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Castle Adventure (1985)

From MobyGames:

This game is like a cross between a Kroz game and a text adventure – the player moves through a castle using the arrow keys, picking up equipment and battling monsters in real-time along the way; however, at any time, it is also possible to type simple commands into the game’s text parser, allowing a greater variety of actions and more complex solutions to problems. The object of the game is to escape from the 83-room castle while collecting as many of the thirteen available treasures as possible.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5160-castle-adventure"]

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Directory of Castle Adventure (1985)

 Volume in drive A is CASTLE
 Directory of A:\

CASTLE   EXE     70656   6-01-85   7:48p
CASTLE   RAN     48384   6-01-85   7:48p
        2 file(s)     119040 bytes
                       40960 bytes free