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COMPAQ DeskPro 386 with Enhanced Graphics

PCjs DeskPro 386 configurations with EGA use the Rev F COMPAQ DeskPro 386 ROM, dated September 4, 1986. It is currently the oldest available DeskPro 386 ROM. The VGA did not exist until 1987, so it makes sense to use the EGA with the older ROM. The machine below uses an IBM EGA connected to an Enhanced Color Display, since support for the COMPAQ EGA hasn’t been completely tested yet.

[PCjs Machine "deskpro386-ega"]

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Other EGA configurations include:

All these configurations also include an unformatted “Type 5” 47Mb Hard Disk. To create a single 47Mb partition, you must use COMPAQ MS-DOS 3.31 or newer; older versions of DOS could create partitions only up to 32Mb, and all partitions had to reside within the first 32Mb of disk space.