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Company: PractiComp                 Author: Vicki Watson        
6490 Dubois Rd.                     Compuserve: 71043,3706
Delaware, OH 43015-8931             614-548-5043

Program Title: Talking Time Tutor 1.0
Previous Version: (none)

Category: Education/Elementary

BBS Name: TTIME1A.ZIP    (Disk 1)      TTIME1B.ZIP    (Disk 2)

Detailed Program Description:
"Talking Time Tutor" will have your child telling time in no
time! Your child will hear the time spoken using high quality
digitized speech. TTIME provides a variety of different time
activities each with three skill levels. Activities include
setting the analog clock to match the digital clock, setting
the digital clock to match the analog clock, setting the analog
clock to the spoken or written time, and setting the analog clock
to a future or past time. Additional features are provided to
entertain your child as he/she learns. Each analog clock has it's
own animation routine. For example the eyes in the owl clock move
back and forth. The colors of the wrist watch may be changed. A
bear on the screen tells time-related jokes or asks your child
questions about time. Isn't it about time you invested in
"Talking Time Tutor" for your child?

Short Program Description:
"Talking Time Tutor" is an excellent program for teaching
your child to  tell time. Colorful digital and analog clocks
are used. The time is spoken using high quality digitized
speech. TTIME provides 4 different activities, each with 3
different skill levels.

Intended User:  ages 4 to 8 (approximately)

Unique Features:
Uses clear digitized voice to say the time displayed on
the analog clock. Switch between various analog clocks,
(a pocket watch and owl clock in the shareware version,
the registered version provides bear, cat, santa, and
dinosaur clocks also). Each clock has a unique animation
routine. Change colors of the digital watch band. Program
utilizes both mouse and keyboard.

System Requirements:
640K RAM, Hard Drive (approx. 640K), EGA or VGA Color Monitor,
Mouse optional.
*** Not Microsoft Windows compatible.
*** requires a 286 or higher for speech capability.

Starting The Program:
Once installed just type TTIME.

Shareware Registration Fee/Support Provided:
$10.00   * Receive 4 additional analog clocks for use in program.
         * Receive a registered copy of an additional
           program - "Talking Number Machine".
         * Removal of the initial shareware screen.
         * Most current version of this program at the
           time of registration.
         * Notification of and discounts on program upgrades.
         * Support via phone or mail.

Files Included:
TTIME may be distributed on a single 720K disk, or two 360K disks.
TTIME program files are compressed and then split into the two
files TTIME10.~~1 and TTIME10.~~2 to accommodate 360K distribution
disks. The installation program re-combines these files and then
uncompresses them.  The file TTIME10.SI must be included also.

VENDORS: These files are for vendor use only and do not need
         to be distributed to users.
         ---> VENDOR.DOC   * this file.
         ---> TTIME10.PCX  * graphic for catalog use, if desired.
         ---> FILE_ID.DIZ  * description file for BBS's

!!!! The following files are required for proper installation !!!!
  READ.ME         * installation instructions
  BROWSE.COM      * file viewer
  INSTALL.EXE     * installation program
  TTIME10.SI      * required to re-combine the split files
  TTIME10.~~1     * split file 1
  TTIME10.~~2     * split file 2

  *** Disk1
  READ.ME         * installation instructions
  BROWSE.COM      * file viewer
  INSTALL.EXE     * installation program
  TTIME10.SI      * required to re-combine the split files
  TTIME10.~~1     * split file 1

  *** Disk2
  TTIME10.~~2     * split file 2

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4150

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

READ     ME        496   8-14-93   1:00a
BROWSE   COM      1088   7-09-87   5:58p
INSTALL  EXE     51856   8-14-93   1:00a
TTIME10  SI         99   8-20-93   9:01a
TTIME10  ~~1     50000   8-20-93   9:01a
GO       BAT        31  10-22-93  10:50a
VENDOR   DOC      4556   8-14-93   1:00a
TTIME10  PCX     58598   8-14-93   1:00a
FILE_ID  DIZ       241   8-14-93   1:00a
        9 file(s)     166965 bytes
                      149504 bytes free