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PCjs Released on GitHub

I’ve decided the time has come to make the PCjs Project an open source project on GitHub.

This doesn’t mean PCjs is done – not by a long shot. But I promised to release it on GitHub by the end of the year, which is fast approaching, and I didn’t really want to do this in December.

I feel I’ve made pretty good progress on my goals for the year – primarily EGA and PC AT support. PC AT machines can boot and run in real-mode now, but there’s still a lot of protected-mode work to do. The big remaining goal for this year is to boot OS/2 1.0.

There are also a lot of rough edges left to polish. Holes in EGA emulation remain to be filled (support for dynamically loaded fonts is one of the bigger ones). And the PC AT Keyboard, along with the 8042 and Hard Drive controllers, are all just limping along at the moment.

Longer term, I’m looking forward to building some new tools, including an “IBM PC Configurator” that will take some of the pain out of building your own bootable PCjs machine configurations, and make them easier to share, embed, etc.

Jeff Parsons
Oct 12, 2014