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PCjs Library

The PCjs Library contains documentation for the various hardware and software featured on the website. Much of it was obtained from bitsavers.org, with additional PC hardware resources from minuszerodegrees.net and assorted PC software documentation from os2museum.com.

Unfortunately, we’ve not done a good job consistently recording where a given document (or piece of software) came from. Going forward, we hope to be more thorough. In the documentation displayed below, you’ll now see that many documents include a link to the original [Source]. There’s no guarantee that that source is definitive, or the best available, or even still in existence; it’s simply where we happened to obtain our copy.

Over the years, we’ve also acquired our own physical copies of software and documentation from ebay and generous PCjs users, which we scan and post as well. In those cases, no source link is displayed; internally, the source is recorded as “PCjs”. For example, we scanned a complete collection of PC Tech Journal magazines; someone else has since downloaded and uploaded that collection to archive.org, but the source is still PCjs.


As you can see from the PCjs Explorer, each piece of documentation is filed under one of three general areas: Hardware, Software, or Documents. The idea is to have a single page for a given machine and its manuals, or for a given piece of software and its manuals. Anything else (ie, any document not created by the manufacturer of a piece of hardware or software featured here) is filed under an appropriate category within Documents.

There are a few gray areas. For example, there are programming books that also came with supplemental software, and in a few cases, we have archived that software supplement as well. So, because this is primarily a software-driven site, and to keep related materials together as much as possible, such a book will generally be filed with its Software, with a reference to the book within Documents.

For example, see Graphics for the IBM PC, which is filed under Software / IBM PC / Shareware / Books. However, you will also find the book referenced under Documents / Books / Programming, in the section titled “Books with Software”.

All Hardware Documents





VT100 Terminal

AT&T 6300

CDP MPC 1600

COMPAQ Portable

DeskPro 286

DeskPro 386

PCJr (Model 4860)

PC (Model 5150)

PC XT (Model 5160)

PC AT (Model 5170)

PC Hard Drives

PC Video Adapters

Zenith Z-150

Challenger 1P


All Software Documents

SuperCalc 1.10

WordStar 3.20

Microsoft Adventure

Dune II (1992)

No documents available for /software/pcx86/game/other/1992/dune2

Pascal/MT+ 3.11


IBM Macro Assembler 1.00

Microsoft C Compiler 4.00

Microsoft C Compiler 5.00

Microsoft C Compiler for OS/2 5.10

Macro Assembler 3.00

Macro Assembler 5.00

MS QuickPascal 1.00

MS OS/2 SDK 1.02

DOS Internals (1994)

Graphics for the IBM PC

Inside the IBM PC

Unauthorized Windows 95

Undocumented DOS

The Undocumented PC



PC DOS 1.00

PC DOS 1.10

PC DOS 2.00

DESQview 1.02

All Other Documents





Microsoft Languages

Microsoft Systems Journal

PC Disk Magazine

PC Tech Journal


Electronic Computer Project

Tom Estelita


Programming Notes