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Improved support for PC AT machines

The 8Mhz IBM PC AT machine configuration now boots in PCjs v1.15.5, which includes the following fixes:

This PCjs release also fixes a problem reported by a user: if you disable localStorage support in your browser, previous versions of PCjs would fault. While every browser that supports PCjs also supports localStorage, I didn’t consider what might happen if a user decided to turn it off.

The only downside to turning off localStorage is that none of your PCjs machines will be able save/restore their state when you leave/return to the page; they will always reboot.

Browser’s don’t always refer to the localStorage feature by its actual name, either. For example, in Chrome, the setting that enables/disables localStorage is hidden under “Advanced Settings” => “Privacy” => “Content Settings” => “Cookies” => “Allow local data to be set (recommended)”. Which is somewhat misleading and a little annoying, because localStorage is not a cookie.

PCjs never sets any cookies. Cookies are bits of data that your browser saves and then automatically sends off to the server every time you make a request. localStorage is nothing more than local storage; it is not automatically sent anywhere. Granted, a JavaScript application could abuse it and send it out just like a cookie, but PCjs does not do that; the only exception is when PCjs detects a problem, and even then, you must first agree to submit your machine’s state as part of the bug report.

Jeff Parsons
Oct 17, 2014