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                       Gradebook Manager - Version 1.1

   Your disk should include the following files:

	GRBOOK.EXE	Executable program file
	GRBOOK.HLP	Context sensitive help file
	GRBOOK.DOC	Manual and tutorial
	README.DOC	This version notice

   To run Gradebook Manager, place the disk in drive A, and, at the 
   DOS prompt, type:

	A:		Goto drive A
	GRBOOK		Run program

   See GRBOOK.DOC for information about installing this program on your 
   hard disk, or making backup copies.

   This program is distributed as shareware. You may try it out without
   obligation. If you like it and decide to use it, you should register
   with the author by sending $35.00 to:

			Daniel Ethier
			P.O. Box 600322
			St. Paul MN 55106
			(612) 774-5840

   The benefits of registration include: the latest version of the program,
   with a personalized sign-on message to replace the reminder about author
   registration, and free user support for one year.

   Feel free to contact the author if you have any questions or suggestions
   about this program. Your input is very useful in helping me to improve 
   this program to better meet your needs!

   When you register, please use the enclosed registration form. And make
   sure you specify which disk format you use!


                              Gradebook Manager
                               Version History

   Version 1.1	Fixes a problem which prevented users from saving changes
   		made to existing classes.

   Version 1.0  Original version (unreleased)


                             Author Registration
                       Gradebook Manager - Version 1.1

	Your name, department, and school will be displayed in your
	personalized sign-on message. Please print these exactly as you
	want them to appear.

	Name __________________________________________________________

	Department ____________________________________________________

	School ________________________________________________________

	Address _______________________________________________________

	City ______________________  State ________ Zip _______________

	Disk format:	3-1/2" _____	5-1/4" _____

	Where did you get your copy of this program? __________________



	Comments or suggestions _______________________________________






Program:	Gradebook Manager

Version:	1.1

Author:		Daniel Ethier
		P.O. Box 600322
		St. Paul MN 55106
		(612) 774-5840

Requirements:	IBM PC with at least 256K memory
		MS-DOS 3.30 or later

Description:	Gradebook Manager is a computerized gradebook, allowing
		teachers to record grades on 60 assignments in 4 terms for
		40 students. Assignments may be grouped into 4 categories.

		Gradebook Manager can compute grades using total points
		earned, or using a weighted average of the percent correct
		within each category. Current student grades are always

		Gradebook Manager can generate reports listing student
		grades for the current term, for the entire school year,
		and on each assignment. A list of students missing work
		can also be generated.

		Gradebook Manager is user friendly. The program is menu
		driven and fully supports the use of a mouse. Hints and 
		context sensitive help are available at all times.

Distribution:	Individual users may freely distribute copies of this
		program, provided no fee is charged.

		User groups and BBSs may distribute copies of this program,
		provided no more than $5.00 per copy is charged to cover 
		disk copying expenses.

		Disk distributors and dealers may distribute copies of this
		program, provided no more than $10.00 per copy is charged.

		Anyone distributing copies of this program must: distribute
		all files on this disk, without modification, although this
		program may be distributed together with other files and

Registration:	$35.00

		Registered users receive:

			Personalized copy of the program
			Future updates at a reduced price
			Free user support for one year

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GRBOOK   EXE    110304   7-18-93   6:24p
GRBOOK   HLP     18378   7-18-93   6:23p
GRBOOK   DOC     50236   7-18-93   6:22p
VENDOR   DOC      1744   7-18-93   6:26p
README   DOC      2817   7-18-93   6:40p
GO       BAT        34  10-22-93  11:17a
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        7 file(s)     185553 bytes
                      134144 bytes free