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TI-57 Programmable Calculator

A PCjs emulation of the Texas Instruments TI-57 Programmable Calculator is provided below. It is one of the most faithful TI-57 emulations currently available and runs at the same speed as the original device.

Other TI-57 configurations include:

Documentation is available below, including information on TI-57 Patents, TI-57 ROMs, and TI-57 Tips and Tricks.

TI-57 Programmable Calculator

TI-57/EC-4000 Documentation

TI-57/EC-4000 Programs

Above are a few EC-4000 programs I wrote back in 1978-1979. These are some of my earliest “computer programs,” written when I was in high school, so needless to say, they come with no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

More Information

Third-Party TI-57 Articles