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Recent Software Donations

Thanks to the generosity of PCjs user Phil Mayes, who recently donated boxes of old PC diskettes for the price of shipping, the PCjs Software Archive continues to slowly grow.

Among the boxes of treasures:

There are a lot more disks to examine and duplicate, and the heads of my poor 5.25-inch disk drive seem to need increasingly frequent cleaning these days. But progress is being made.

Thanks Phil!

And if you happen to have any boxes of old PC diskettes that you’d be willing to donate, feel free to contact me with pictures, and if it appears there are any unique or historically interesting disks in your collection, I’ll be happy to pay for shipping and publicly acknowledge your generous contribution.

MS C 1.03 Beta (Disk 1)

MS C 1.04 (Disk 1)

Jeff Parsons
May 16, 2020