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MicroPro WordStar for PCjr

Directory Listings of the double-sided (360Kb) WordStar for PCjr diskettes are provided below. The disk images were obtained from WinWorld.

It’s worth noting that, despite being called “WordStar for PCjr”, this version of WordStar appears to work fine on non-PCjr configurations, including the one below, which also has twice the memory (256Kb) that the PCjr supported (128Kb). We’ve taken care to boot PC DOS 2.10 for this demo, because it’s possible that WordStar for PCjr has some dependencies on that version of DOS (since the PCjr required PC DOS 2.10 or later).

We have also included another variation of the WordStar for PCjr binary (WS.EXE) on Disk 1, exactly as it was provided to us by a former MicroPro employee. It is slightly smaller than the “official” PCjr binary (WSU.EXE), but given WordStar’s propensity for “patching”, and the fact that both files have dates well past the apparent release date of August 17, 1984, it’s not clear to what extent either of the programs on Disk 1 can be considered “official”.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5150"]

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Directory of WordStar for PCjr (Disk 1)

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WSU      EXE     87792   7-30-87   7:50p
MATRIX2  TST      3840   8-17-84   8:41a
MATRIX1  TST      3840   8-17-84   8:41a
DAISY    TST      3840   8-17-84   8:41a
WS       PIC     16392   8-17-84   8:41a
WS       INS     57216   8-17-84   8:41a
WINSTALL EXE     40960   8-17-84   8:41a
        7 file(s)     213880 bytes
                      146432 bytes free

Directory of WordStar for PCjr (Disk 2)

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

FEARNOT  COM     11008   8-17-84   5:06p
FEARNOT  OVR     38400   8-17-84   5:06p
WSTUTOR  COM     11008   8-17-84   5:06p
WSTUTOR  OVR     44032   8-17-84   5:06p
WSTUTOR1 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:06p
WST1     OVR     48896   8-17-84   5:06p
WSTUTOR2 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:06p
WST2     OVR     40064   8-17-84   5:06p
TUTOR    INS       512   8-17-84   5:06p
        9 file(s)     215936 bytes
                      143360 bytes free

Directory of WordStar for PCjr (Disk 3)

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WSTUTOR3 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:10p
WST3     OVR     55168   8-17-84   5:10p
WSTUTOR4 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:10p
WST4     OVR     34688   8-17-84   5:10p
WSTUTOR5 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:10p
WST5     OVR     42752   8-17-84   5:10p
WSTUTOR6 COM     11008   8-17-84   5:10p
WST6     OVR     44672   8-17-84   5:10p
TUTOR    INS       512   8-17-84   5:10p
        9 file(s)     221824 bytes
                      138240 bytes free