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Solitaire Week at LCM

It’s Solitaire Week at Living Computers Museum+Labs, and they’ve produced a lot of fun content celebrating the 30th anniversary of Solitaire for Microsoft Windows.

They’ve got everything from blog posts, like “Did You Know: Solitaire was Microsoft’s Cherry on Top,” to little-known facts on Twitter: “Did you know that the original card back art in @Microsoft Solitaire was designed by two women?

And they have short YouTube videos, like “Solitaire Speedrunning Tips+Tricks,” which offers several handy tips, including my favorite: play with your lucky cards!

To help everyone celebrate, I’ve created a special IBM PC AT machine below that’s already running Solitaire on top of Windows 3.0. If it seems a little slow, that’s because you’re spoiled by modern PCs that are literally hundreds of times faster than this 8Mhz IBM PC AT from the 1980’s. You can crank up the speed if you like (click the “8.00Mhz” button), but don’t expect that to make you any luckier.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5170-win300"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5170-win300" to load....

Jeff Parsons
May 21, 2020