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"This program (Dr. Form) is produced by Russ Irwin, who is a
member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).  The
ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle works for
you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be
able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or
problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical
support for members' products.  Please write to the ASP Ombudsman
at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442 or send a CompuServe
message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536."



                   DR. FORM (tm)  Version 3.0

       --- Terms of Distribution for the Shareware Version ---

NOTE:  DR. FORM went under the name of Quick Forms in earlier versions.
=====  Please replace any version of Quick Forms that you may be
       carrying with DR. FORM.


1. DR. FORM must be distributed in its *entirety*, without any
   modifications, deletions or additions.

2. DR. FORM may NOT be distributed by any "for-profit" entity which
   does not disclose the following points in their literature:

     * The fee paid for the evaluation disk is a distribution fee to
       cover the vendors distribution and marketing costs.  It does
       not cover the cost of the program itself.

     * Additional payment to the Author is required if the program is
       used beyond the evaluation period given by the Author.

3. DR. FORM is not to be used as an enticement to purchase another
   product without the explicit consent of the Author.

4. DR. FORM is NOT to be packaged for sale with its reference manual,
   or other supporting documentation pre-printed for the end-user.

5. DR. FORM may not be rented or leased.  It may, however, be GIVEN
   away, as long as it is not represented as "free" or "public domain".

BBS Sysops:

All BBSs are free to carry DR. FORM as long as item #1 in GENERAL
RESTRICTIONS is followed.

Catalog and Disk Vendors:

All Catalog and Disk Vendors may carry DR. FORM as long as ALL
the requirements in GENERAL RESTRICTIONS are followed.

CD-ROM Vendors:

CD-ROM Vendors may carry DR. FORM as long as ALL the requirements

RACK Vendors:

For the purpose of this document, a "RACK Vendor" is one who sells
pre-packaged Shareware in a *RETAIL* environment.  A RETAIL
environment is a *physical* place, such as a store, in which the
customer can "physically" pick up and buy an evaluation copy of a
Shareware product.

Any RACK Vendor who distributes in  5 OR LESS  (physical) RETAIL
environments may carry DR. FORM as long as ALL of the requirements

Any RACK Vendor who distributes in  MORE THAN 5  (physical) RETAIL
Vendors, and even then, ONLY those who distribute in  MORE THAN 5
(physical) RETAIL environments.

Distribution on 360K disks

There are 64 files that make up the DR. FORM program.  They will
all fit comfortably on a 720K disk.  If you must divide them up
into two 360K disks, PLEASE divide them at the DISK_2 marker
(DISK_2 will be the 1st file on the 2nd disk).  Also, keep the files
in the order in which they came. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

ALL 64 files MUST be present for the "INSTALL" program to work
correctly (this INCLUDES the marker files DISK_1 and DISK_2).
All the files are described in the file PACKING.LST.


Powerful, yet easy to use form designer.



Dr. Form 3.0 is a "Major" upgrade to the popular Quick Forms program. 
Full mouse support with a new and improved user interface only top off
the features.
Dr. Form makes forms up to 63 rows by 136 columns.  It includes an
automatic Grid Maker along with features such as Move, Copy and Erase
blocks of text.  Duplicate characters, Draw Lines and Fill in areas.  If
you have a mouse, all this can be done without touching the keyboard.

Dr. Form gives you access to the entire IBM Extended Character Set. 
Track the screen cursor, or the mouse cursor, in Row & Column or Inches. 
There is also both a manual and automatic Time & Date Stamp.  Scroll
through a form by just pushing the mouse in the direction desired.

Create a Master Form and then fill it in with Fill In Mode.  In Fill In
Mode you can print just the filled in portions using "pre-printed" forms,
or print the entire form on blank paper.  You can also toggle the Master
portion of the form to monochrome, while the parts you fill in are still
in color.  This makes it easier on the eyes when filling in a form.

Depending on your printer, Dr. Form will print Normal, Bold, Italic,
Underline, Condensed, Superscript, Subscript, Double Width, Double Height
and in combinations of these.

To make learning Dr. Form easier, it comes with 7 Lessons that load in as
a form and give you "hands on" experience while you are learning.  Just
follow the directions on the screen.




DR. FORM was originally released as QUICK FORMS.

July, 1991
Version 1.0 of Quick Forms released. 

July, 1992
Version 2.0 of Quick Forms released.  Gave many improved features,
including a vastly improved manual on disk.

Early August, 1992
Version 2.1 fixed a couple of bugs.

November, 1992
Was accepted as an author member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP).  Version 2.2 released to reflect the necessary
documentation changes.  Phone support also added.

Late January, 1993
Trademark dispute over the name of "Quick Forms".

April, 1993
DR. FORM goes into beta testing.

September, 1993
DR. FORM 3.0 finally released.  Major upgrade over previous 
versions.  Full mouse support, new user interface, etc.
Professionally written printed manual included to registered users.

Next, 199x
Let's hear from you...



DR. FORM 3.0 System Requirements:

* IBM or compatible PC
  CGA video card or higher (i.e.  EGA, VGA, etc.)
  512K (460K of "free" memory after DOS & TSRs are loaded)
  A mouse and hard drive are highly recommended.

* To install DR. FORM, insert the floppy disk in drive A: (or another
  floppy drive) and type:
    A:INSTALL   Then just follow the directions on the screen.

* To run DR. FORM after it is installed, just type  DF  at the DOS prompt.

* To read  .DOC  or  .TXT  files on screen, type  BROWSE <filename>
       i.e. to read the README file, type  BROWSE README.DOC

* To print  .DOC  or  .TXT  files on your printer type  PRINT <filename>
       i.e. to print the README file, type  PRINT README.DOC
       The manual is 32 pages long.  Make sure you have at least
       32 sheets of paper in your printer.

* The file  PACKING.LST  includes all the files that came with DR. FORM.
  To read or print it, follow the directions above.

* BBS Sysops and Vendors please read the file:  BBS_VEND.DOC

* If you are using a Laser Printer, please read Chapter 9 in the manual,
  "Printing With Laser Printers".

* Direct any questions or need for technical assistance to:

  Russ Irwin
  113 Beechmont Ave.
  Pittsburgh, PA  15229

  (412) 931-9577
  (412) 931-8442 (Fax)
  You can also reach me on CompuServe at address:  71045,222


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4125

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ASCII    FM_      2293   9-06-93   3:00a
ASP      DOC       639   9-06-93   3:00a
BBS_VEND DOC      4855   9-06-93   3:00a
BROWSE   COM       958   9-06-93   3:00a
CONTRACT FM_      8837   9-06-93   3:00a
DAYPLAN  FM_     10051   9-06-93   3:00a
DFHELP   HLP     49857   9-06-93   3:00a
DISK_2              24   9-06-93   3:00a
FEDEXP1  FM_      7093   9-06-93   3:00a
FILE_ID  DIZ       379   9-06-93   3:00a
HISTORY  DOC       888   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON1  FM_      7011   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON2  FM_      6147   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON3  FM_      5675   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON4  FM_      4803   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON5  FM_      5779   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON6  FM_      5705   9-06-93   3:00a
LESSON7  FM_      7577   9-06-93   3:00a
MANUAL   DOC     79773   9-06-93   3:00a
MONTHPL  FM_     10035   9-06-93   3:00a
ORDERFM1 FM_     10173   9-06-93   3:00a
OVERLAY  FM_     10217   9-06-93   3:00a
PACKING  LST      2926   9-06-93   3:00a
PRINT    BAT       392   9-06-93   3:00a
PRTTEST  FM_      4529   9-06-93   3:00a
PURCHOD1 FM_      6741   9-06-93   3:00a
QK_REF   FM_      7525   9-06-93   3:00a
README   DOC      1411   9-06-93   3:00a
REGISTER FMS      6167   9-06-93   3:00a
SALEORD1 FM_      9277   9-06-93   3:00a
SALREVW  FM_      9043   9-06-93   3:00a
SCHEDULE FM_     14819   9-06-93   3:00a
SERVINV  FM_      8479   9-06-93   3:00a
       33 file(s)     310078 bytes
                       37888 bytes free