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T h e  P C - S I G  L i b r a r y  o n  C D - R O M 1 2 t h   E d i t i o n

The PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM, winner of the Optical Publishing
Association's Best Consumer Product Award, has added a hypermedia
interface that makes it easy to find and download any type of program
you could want. The WordCruncher text retrieval program has also been
implemented to assist you insearching this vast collection.

This CD-ROM contains over 3700 fully functional shareware programs, each
with a detailed review. The 12th Edition has added over 300 new programs
and over 500 updates since the release of the 11th Edition. The
collection is always kept current and now contains over 70 megabytes of
Windows 3.0 and 3.1 applications, fonts, icons, games and wallpaper

The range of software is phenomenal! There are huge assortments of
games, everything from adventure games with full SVGA and SoundBlaster
support to favorites like Klondike, Chess and Othello. Spreadsheets,
databases, wordprocessors and graphics programs are instantly available
and there are literally hundreds of unique and specialized programs that
will save you time and money. This amazing collection will help you get
a handle on all your business and home accounting and also teach your
children about zoology.

Each of the more than 3700 programs has a one-line description for quick
reference, Just pick one of the 13 software categories and a subcategory
to begin browsing for a program that interests you. You might choose the
Games Category, where you can pick from 12 subcatgories including
Adventure, Arcade, Cards and more. A mouse click (or keyboard stroke) on
the program title takes you to a detailed description of the program.
you can immediately download the software to your hard or floppy drive,
and in many cases view a screen shot.

You can find any program in the collection quickly and easily by using
the search button. When you are in a program category just type in the
title of the program and you will be taken to the description of that
program. The popular WordCruncher text retrieval program has been added
to allow searching every description for any word within that
description, not just in the title or keywords chosen by someone who
thinks differently than you do. The WordCruncher is ideal for finding
programs which perform a specific function, just try searching for
"split", "math" or "subtract". Or switch to the Disks section where you
will find an alphabetical list of all the programs which can be searched
by program title or disk number.

Everyone has their favorite programs and we're no exception. Our 44
favorite programs can be run immediately. No downloading is necessary,
all you do is click on the word "RUN" in the program description and
you'll be working or playing with top notch software right on the CD.

The power of hypermedia will allow you to try out more software than you
ever thought possible. We are sure that you will find a multitude of
programs to your liking on the P-SIG Library on CD-ROM.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT PS/2 or compatible with 640K, DOS 3.3 or
higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM player. We
recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e   P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   G a m e s   C D - R O M

The new PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM contains over 550 of the best
shareware games, including 53 educational games for children and 57
Windows games. 430 of them can be played directly from the CD without
using your hard drive space.

This edition employs the award-winning HyperReader interface, allowing
easy searching and playing by using a mouse or the keyboard.

This CD is the first in a six-volume PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware
series. Each volume will include the programs from a section of the
PC-SIG collection and also the programs and text from the current issue
of Shareware Magazine. This CD contains the entire text from the
May/June issue of Shareware Magazine, featuring hardware reviews of
the Tandy Sensation and the Media Vision Pro 16 Multimedia System.
Software reviews included cover 58 new shareware releases, security,
educational, CD audio and PIM's. 159 of the programs mentioned in the
magazine are included and can be downloaded using the HyperReader

There are also 89 programs which were updated since the last issue of
Shareware Magazine, helping those of you who have purchased the 12th
edition of the PC-SIG Library keep on top of the everchanging world
of shareware.

As well, a description of every program in the PC-SIG Library can be
searched with the WordCruncher text retrieval program. This Games CD
continues the ten year PC-SIG tradition of providing quality programs
and information to help you find the best program for your purpose.

System Requirements: IBM PC/AT/PS/2 or compatible computer with 640K,
DOS 3.3 or higher, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions and a CD-ROM
player. We recommend a 386 with a VGA monitor.

T h e  P C - S I G   W o r l d   o f   W i n d o w s   C D - R O M

The brand new PC-SIG World Of Windows is a must-have for Windows users.
In order to produce the best possible Windows collection PC-SIG has made
an alliance with the acclaimed Windows OnLine BBS. So not only do you have
access to the collecting and weeding out efforts for which PC-SIG is
famous, but also the huge volume of fonts and sound files and the in-depth
software reviews of the world's best Windows BBS.

This CD contains every one of the best Windows shareware programs
available, 350+ in all, over 900 TrueType fonts which can be used
without royalties, 429 ATM fonts, over 2,000 sound files in .WAV,
.VOC, .SND, .SOU, .MID format and 2,794 icons! A major computer
catalog is offering a collection of 250 fonts for $49.95. They have
great prices on hardware and software, but this time they can't
touch us.

As if the files aren't enough, we thought you would want to preview
and use these sounds, fonts, icons and programs directly from the CD,
without taking the time and space to unarchive them. So we have
included a font previewer and installed, a sound player and an icon
manager. Over 200 of the programs can be run simply by clicking on
them in the File Manager. Nobody else offers you anything close to
this type of access.

We're not done yet. In add to all the Windows riches described above,
this CD also contains the text and programs from the July-August
issue of Shareware Magazine. This is the second in a six-volume PC-SIG
Encyclopedia of Shareware CD-ROM series (Games was the first). Each
volume includes the programs from a section of the PC-SIG Library plus
all the text and every program from the current issue of Shareware
Magazine. Software reviews for this issue cover over 100 programs
including games, communications, printing, text editors and more. 124
of the programs mentioned in the magazine are included, plus 225
programs updated since the May-June issue.

TO ORDER in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask for Customer Service.

For Technical information: Call 408-730-9291 and ask for Technical

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near


                            P C  -  S I G

Welcome to the world of Shareware, state of the art software you can
actually try before you buy.

Shareware, a term coined in the early eighties, refers to the method of
distribution chosen by the software authors.  With shareware, you can
receive a program and put it through its paces without having to pay for
it. If you find the program useful, and choose to keep the program, then
you pay a modest registration fee to the author.

For the last nine years, PC-SIG has been providing shareware and public
domain software to its customers and members.  Since 1982 PC-SIG has
developed an unprecedented library of shareware programs, constantly
updated, consistently strong in every category.  Our library of
shareware contains over 3500 titles divided into 120 logical categories.

Every program we add to the library is thoroughly reviewed and tested to
insure that each one meets the high standards of reliability and value we
insist upon and you expect.  As a result, our library doesn't contain
every shareware program available, just those that really work.

PC-SIG has grown into the premier distributor of shareware and and
shareware information by producing shareware collections on CD-ROM,
publishing an encyclopedia of shareware, and by publishing Shareware
Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine distributed world-wide.

Quality and support - guaranteed.  All of our programs are guaranteed
virus free.  We've isolated our systems and check every program
submitted to insure that no viruses make their way to your computer or

Our support staff is available by phone as well as on our BBS to help
you with questions about installation and operation of PC-SIG's

Through our network of international distributors, PC- SIG strives to
bring you the most current, exciting, technically advanced software
available as shareware.

If you can't find the software you need in PC-SIG's library, it may well
not exist.

To order the latest in Shareware, in the U.S.A: Call (800) 245-6717

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



              S H A R E W A R E  M A G A Z I N E

Shareware Magazine has distinguished itself as the only internationally
distributed periodical devoted to the use and business of shareware.
Shareware Magazine provides detailed reviews of new products,
hard-hitting comparisons of shareware programs with regular retail
software, and timely information about changes in the industry and the
latest technology.

Intriguing columnists and regular features add to the excitement.  The
beginners section sheds light on new user's concerns regarding
everything from choosing the right operating system to alleviating the
intimidation of using on-line systems.

Educational sections focus on how low cost shareware can aid in
classroom learning, curriculum development, and as a forum for
discussing the impact of computers and technology in schools.

Graphics Gallery renders expert advice and suggestions on how to better
work with graphics, desktop publishing, CAD systems, and the Windows

Programmers benefit from others experience in developing new programs or
polishing existing ones as well as choosing the right programming

And columnists provide that subjective component, sometimes
controversial, that calls for a closer look at the way we compute and
how shareware effects what we do.

Published bimonthly, Shareware Magazine is available on a subscription
or at your local newsstand or computer bookstore.  In conjunction with
PC-SIG, there are special benefits for subscribers as well as
opportunities for discount purchases from PC-SIG.

To Order, in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask Customer Service.

Outside the U.S.A.: Call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer near



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                                  PC-SIG Inc.
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                            1030-D East Duane Avenue

                               Sunnyvale  California


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PC-SIG Inc. 1030-D East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94086


     Do not mail cash.   Please allow four weeks for processing.


Check the items desired:

PC-SIG Disks - Member $2.49 for 5.25" or $2.99 for 3.5"
           Non-member $3.50 for 5.25" or $4.00 for 3.5"

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One year subscription to Shareware Magazine            $19.95  ______

Super Saver Membership                                 $39.95  ______
(includes a 1 year subscription to Shareware Magazine,
 the PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher,
 and 5 free disks)

The PC-SIG Catalog on Disk                              $5.00  ______
($5.00 is refundable with your first order)

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher      $20.00  ______


The PC-SIG World of Games CD-ROM                       $19.95  ______ 

The PC-SIG World of Windows CD-ROM                     $19.95  ______

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia of Shareware CD-ROM 
Series (6 CD-ROM Set)                                  $99.00  ______

                                                    Subtotal   ______

Shipping and Handling                                          $5.00
Express Shipping Available.
Call PC-SIG for more information.

                    California residents add 8.25% sales tax   ______

                                                       TOTAL   ______

      If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!

To order by phone with VISA or MASTERCARD: Call (800) 245-6717
Ask for operator #2351


                                VOCABULARY POWER

                                  Version 2.00

                          This program will create:
                          1. Multiple Choice Quizzes
                          2. Matching Quizzes
                          3. Word Searches
                          4. Cryptolists
                          5. Juggle Letters
                          6. Vocabulary Bingo Cards
                          7. Flash Cards 

      Your lists of words and clues are also 100% compatible with
      CROSSWORD POWER, also available from WISCO COMPUTING.
      VOCABULARY POWER (tm) is a copyrighted program distributed as
      SHAREWARE.  All rights are reserved.  You may make 1 copy of
      this program and documentation for a 30 day evaluation.
      If you decide to continue to use this program, you must pay a
      registration fee of $39.95 plus $2.00 shipping/handling.  Checks,
      MasterCard, and VISA are accepted.  Purchase orders are accepted
      from schools and Fortune 1000 companies.  Building site licenses
      are also available.  All references to SHAREWARE and evaluation
      software are removed from the print outs of the registered 
      versions of this program.  To order the registered version, use 
      the order blank that can be printed from the pull down menu.
      Registered owners will receive a printed manual, diskette with
      all improvements since the distribution of the shareware
      diskette, removal of all references to evaluation shareware,
      notification of major updates, and voice telephone support.
      This program can only be updated and improved when you support
      my efforts.

               for the IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, and compatibles (512 K)

                      (C)Copyright Terry L. Jepson 1985-1993
                           WISCO COMPUTING, P. O. Box 8
                          Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-0008

         Modem Support is available on the Rapid River BBS (715) 435-3855
            (Free access 300 to 38,400bps V.32bis/V.42bis 24 hr 8/N/1)
                 MasterCard & VISA orders accepted (715) 423-8189
               Voice Support is only available to registered users.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 2

IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible 512K
One disk drive or hard drive
Supported Printer
MS-DOS Version 2.1 or greater

Word Search size can be varied from 3 to 24 columns and from 3 to 20
rows.  The quizzes and work sheets can be printed in 10, 12, 15, or 17
pitch.  The pitch depends on the capabilities of your printer and the 
selection in the Settings Menu.

Up to 100 words will be placed automatically in each maze.  Word search
words and vocabulary bingo words can be up to 17 characters long.  Up to
20 words and clues can be used in the multiple choice and matching quizzes,
cryptolists and juggle words.  Clues can be up to 100 characters long. 
Words and clues can easily be added, deleted, printed, randomized,
formatted, or changed at any time.  A variety of activities can be
automatically created and printed from each list of words and clues.  This
option allows teachers to stress the same vocabulary but use different
activities with their students.  This has been a proven effective method for
learning vocabulary words.

Backups of all files can be made using normal DOS disk copying procedures
or the Back-Up word list selection of the Extra Menu.  VOCABULARY POWER (tm) 
and CROSSWORD POWER (tm) are trademarks of WISCO COMPUTING.  The computer 
hardware, software, and printer names used in this manual are the trade names 
and/or trademarks of their respective owners.

VOCABULARY POWER combines entertainment and educational value.  This
program can create a variety of activities to learn vocabulary.  The 
activities (word searches, bingo cards, word jumbles, etc.) can also be
created for parties, games, and study aids.  Businesses and consultants have
used this program for training sessions, internal newsletters, and advertising
promotions.  Restaurants can use these activities for their place mats.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 3

Please register this software.  Registration is essential for you to receive 
the full benefits of WISCO COMPUTING.  VOCABULARY POWER registered
users receive announcements about major program improvements.  These
announcements will include a description of the new features, the reduced
upgrade cost, and ordering procedures.  Only registered users will receive
the upgrade notices and be eligible to purchase the upgrade.

First you should make a working copy of VOCABULARY POWER.  Copy
all files on the original diskette to your working copy or your hard disk
subdirectory.  Now place the original diskette in a safe place.

 1. Insert the working copy diskette in drive A:.
 2. Enter the word BINGO when A:> is displayed.
 3. When the program is loaded, the Title Screen will appear.
 4. Then the Menu Bar will appear at the top of the screen.
 5. Use the right arrow key or left mouse button to go to the
    Settings Menu.  Select Additional Settings by pressing Enter.
 6. Make the correct settings for your computer and printer.
 7. Press Escape to reveal the Menu Bar.
 8. Save these settings on the Settings Menu.
 9. Move the cursor to the File Menu.
10. Select Load First Word List.
11. Move the cursor up or down to a word list.  Press Enter.
12. Move to either the WordTools or TestTools Menu.
13. Move the cursor up or down to your selection.  Press Enter.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 4


VOCABULARY POWER is specifically designed to be simple to understand
and easy to use.  It requires very little knowledge of computers.  No
commands need to be memorized.  A status line is displayed at the bottom
of the screen.  The current word list name is displayed in the status line. 
The menus allow easy movement through the program so you can begin
making activities in just a few minutes.  Help screens are available by
pressing the F1 function key.

To move between the menus at the top of the screen, you can use the left or
right arrow keys, a mouse, or hold the Alternate key down and press the first
letter of the menu.  Within the vertical menu, use the up or down arrow
keys, or press the first letter of the selection to move from selection to
selection.  Once your selection has been hi-lighted, press the Enter key to
confirm the selection and continue.  Choices with bullets (or red on a color
monitor) can not be selected until other actions have been taken.

The Home key will place the cursor at the beginning of the current edit field. 
The End key will place the cursor at the end of the current edit field.  
Alt-D deletes the current edit field.  The left and right arrow keys move the
cursor within the edit field.  Control-left and control-right arrow keys move
the cursor to the far left or right sides of the window.  The up and down
arrow keys move the cursor between edit fields.  Alternate-F1 displays
foreign language codes, Shift-F1 displays math symbols, and Control-F1
displays the Greek characters when appropriate.  The special symbols can be
included in your vocabulary words and clues by holding the alternate key
down and entering the 3 digit number on the number pad of the IBM keyboard.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 5

 Load First Word List
 Edit Title...
 Print Word List
 Manipulate Word List
 Save Word List
 Shell to DOS

This selection removes all vocabulary words and clues from the computer's
memory.  The name of the word list is displayed in the status line.

Each word list can have up to 100 vocabulary words and related clues.  All
files created by VOCABULARY POWER may be copied and erased using
normal DOS commands.  The word lists can also be copied using the Back
Up selection of the Extra Menu.  Avoid using the & character in a word list
name.  The & character is used in our companion product CROSSWORD
POWER.  Word lists created with VOCABULARY POWER are 100%
compatible for use with CROSSWORD POWER.

Vocabulary words may be up to 17 characters long.  Any character except
the space, comma, asterisk *, double quote ", vertical bar |, and number
sign # can be used in a vocabulary word.  Numbers can also be used to
create math activities.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                     Page 6

Each clue (definition) can be up to 100 characters long.  Long clues are
automatically divided if necessary.  Any character except the double quote
" and comma can be used in a clue.

The F1 function key can be pressed to reveal a help screen to provide more
information about editing the vocabulary words and clues.

Vocabulary words and clues can be automatically changed to upper and lower
case letters, capitalize just the first letter of the word or clue, sorted 
by length, alphabetized, and randomized.

The words can be changed back and forth between capital and lower case
letters.  It is easier to work with all capital letters.  However, sometimes
lower case letters are necessary.  For example, in chemistry, CO means
Carbon Monoxide and Co means Cobalt.  This program treats capital letters
and lower case letters as two different letters.  This means that words will
not intersect at a common letter if one is a capital letter and the other is
lower case letter.

Placing the longest words into a word list first does not guarantee that more
total words will be placed into a word search.

Each time a word list is randomized, the order of the vocabulary words and
clues is changed.

Teachers can use different activities to stress the same vocabulary words 
with different formats.  The different activities allow for the different 
learning styles of students.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 7

 Word Search - Display Single
 Word Search - Print Multiple
 Bingo Card - Display Single
 Bingo Card - Print Multiple
 CryptoList - Display Single
 CryptoList - Print Multiple
 Juggle Words - Display Single
 Juggle Words - Print Multiple
 Flash Cards Printed

When any of the Display Single selections are made, the word list that is
displayed on the status line (at the bottom of the screen) is loaded into
memory.  The first activity and appropriate PRINT MENU are displayed.

For example, when WORD SEARCH - DISPLAY SINGLE is selected, a
single word search maze is displayed.  The PRINT WORD SEARCH MENU
is displayed in the upper left corner.  You are given the following options:

This option prints the student word search with the extra letters.

This option prints the answer key without the extra letters.

This option allows you to display and print words from the word list that
were not inserted into the maze.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 8

Student or teacher mazes can be quickly viewed.

The words are randomized again, then a completely new maze is displayed
and available for printing.

This selection is used to return to the regular pull down menus.

When the PRINT MULTIPLE selection is made, two questions will be
asked.  First you will be asked if you want a teacher (answer key) printed
with each student form.  Then you will be asked how many copies of the
activity you want printed.  You can automatically print up to 40 different
activities (Word Searches, Vocabulary Bingo cards, Quizzes, etc.)  when this
selection is made.

The Word Search size is selected on the SETTINGS MENU.  The maze size
can be varied from 3 to 24 columns and from 3 to 20 rows.  Up to 100
words will be placed automatically in each maze.  Words will be arranged
forwards, backwards, horizontal, vertical, and diagonally.  A random spot
is chosen for the first word to be placed into the maze.  Then other words
will attempt to intersect the first word.  When no more word placements can
be made, the WORDSEARCH PRINT MENU is displayed.  

The word list is randomized before choosing 20 words.  If your word list has
less than 20 words, the entire word list will be used.  Each letter of the
vocabulary word will be substituted by a different letter.  All words on the
list use the same letter substitution.
VOCABULARY POWER                                                   Page 9

For example, the word CELERY could have been randomized as RXJXWM. 
The letter R was substituted for the letter C in celery.  The letter X was
substituted for the letter E.  Since there are two E's in CELERY, there are
two X's, at the second and fourth positions in the word.  Every word of this
print out uses the same letter substitution.  If the word PLANE was also on
this list, the last letter would also have to be an X.  A grid is printed at 
the bottom of the student paper for help.  The substitution key is displayed 
on the screen and printed on the teacher key.

Each additional cryptolist that is displayed and printed uses a different 
group of 20 words and a different letter substitution method.

The word list is randomized before choosing 20 words.  If your word list has
less than 20 words, the entire word list will be used.  The letters of the
vocabulary word will be randomized.  Each additional juggle word activity
that is displayed and printed uses 20 different words and a different letter

Your word list must have at least 25 words to make bingo cards.  When this
selection is made a bingo card is displayed with the PRINT CARD MENU. 
Each vocabulary bingo card fits neatly on a 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper.

This selection allows automatic printing of up to 40 different Vocabulary
Bingo Cards.

The flash cards used for vocabulary drills can also be used as calling cards
for vocabulary bingo.  When this selection is made, a menu listing 6
different options is displayed.  The calling (flash) cards allow printing
the words and clues on regular 8 1/2" by 11" paper or 3" by 5" cards.  The
words and clues may be printed on the same or opposite sides of the paper.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                  Page 10

When the vocabulary words and clues are printed on opposite sides of the
paper, you will have to turn the paper over to print the back side.

The vocabulary words will be printed in expanded larger print size if an
Epson FX, Epson LQ, IBM Proprinter, or Okidata printer is being used.

Additional menu help can help center the paper in the printer.

If an activity is saved as an ASCII file, the following pattern is used 
to name the file:

The first part of the file name uses the same name as the word list.  The
extension part (the three letters after the period) varies depending on the
activity and if it is the teacher or student copy.  The first letter of the
extension will always be V (for VOCABULARY).  The last letter will either
be a S for STUDENT or T for TEACHER.  The second letter varies with
the activity.

The second letter uses the following pattern Wordsearch = W, Cryptolist =
C, Juggle word = J, Multiple choice quiz = M, and matching Quiz = Q
For example, the file HOMONYMS.VCT uses the HOMONYMS.WL word
list.  The file is (C) Cryptolist of the (T) Teachers activity.  

The original word lists use the extension .WL  The word list files are saved
as ASCII files to make spell checking easier.  If you use the spell checker
of your word processor, and your words are changed, make sure to save the 
word list file in ASCII format.  Many word processors use special formatting 
codes when files are saved the regular way.  Saving of the file in ASCII 
format prevents saving of the formatting codes.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                   Page 11

 Matching Quiz - Display Single
 Matching Quiz - Print Multiple
 Multiple Choice - Display Single
 Multiple Choice - Print Multiple

Word lists are randomized before choosing 20 words.  If the word list has
less than 20 words, the entire word list will be used.   Clues for these 20
words will be randomized and displayed.  When long clues are displayed, the
first part is displayed with a plus (+) sign to indicate more letters.  Long
clues are automatically wrapped for proper appearance when printed.  A
blank is printed in front of the word number for the student choice.  The
correct response letter is printed in front of the number on the teacher key.

Each additional quiz that is printed uses a different group of 20 words and
a different random answer pattern.  Up to 40 different forms can be printed
automatically.  Making different matching quizzes has never been this easy.

The word list is randomized before choosing 20 words.  If your word list has
less than 20 words, the entire word list will be used.  The clues for these 
20 words will be randomized and displayed.  Then conflicting choices (wrong
answers) will be chosen from all words in the word list.  Then the correct
answer and three conflicting answers are randomized.  Long clues and long
answers are automatically wrapped for proper appearance when printed.  A
blank is printed in front of the word number for the student choice.  The
letter of the correct response is printed in front of the item number on the
teacher key.

Each additional quiz that is printed uses a different group of 20 words and
a different random answer pattern and a different set of conflicting choices. 
Up to 40 different forms can be printed automatically.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                    Page 12

 Additional Settings
 Select Printer Font
 Save All Settings
 Order Information
 Print Order Blank
 View Manual
 Print  Manual
                   Additional Settings

      Total Word Search Size Columns, Rows: 24, 17
               Drive Containing Word Lists: C:\PUZZLE\
                Print School Heading (Y/N): YES
        School Heading - Line 1, Left Side: SCIENCE
       School Heading - Line 2, Right Side: Name_________
          Listing below Word Search to Use: WORDS
Print Free Space in Vocabulary Bingo Cards: NO
      Automatically Capitalize the Letters: YES
   Allow saved Word Lists to be randomized: YES
                           Type of Printer:   EPSONLQ
  Printer support Box Drawing Chars. (Y/N): NO
  Printer Pitch (10, 12, 15, or 17 Chars.): 12 
             Set Printer to Letter Quality: YES
          Left Margin (1 to 15 characters): 10

Word Search size may be varied from 3 to 24 columns wide and from 3 to
20 rows high.  A 15 column by 15 row maze with clues usually fits on the
normal size 8 1/2" by 11" paper.

Select the Drive Letter and subdirectory.  To keep the word lists in the
same directory as the VOCABULARY POWER program files, you can delete the
displayed information by pressing Alternate-D.  (Holding the Alternate Key
down while pressing the letter D.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                  Page 13

If YES is chosen a two line heading will be printed.  The topic of the word
list will be printed on the left side of the second line.  If NO is chosen, 
the word list topic will be centered at the top of each printed page.

Below each word search, the vocabulary word (word bank), the clue, or the
first letter of the vocabulary word can be printed as a help to solving the
word search.  Long clues will automatically be divided.

Only identical letters will intersect in the word search.  All letters of
the words must be either all lower or upper case.  To quickly change the
case of the words, use the manipulate option on the FILE MENU.

This selection does not affect the randomizing of the words and clues for
creating activities with the WORDTOOLS MENU and TESTTOOLS MENU
selections.  This selection only affects some options made by the
is chosen, you will not be able to save the word list with the words in a
different order.  This is offered to make the word list compatible with
CROSSWORD POWER.  If NO is selected the words and clues can not be
flipped, alphabetized, placed in a random order, or sorted by length.  

The following printers are supported by VOCABULARY POWER:
EpsonMX          Diablo 630                IBM Proprinter
EpsonRX          Okidata                   Panasonic KX-P1091i
EpsonFX          Toshiba P1351             H-P DeskJet, DeskJet Plus
EpsonLQ          NEC  3550                 H-P LaserJet  II, IIP, III 

Additional printers may also be supported.  If your printer is not listed,
printer codes for User-Defined printers can be entered and saved by the
program.  Use your printer manual to find the following printer codes needed
for User-Defined printers.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                     Page 14

1. Master Reset           5. 12 Pitch On            9. Doublestrike OFF
2. 6 Lines per Inch       6. Underline ON           10. Unidirection ON
3. 8 Lines per Inch       7. Underline OFF          11. Unidirection OFF
4. 10 Pitch ON            8. Doublestrike ON

When the printer is selected, additional questions will be asked.

You will be asked if a sheet feeder is attached to the printer.

VOCABULARY POWER always checks the status of the parallel printer port
before sending any data.  This normally works quite well.  However, if you
map a parallel port to a serial one by the MODE command, or if you have
a non-standard, or very fast computer, you may experience problems. 
VOCABULARY POWER might actually think that your printer port (LPT1:)
is busy when you know it is not.  If you have printer problems like this,
select Y for Yes to ignore the printer status.

SYMBOL SET <Yes or No>:
If a LaserJet or DeskJet printers was selected, you will be asked which
symbol set to use.  Symbol sets 10U PC-8, 11U PC-8 (Danish/Norwegian),
and 12U PC-850 are supported.  These symbol sets include the line drawing
characters needed by the bingo cards.  If your laser compatible printer
can not support one of these three symbol sets, also set the box drawing
selection on the Settings Menu to NO.

If your printer prints foreign language characters around the squares on the
BINGO cards, this should be set to NO.  Then dashes and plus signs will be
substituted for the BOX characters

Select a printer pitch supported by your printer.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                   Page 15

Depending on the printer, the work sheets may be printed in either draft of
letter quality mode.

LaserJet, DeskJet and Epson LQ printers support different fonts.  
The LaserJet II and DeskJet printers have built-in fixed width 10 and 16.66
(condensed) pitch Courier fonts.  Printing 12 and 15 pitch fonts require
downloaded fixed-width fonts or fixed-width font cartridges.

The EpsonLQ optional font module is also supported giving the user six
additional fonts.  VOCABULARY POWER supports all fonts and pitches
included with the optional font module.

0. Roman         (10,12,15 pitch)          5. OCR-B         (10 pitch)
1. San Serif     (10,12,15 pitch)          6. OCR-A         (10 pitch)
2. Courier       (10,12,15 pitch)          7. Orator        (10 pitch)
3. Prestige      (10,12,15 pitch)          8. Orator-S      (10 pitch)
4. Script        (10,12,15 pitch)

This selection saves the settings to be used the next time VOCABULARY
POWER is started.

Additional products available from WISCO COMPUTING will be displayed.

An order blank for purchasing copies of this program or other products sold
by WISCO Computing can be conveniently printed.

Use this selection to view the manual on screen while VOCABULARY
POWER is active.  The manual, WSMANUAL.DOC  must be in the same
directory or disk drive as the VOCABULARY POWER program.

VOCABULARY POWER                                                   Page 16

 Reset Printer
 Advance Paper
 Form Feed
 Back Up Word List Files 
 Change Screen Colors
 About Vocabulary Power

The first three selections of the Extra Menu send printer codes to the 
printer.  The first selection RESETS the printer to the top of the page to 
the current paper position in the printer.  If you have manually adjusted the 
paper position in the printer, use this selection so the program and printer 
properly communicate.  

ADVANCE PAPER advances the paper in the printer one line.  FORM FEED ejects 
the current page in the printer.

When this selection is made, you will be asked to enter the name of the drive
to receive the copies of the word lists.  If an acceptable drive letter and
optional subdirectory is entered, the word lists will be copied.

The screen colors may be changed to your personal preference, or because
the regular colors may be hard to see on a lap top computer.

This screen displays information about VOCABULARY POWER, current pricing, 
and order and support information.
                         Computer Programs from:
                        WISCO COMPUTING,  P. O. Box 8
                       Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-0008
                               (715) 423-8189
     Quantity        Product                             Unit Price
     _____ GRADEBOOK POWER       IBM 512K   Indiv. License   $59.00
     _____ GRADING SKILLS POWER  IBM 512K   Indiv. License   $59.00
     _____ CROSSWORD POWER       IBM 512K   Indiv. License   $39.95
     _____ VOCABULARY POWER      IBM 512K   Indiv. License   $39.95
     _____ SURVEY POWER          IBM 512K   Indiv. License   $39.95
      A Site License is available for all products at 3 times the
      cost of an Individual License.  A Site License allows all
      employees performing their duties for the Site to legally
      use the program.
     _____ _____________________________  Site License    __________
     _____ Extra GRADEBOOK POWER MANUALS/Site License     $2.00 ea.
     _____ Extra GRADING SKILLS POWER MAN./Site License   $2.00 ea.
     _____ Extra CROSSWORD POWER MANUALS/Site License       .50 ea.
     _____ Extra VOCABULARY POWER MANUALS/Site License      .50 ea.
     _____ Extra SURVEY POWER MANUALS/Site License        $2.00 ea.
              -------------------------------           ----------
                                            SUB TOTAL   __________
                               WISCONSIN SALES TAX 5%   __________
                                       TOTAL SHIPPING       $2.00
                                          TOTAL ORDER   __________
     Form ASP-WIS93 -V2.00
     Please ship the latest version of these programs to:
     Registered Owner________________________________________________
     Street Address__________________________________________________
     City___________________________  State______ Zip Code___________
     IBM Disk Size Needed - (either 3 1/2" or 5 1/4")  __________
     Circle Method of Payment  CHECK  Money Order  VISA  MasterCard
     Name on Credit Card_____________________________________________
     Card No.____________________________________ Exp. Date _________
     Where did you learn about our programs?_________________________

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #4184

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

VOCABPWR ZIP    129119  10-21-93   1:28p
CDROM    TXT      7526   9-24-93   1:51p
GO-STRT  DAT       541   6-01-93  11:07a
SIGORDER TXT      3176   9-24-93   1:57p
GO-FORM  DAT      3276   9-24-93   1:56p
GO       EXE     26022   1-10-92  12:14p
PKUNZIP  EXE     29378   2-01-93   2:04a
PCSIG    TXT      2319   9-24-93   1:59p
SHAREMAG TXT      1831   6-01-93   2:32p
        9 file(s)     203188 bytes
                      113664 bytes free