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RK11 Disk Controller

The RK11 Disk Controller controls up to eight RK05 disk drives, which in turn read/write RK03 disk cartridges.

RK03 disks are single-platter cartridges with 203 tracks per side, 12 sectors per track, and a sector size of 256 words (512 bytes), for a total capacity of 2.38Mb (2,494,464 bytes).

Machines containing the RK11 Component include:

PCjs has archived a selection of RK03 Disk Images from Paul Nankervis for use by those machines, which are listed in the following RK11 Device XML file:

which is typically referenced by a Machine XML file as:

<device ref="/machines/dec/pdp11/rk11/default.xml"/>

Device XML files not only configure a device, but also list all the resource the device will use, and define UI elements used to control the device, such as choosing which disks should be “auto-mounted” by the RK11 device. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<device id="rk11" type="rk11" autoMountExample='{RK0:{path:"/decdisks/pdp11/rk03/RK03-XXDP.json"}}' pos="left" width="35%" padLeft="8px" padBottom="8px">
	<control type="container">
		<control type="list" binding="listDrives"/>
		<control type="list" binding="listDisks">
			<disk id="disk01" name="RT-11 v4.0" path="/decdisks/pdp11/rk03/RK03-RT11-V40.json"/>
			<disk id="disk02" name="Unix v5" path="/decdisks/pdp11/rk03/RK03-UNIX-V5.json"/>
			<disk id="disk03" name="Unix v5 (SimH)" path="/decdisks/pdp11/rk03/RK03-UNIX-V5-SIMH.json">
				<link href="http://simh.trailing-edge.com/kits/uv5swre.zip">PDP-11 UNIX V5 with sources (under license provided by Caldera Corporation)</link>
			<disk id="disk04" name="XXDP+ Diagnostics" path="/decdisks/pdp11/rk03/RK03-XXDP.json"/>
		<control type="button" binding="loadDisk">Load</control>
		<control type="button" binding="bootDisk">Boot</control>
		<control type="description" binding="descDisk" padRight="8px"/>
		<control type="file" binding="mountDisk"/>