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Olivetti M24 ROM BIOS

BIOS-143.json is JSON-encoded dump of the ROM images (OLIVETTI_M24_VERSION_1.43_LOW.BIN and OLIVETTI_M24_VERSION_1.43_HIGH.BIN) obtained from www.minuszerodegrees.net.

The dump was produced by running FileDump to merge the even and odd portions (8Kb each) to produce a single 16Kb ROM image:

filedump --file=archive/OLIVETTI_M24_VERSION_1.43_LOW.BIN --merge=archive/OLIVETTI_M24_VERSION_1.43_HIGH.BIN --output=BIOS-143.json --comments --format=bytes

NOTE: The AT&T 6300 ROM BIOS is apparently identical to the Olivetti M24 ROM BIOS.