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HomeBase 1.04A

On initial startup (or reset) of the IBM PC AT below, a PCjs machine script automatically loads the “HomeBase 1.04A” diskette into drive A: and runs the INSTALL program.

After installation and reboot, the HomeBase program displays the following messages:

HomeBase Copyright(c) 1985 by Amber Systems, Inc. - All rights reserved
Code version 1.04a, dated 7/26/85
HBKERNEL version 2.46, HBASYNC version 2.43, HBVSI version 4.02
Loading help index...
HomeBase uses 128368 bytes of memory of which 20392 are for buffers.

Press Alt/Shift/H for HomeBase

[PCjs Machine "ibm5170-hb"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5170-hb" to load....

BYTE Magazine Advertisement from March 1985

HomeBase Ad, Page 1

HomeBase Ad, Page 2