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SCO Xenix 286 v2.1.3

When prompted, use the following serial number and activation key:

Serial number:  pcjs.org!
Activation key: tjmbrmbz

We’ve also archived some SCO Xenix 286 Installation and Emulation Notes below.

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SCO Xenix 286 Installation and Emulation Notes

The following notes are courtesy of the OS/2 Museum:

The serial number and activation key are needed for serializing the kernel as well as for the “Link Kit” (which is just enough tools/libraries/objects to relink the kernel).

To install, it should be enough to follow the on-screen prompts. It’s simplest to let it create a single partition, which takes up the whole disk, no bad tracks, and no separate /u filesystem. Use defaults when possible.

The “N1” disk is always the boot disk. Depending on the media type, there may be a “filesystem” disk, which is then “N2”.

Potential emulation issues:

  1. The fixed disk parameter table (pointed to by INT 41h) must not be in RAM; whether it’s in the EBDA or at 300:0 (typical modern choices), old XENIX versions zap it
  2. The INITIALIZE DEVICE PARAMETERS disk command needs to take a millisecond or two to execute; it must not complete instantly
  3. For some old XENIX versions, the RECALIBRATE command also needs to take non-zero time
  4. Hard disk must use 1:1 logical/physical geometry (BIOS and ATA interface), limiting the size to about 500MB