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The MS-DOS Encyclopedia

Appendix J: Common MS-DOS Filename Extensions

    The Microsoft systems programs and language products commonly use the
    following filename extensions:

    Extension    Program/System      Description
    .@@@         MS-DOS              Backup ID file
    .$$$         EDLIN               Backup filename if out of disk space;
                                        error condition
    .ASC         Generic             ASCII text file
    .ASM         MASM                Assembly-language source code
    .BAK         Generic             Backup file
    .BAS         BASIC               BASIC language source code
    .BAT         MS-DOS              Batch file (contains MS-DOS command
    .BIN         Generic             Binary file
    .C           C                   C language source code
    .CAL         Windows             Calendar file
    .COB         COBOL               COBOL language source code
    .COD         Generic             Object listing file
    .COM         MS-DOS              Executable program file
    .CRD         Windows             Cardfile file
    .CRF         MASM                Cross-reference file
    .DAT         Generic             Data file
    .DBG         COBOL               Debug file
    .DEF         Windows             Module definition file
    .DOC         Generic             Documentation or document file
    .DRV         Generic             Driver file
    .ERR         Generic             Error file
    .EXE         MS-DOS              Executable program file
    .FNT         Generic             Font file
    .FON         Generic             Font file
    .FOR         FORTRAN             FORTRAN language source code
    .GRB         Windows             Grab file (snapshot)
    .H           C                   Include file
    .HEX         MS-DOS              INTEL hexadecimal format file
    .HLP         Generic             Help file
    .INC         Generic             Include file
    .INI         Windows             Initialization file
    .INT         COBOL               Object file
    .LIB         Generic             Library file
    .LST         Generic             List file
    .MAP         Generic             Address map file
    .MOD         Generic             Module file
    .MSG         COBOL               Message file
    .MSP         Windows             Windows Paint file
    .OBJ         Generic             Relocatable object module
    .OVL         Generic             Overlay file
    .OVR         COBOL               Compiler overlay file
    .PAS         PASCAL              PASCAL language source code
    .PIF         Windows             Program information file
    .QLB         Generic             Library file for Microsoft's Quick
    .RC          Windows             Resource script file
    .REF         CREF                Cross-reference listing file
    .RES         Windows             Compiled resource file
    .SCR         Generic             Script file
    .SYM         Generic             Symbol file
    .SYS         Generic             System file or device driver
    .TMP         Generic             Temporary file
    .TRM         Windows             Terminal file
    .TXT         Generic             Text file or Windows Notepad file
    .WRI         Windows             Write file

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