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What's New in 1.13.0

The latest version adds support for “software manifests”, which you can read more about here. Basically, manifests are simple XML files that describe a piece of software (an application, an operating system, whatever). They can also link to a PCjs machine configuration capable of running the software, along with a “ready-to-run” machine state file. Conversely, a PCjs machine XML file can refer back to the manifest, to obtain a list of disk images.

Here are some Demos of “ready-to-run” apps on PCjs.

There have been lots of server-side changes recently, including API improvements that make it easy (well, easier) to dynamically create diskette images from a list of files, or even an entire folder (including all subfolders), as long as the total size of all the files will fit on a PCjs-supported diskette image. Support for creating hard disk images is still on the “TODO” list (the original convdisk PHP script supported hard disk images, but that functionality hasn’t been ported to the newer diskdump Node module yet).

Almost nothing has changed in the PCjs client-side code (which is where the emulator runs), except for changes to use the new diskdump API.

Jeff Parsons
Apr 12, 2014