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WordStar On The PC

I recently added another disk to the PCjs Archives, WordStar 3.24, along with a copy of the article “WordStar 3.24 and 3.3: MicroPro Does It Again… And Again”, an interesting review/rant from 1983 on this and other versions of WordStar for the IBM PC.

This is the earliest PC version of WordStar I’ve been able to locate so far. Until now, the earliest version online was WordStar 3.30. Sadly, the legendary first PC version, WordStar 3.02M, remains elusive.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5150"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5150" to load....

And, since this may be my last blog post of the year, here’s a little scrolling LED display to wish everyone a happy new year.

The LED Scroller is built with a new set of PCjs Devices used in PCjs machines, such as:

The LED Device, in conjunction with the LED Controller, provides a variety of LED types, layouts, and features, including built-in support for the 7-segment LED digits used in all the TI Programmable Calculator displays.

Jeff Parsons
Dec 20, 2017