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DEC PDP-11/70 for XXDP+ with Front Panel and Debugger

This machine is ready to boot XXDP+ Diagnostics (“BOOT RL0”) and run diagnostics (e.g., “R EKBEE1”):

Instructions for running those diagnostics are provided below.

[PCjs Machine "test1170"]

Waiting for machine "test1170" to load....


We need to select a drive to load the RL02K XXDP+ Diagnostics Disk, and since it is an RL02K disk, we need to use an RL02 drive. A typical PDP-11 machine with a single RL11 Disk Controller could contain up to four such drives, which we refer to as RL0 through RL3. And since we want to boot the XXDP disk, we need to select drive RL0, since the boot code on the disk appears to assume drive 0.

To automatically boot the RL02K XXDP+ Diagnostics Disk and run the EKBAD0 diagnostic, press:

To test the Front Panel LEDs and the ENABLE/CONT switches, press: