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Populous (1989)

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Online References

NOTE: Use the Command Summary Card to help with the game’s “Deity Verification Check”.

Populous Manual (1989)

Populous Command Summary Card (1989)

Directory of Populous (1989)

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

INSTALL  EXE     18039  12-15-89   5:53p
POPULOUS ARC     75947  11-17-89   1:55p
CGA      ARC     64273  11-14-89  11:39a
EGA      ARC    103509  11-14-89  11:47a
VGA      ARC     92799  11-14-89  12:11p
        5 file(s)     354567 bytes
                        5120 bytes free

Populous (1989)