 x 480 - 16 colors
          * VGA         - 320 x 200 - 256 colors
          * SVGA        - 640 x 480 - 256 colors
          * SVGA        - 800 x 600 - 16 colors
          * SVGA        - 1024 x 765 - 256 colors
          * VGA ModeX   - 320 x 240 - 256 colors

     <> support for the following language compilers:

          * Turbo Pascal 5.5/6.0/7.0
          * Turbo C 2.0, C++ 1.0/3.0
          * Borland C++ 2.0/3.0/3.1
          * Microsoft C 5.1/6.0/7.0
          * Topspeed C
          * Zortech C
          * Watcom C
          * Intel Code Builder (Protected mode version)
          * Pharlap 286 (using Borland C)
          * Pharlap 386 (using Watcom C)

     <> a virtual memory handler that automatically uses XMS, EMS and
        hard drive as an extension of the heap area to provide an almost
        unlimited windowing ability.

     <> event driven icons that call your procedures with just a click
        of the mouse.

     <> menu systems have procedures attached to each selection that are
        also activated with a click of the mouse. Define a menu and TEGL
        does the rest.

     <> an event supervisor that allows parallel activities like a
        clock window.

     <> the keyboard handler allows the assignment of a key to a
        procedure. It seamlessly integrates the mouse and keyboard,
        requiring only one procedure to process both mouse clicks and
        keystrokes.  The cursor keys can move the mouse pointer even if
        the system has no mouse.

     <> pre-defined event libraries such as the File selector event
        which creates a dialogue allowing the user to select a file.

     <> window routines that hide, show, explode, implode, drop, scroll,
        move, and stack rotate. Text output to a window with wordwrap.

     <> dialogue manager for easy user interaction.

     <> world coordinates.

     <> sliders and resizeable windows.

     <> object interface.

     <> 250 bit-mapped fonts that range from 6 to 36 pixels in

     <> an Icon Editor is included to design and edit your own icons.
        Source code for the icon editor is also included with the

     <> a Font Editor for editing, designing and creating fonts.

     All of this for the unbelievable low price of $249 and all source
     code is included.

     Please specify language when ordering.

     TEGL Games Toolkit

     The TEGL Games Toolkit contains the complete library of
     TEGL Game programs in Pascal Source code: TEGL Mille Bornes,
     TEGL Big2, TEGL Mahjong Solitaire, TEGL Monopoly, and TEGL
     Klondike Solitaire with the TEGL Electronic Deck of Cards.
     This package is only $50. It requires The TEGL Windows Toolkit
     for pascal.

     For more information write to us or test drive our TEGL Toolkits
     by ordering one of our Introductory Packages for just $10. The
     Intro Packs contain the TEGL Windows Toolkit Version II as units
     or libraries (depending on compiler) full documentation, our icon
     editor and sample programs. Source code is not included.

     See the Order Form included with this package for ordering

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4117

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MAHJSOL  USR        29  12-04-92  11:38a
MAHJSOL  EXE    113076  12-04-92  12:18p
KLONDIKE USR        13  12-04-92  11:27a
KLONDIKE EXE    175706  12-04-92  12:18p
ORDER    DOC      2440  12-04-92  11:19a
README            1611  12-04-92  11:41a
TOOLKIT  DOC      4268  12-04-92  12:12p
TEGLINFO DOC      5580  12-04-92  11:47a
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
GO       TXT       847  10-08-93   3:30p
       10 file(s)     303601 bytes
                       12288 bytes free