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MicroPro WordStar 3.24

A Directory Listing of the single-sided (160Kb) WordStar 3.24 diskette from the PCjs Archives is provided below.

We’ve also archived the article “WordStar 3.24 and 3.3: MicroPro Does It Again… And Again”, an interesting review/rant from 1983 on this and other versions of WordStar for the IBM PC. It includes a number of useful patches and tips.

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Directory of WordStar 3.24

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WSOVLY1  OVR     41216  11-15-82  12:00a
WSMSGS   OVR     28160  11-15-82  12:00a
INSTALL  BAS     17152  10-01-82  12:00a
PRINT    TST      3968   1-01-80  12:00a
WS       COM     20864   2-01-83  12:00a
        5 file(s)     111360 bytes
                       48128 bytes free

WordStar 3.24 Diskette