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Microsoft MS-DOS Manager

Microsoft MS-DOS Manager is a file manager shell that OEMs provided to be used with MS-DOS 3.X systems. It was bundled with OEM hardware from companies such as Zenith. This software didn’t last long, as it was replaced and became the DOS Shell on MS-DOS 4.X.

Some of the features included is mouse support, drop-down windows similar to later Microsoft products, split screen file list, linking file types with other software that is installed and add programs quickly to a drop-down menu specifically for programs.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5170"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5170" to load....

Directory of MS-DOS Manager 1.00

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

MANAGER  EXE     72846   6-23-87   7:44a
MANAGER  HLP     26247   6-04-87   9:06a
MANAGER  INI       120   8-10-88   6:19p
        3 file(s)      99213 bytes
                      261120 bytes free