Texas Instruments TI-57

A PCjs emulator for the TI-57 Programmable Calculator is now available. Ready-to-run configurations include:

Additional resources include:

My first programmable device was a TI-57; specifically, the Radio Shack EC-4000 version, Serial No. 9604427, purchased on October 7, 1978.

Pictures of my EC-4000 are below. I have a hunch that if I peeled off the Radio Shack sticker on the back (underneath my custom Dymo label), it would say Texas Instruments electronic calculator.

EC-4000 Front EC-4000 Back

I recently acquired an actual Texas Instruments-branded TI-57 as well, because while my EC-4000 still powers on, a few of the buttons (like 0) don’t respond, and I wanted to have an operational TI-57 before taking my own apart.

TI-57 Front TI-57 Back

The rechargeable batteries of both calculators were long dead, but it was easy enough to follow Dr. Monk’s Advice and “convert” both calculators to use a 9V battery.

EC-4000 Battery Replacement Step 1 EC-4000 Battery Replacement Step 2 EC-4000 Battery Replacement Step 3 EC-4000 Battery Replacement Step 4