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id Software: Commander Keen

Beginning in 1990, a series of “Commander Keen” games were created by id Software. Shareware version 1.1 of the first game, “Invasion of the Vorticons Episode One: Marooned on Mars”, was released in 1991 through Apogee Software, Ltd.

Help and directory listings are provided below.

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Excerpt from the game’s “Help!” screen:

You can move Commander Keen with the joystick or keyboard.

When you first start Keen, you will be in keyboard mode.
Let's look at the keys you need to know to play the game.

Arrows          Move Keen around
Ctrl            Jump
Alt             Use Pogo/Stop Pogo (if you have one)
Ctrl and Alt    Fire raygun (if it has charges)

You can redefine these keys by pressing F3.


Spacebar        Status screen
F1              Help!
F2              Sound on/off
F3              Keyboard mode
F4              Joystick mode
F5              Save Game
Esc             Quit

When you are on the Mars map, you may be blocked by a city,
shrine, or other obstacle.  You must enter the city (press Ctrl
or button 1) and finish it before proceeding.

When you enter a city, you can get things by simply running into them.

If you cannot pass through a door, there may be a "keycard" that the
door requires.  This keycard will be the same color as the door.

Directory of Commander Keen: Episode One

 Volume in drive A is KEEN1
 Directory of A:\

EGAHEAD  CK1     15568   1-01-91   1:00p
EGALATCH CK1     57065   1-01-91   1:00p
EGASPRIT CK1     17633   1-01-91   1:00p
ENDTEXT  CK1       942   1-01-91   1:00p
FINALE   CK1      8565   1-01-91   1:00p
HELPTEXT CK1      1859   1-01-91   1:00p
KEEN1    EXE     51226   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL01  CK1      1368   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL02  CK1       724   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL03  CK1      3474   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL04  CK1      1720   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL05  CK1       810   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL06  CK1       928   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL07  CK1      5650   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL08  CK1      3416   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL09  CK1      1638   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL10  CK1      2086   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL11  CK1      1636   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL12  CK1      2178   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL13  CK1      9908   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL14  CK1      7024   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL15  CK1      2234   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL16  CK1      5818   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL80  CK1      5638   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL81  CK1       758   1-01-91   1:00p
LEVEL90  CK1      1262   1-01-91   1:00p
PREVIEW2 CK1     27886   1-01-91   1:00p
PREVIEW3 CK1     25429   1-01-91   1:00p
PREVIEWS CK1      2160   1-01-91   1:00p
SOUNDS   CK1      8898   1-01-91   1:00p
STORYTXT CK1      3504   1-01-91   1:00p
       31 file(s)     279005 bytes
                       27648 bytes free