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                      EARLY SPANISH FOR SOUND BOARDS                 Vers 1.5SW
      EARLY SPANISH is the first BI-LINGUAL package (ENGLISH & SPANISH)
   for children age 1 thru 14. This package will teach your child how
   to speak Spanish. The English speech will gradually fade in to all
   Spanish Speech and your child will start to memorize Spanish words
   and numbers while they are learn basic mathematics. EARLY SPANISH is
   a fabulous TALKING TEACHER with real human speech that helps children
   SUBTRACTION, and much more. EARLY SPANISH allows parents and teachers 
   to record their own voice in to the package and use the new voice to
   teach their children and students. You can record any language in to
   this package. Lead you child into the next century with this package.

   * SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  512K memory, hard drive, EGA/VGA graphic
     and a Sound Blaster or 100% compatible. PC SPEAKER version available.

   * Run MANUAL.EXE to view the USERS MANUAL. 
   * Run INSTALL.EXE to start the program.
           DareWare Inc., 3005 Glenmore Ave. Baltimore, MD 21214 USA
   (410) 665-0193 - Toll free  1-800-847-0309  for CREDIT CARD ORDERS. $29.00
   Press Shift Print Scrn to print this page or 

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4169

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

__DISK__ 1          68   4-12-93  11:37a
READ-ME  BAT        76   4-12-93  11:37a
VENDOR   BBS      6945   4-12-93  11:37a
FILE_ID  DIZ       432   4-12-93  11:37a
README   DOC      1419   4-12-93  11:37a
ASK-KEY  EXE      6814   4-12-93  11:37a
ESP-SB1  EXE    307296   4-12-93  11:37a
INSTALL  EXE      2843   4-12-93  11:37a
MANUAL   EXE     16091   4-12-93  11:37a
GO       BAT        24  10-21-93   3:14p
       10 file(s)     342008 bytes
                       14336 bytes free