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Microsoft Word 1.10 (for DOS)

This is not a complete version of Microsoft Word 1.10. We received only one diskette, and the diskette was incomplete, containing a variety of personal information (which we removed) and an assortment of other software (which we preserved). However, until a complete copy of Microsoft Word 1.10 decides to make an appearance, this will have to do.

Microsoft Word 1.10 was distributed on a copy-protected diskette, and the copy-protected data was missing from the diskette as well. However, we were able to restore that data from the Microsoft Word 1.15 Program Disk.

So, despite the scary words embedded in WORD.COM:

The tree of evil bears bitter fruit,
crime does not pay.
Trashing program disk.

nothing was trashed, and WORD.COM happily runs now.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5160"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5160" to load....

Directory of MS Word 1.10

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

IBMBIO   COM*     4608   3-08-83  12:00p
IBMDOS   COM*    17152   3-08-83  12:00p
MW       COM*    21585   3-07-84  12:00p
MW       COD*    42424   3-07-84  12:00p
MW       DAT*    15854   3-07-84  12:00p
WORD     COM      2043   3-07-84  12:00p
MWCOPY1  COM      7452   3-07-84  12:00p
MWCOPY   BAT        42   3-07-84  12:00p
RAMCLR   EXE      1024   5-13-84   6:48p
MOUSE    SYS      3467   3-07-84  12:00p
CONFIG   SYS        77  11-11-83   6:35p
VDISK    COM       656   3-31-83   1:21p
MWCOPY2  BAT       448   3-07-84  12:00p
MW       PGM     66122   3-07-84  12:00p
MW       HLP     52018   3-07-84  12:00p
CLOCK    COM       340   1-02-84  11:20a
DEFAULT  STY       640   3-07-84  12:00p
COMMAND  COM     17664   3-08-83  12:00p
D1610    PRD      2366   5-10-84  11:40a
AUTOEXEC BAT       196   5-13-84   6:54p
EPSONMXG PRD      1136   3-07-84  12:00p
       21 file(s)     257314 bytes
                       49152 bytes free