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DoubleDOS 2.1F

This version of DoubleDOS comes from the PCjs Software Archive and likely patched as well (e.g., to disable copy protection), since the date for DOUBLEDO.EXE is almost a year newer than the rest of the files.

It also seems to be very DOS version-sensitive. It crashes on PC DOS 2.00 but appears to work OK on PC DOS 2.10, so that’s what we boot with here. A directory listing of the 160Kb diskette is provided below.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5160-doubledos"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5160-doubledos" to load....

Directory of DoubleDOS 2.1F

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

IBMBIO   COM*     1920   1-01-80  12:00a
IBMDOS   COM*     6400   1-01-80  12:00a
COMMAND  COM     17792  10-20-83  12:00p
READ_ME  1ST      4992   4-16-84   3:14p
DOUBLEDO EXE     38912   2-28-85   9:13p
DOUBLED2 PGM     23552   4-16-84   3:36p
SWITCH   EXE      1408   4-16-84   3:22p
SWITCH   ASM      1534   4-16-84   3:40p
123DRIVE BAT       675   4-16-84   2:43p
DBLDMONO DRV       798   4-05-84   2:58p
DBLDCOLO DRV      5363   4-05-84   2:58p
DBLDHERC DRV      5330   3-31-84   2:20p
DBLDB&W  DRV      5363   3-31-84   2:56p
DBLDCPQ  DRV       798   3-31-84   4:47p
DBLDANSI SYS      1698   4-05-84   2:59p
PRNAME8  VER        36   4-16-84   3:37p
DOUBLED1 EXE     11264   1-01-80  12:14a
       17 file(s)     127835 bytes
                       25088 bytes free