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Minor Fixes and Additions

The following fixes were made in PCjs v1.15.1

  1. Using the “User-defined URL” option when loading a disk image from a 3rd-party server was broken if the URL contained certain special characters; that should be fixed now, but be aware that only web servers (ie, URLs using the HTTP protocol) are supported. URLs that trigger a redirect may also not work (more testing required).
  2. Any errors that occur during the call to either embedPC() or embedC1P() should be properly displayed on the caller’s page now.
  3. Two embedding helper functions have been added to provide more control over the machine startup and shutdown process:
    • enableEvents(boolean): pass false to disable delivery of all page events to all machines on the page, or true to re-enable;
    • sendEvent(string): pass “init”, “show” or “exit” to simulate the corresponding browser event (onload, onpageshow or onbeforeunload, respectively).

If a page calls enableEvents(false) before calling embedPC(), all machine layouts will be instantiated but the machines themselves will not be initialized. When the page is ready, call enableEvents(true) to restore normal event processing, and if the browser has already sent the onload event, then call sendEvent(“init”) to manually initialize the machine(s).

These two new functions are designed to assist in testing the starting up, shutting down and restarting of machines, by allowing scripts to control the overall process, without requiring use of the browser’s back/forward/close controls.

Jeff Parsons
Sep 2, 2014