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RK03 RT-11 v4.0 Disk


To boot the RK03 “RT-11 v4.0” disk, start a PDP-11/70 with an RK11 Disk Controller, select the “RT-11 v4.0” disk from the list of disks available for drive “RK0”, click Load, and wait for the message:

Mounted disk "RT-11 v4.0" in drive RK0

Then start the machine (click Run) and make sure the following prompt has been displayed:



At the prompt, type “BOOT RK0”. The following text should appear:

RT-11SJ  V04.00C

.D 56=5015

Welcome to RT-11 Version 4. RT-11 V04 provides new hardware support
and some major enhancements over Version 3B.

Please use the HELP command;  it describes the new options in many
of the utilities.

If you are using a terminal that requires fill characters,
modify location 56 with a Deposit command before proceeding with
system installation. LA36 DECwriter II and VT52 DECscope terminals
do NOT require such modification.

.D 56=0


NOTE: Any RK11 disk drive (RK0-RK7) can be used. RK0 was selected for demonstration purposes.


The “DIR” command displays the following information:

SWAP  .SYS    25  01-Feb-82      RT11BL.SYS    65  01-Feb-82
RT11SJ.SYS    67  01-Feb-82      RT11FB.SYS    80  01-Feb-82
TT    .SYS     2  01-Feb-82      DT    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82
DP    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82      DX    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82
DY    .SYS     4  01-Feb-82      RF    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82
RK    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82      DL    .SYS     4  01-Feb-82
DM    .SYS     5  01-Feb-82      DS    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82
DD    .SYS     5  01-Feb-82      MT    .SYS     9  01-Feb-82
MM    .SYS     9  01-Feb-82      MS    .SYS    10  01-Feb-82
LP    .SYS     2  01-Feb-82      LS    .SYS     2  01-Feb-82
CR    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82      NL    .SYS     2  01-Feb-82
PC    .SYS     2  01-Feb-82      PD    .SYS     3  01-Feb-82
CT    .SYS     6  01-Feb-82      BA    .SYS     7  01-Feb-82
MTHD  .SYS     4  01-Feb-82      MMHD  .SYS     4  01-Feb-82
MSHD  .SYS     5  01-Feb-82      PIP   .SAV    23  01-Feb-82
DUP   .SAV    41  01-Feb-82      DIR   .SAV    17  01-Feb-82
FORMAT.SAV    19  01-Feb-82      SLP   .SAV     9  01-Feb-82
SIPP  .SAV    20  01-Feb-82      STARTS.COM     1  01-Feb-82
STARTF.COM     1  01-Feb-82      V4USER.TXT     1  01-Feb-82
CREF  .SAV     6  01-Feb-82      DUMP  .SAV     8  01-Feb-82
MBOT16.BOT     1  01-Feb-82      RESORC.SAV    15  01-Feb-82
SYSMAC.SML    42  01-Feb-82      EDIT  .SAV    19  01-Feb-82
KED   .SAV    60  01-Feb-82      K52   .SAV    55  01-Feb-82
TECO  .SAV    50  01-Feb-82      MACRO .SAV    51  01-Feb-82
MAC8K .SAV    56  01-Feb-82      LINK  .SAV    41  01-Feb-82
LIBR  .SAV    22  01-Feb-82      FILEX .SAV    18  01-Feb-82
SRCCOM.SAV    13  01-Feb-82      BINCOM.SAV    10  01-Feb-82
PATCH .SAV    10  01-Feb-82      PAT   .SAV     8  01-Feb-82
HELP  .SAV   107  01-Feb-82      HELP  .EXE     7  01-Feb-82
HELP  .MLB    98  01-Feb-82      ERROUT.SAV    17  01-Feb-82
SYSGEN.SAV    39  01-Feb-82      SYSGEN.CND   134  01-Feb-82
SYSTBL.CND    23  01-Feb-82      BATCH .SAV    26  01-Feb-82
QUEMAN.SAV    13  01-Feb-82      QUEUE .REL    14  01-Feb-82
SYSLIB.OBJ    47  01-Feb-82      MDUP  .SAV    18  01-Feb-82
MDUP  .MM     48  01-Feb-82      MDUP  .MT     48  01-Feb-82
MDUP  .MS     48  01-Feb-82      MBOOT .BOT     1  01-Feb-82
MSBOOT.BOT     3  01-Feb-82      DEMOF1.FOR     2  01-Feb-82
DEMOED.TXT     1  01-Feb-82      README.TXT    36  01-Feb-82
VT52  .TEC     5  01-Feb-82      VEG   .TEC     4  01-Feb-82
EDIT  .TEC     1  01-Feb-82      INSERT.TEC     2  01-Feb-82
LOCAL .TEC     3  01-Feb-82      SORT  .TEC     3  01-Feb-82
VTEDIT.TEC    32  01-Feb-82      TECO  .TC     23  01-Feb-82
SEARCH.TEC     3  01-Feb-82      SQU   .TEC    13  01-Feb-82
TYPE  .TEC    12  01-Feb-82      TECO  .INI    15  01-Feb-82
ODT   .OBJ     9  01-Feb-82      VDT   .OBJ     9  01-Feb-82
VTHDLR.OBJ     9  01-Feb-82      PLOT55.OBJ     3  01-Feb-82
TEST55.FOR     5  01-Feb-82      GETSTR.FOR     2  01-Feb-82
PUTSTR.FOR     2  01-Feb-82      SPEED .SAV     4  01-Feb-82
SYCND .BL      3  01-Feb-82      SYSTBL.BL      4  01-Feb-82
SYCND .DIS     5  01-Feb-82      SYCND .HD      5  01-Feb-82
SYSTBL.DIS     4  01-Feb-82      DISMT1.COM     9  01-Feb-82
DISMT2.COM     8  01-Feb-82      DUNGEO.COM     1  07-Jun-86
DSAVE .DAT    10  07-Jun-86      ADVENT.DOC     4  20-Jul-85
DUNGEO.SAV   216  07-Jun-86      DINDX .DAT    20  07-Jun-86
DTEXT .DAT   383  07-Jun-86      ADVENT.SAV    93  20-Jul-85
ADVENT.VAR    22  20-Jul-85      ADVTXT.TXT   125  20-Jul-85
BOOT  .MAC    23
 113 Files, 2784 Blocks
 1978 Free blocks