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Microsoft Multiplan 2.00

NOTE: The Microsoft Multiplan 2.00 disk below is not an original distribution disk. It was obtained from VETUSWARE and contains a pre-installed copy of MP.COM. No installation files were included with the disk.

The disk also includes Microsoft Mouse 4.00 driver files. They match the 4.00 distribution files, even though they have been time-stamped with the same date as the Multiplan files.

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Directory of MS Multiplan 2.00 (Modified)

 Volume in drive A is MULTIPLAN20
 Directory of A:\

LINKMC   COM       934   9-23-85  12:00p
MOUSE    COM      7099   9-23-85  12:00p
MOUSE    SYS      7326   9-23-85  12:00p
MP       COD     46144   9-23-85  12:00p
MP       COM     24547   1-01-80   2:50a
MP       HLP     59817   9-23-85  12:00p
MP       SYS     73200   9-23-85  12:00p
MP40     DAT     12086   9-23-85  12:00p
MP80     DAT     12090   9-23-85  12:00p
STARTUP  MOD      7303   9-23-85  12:00p
       10 file(s)     250546 bytes
                       67584 bytes free