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DEC PDP-11 Paper Tape Images

To load any of the DEC PDP-11 paper tapes listed below, you will need to use a PDPjs Machine with a PC11 High-Speed Paper Tape Reader/Punch, such as this PDP-11/20, and then perform the following steps:

This mirrors the “real world” process of loading paper tape software. However, PDPjs offers a faster method: any “Absolute Format” tape (which should include all the tapes listed below) can also be loaded directly into RAM using the machine’s Read button, replacing all those steps with a single click.

Paper Tape Diagnostics

We have archived an assortment of DEC Paper Tape Diagnostics.

Paper Tape Software (circa 1970)

As documented in the PDP-11/20 Handbook (1971), p. 155, “PAPER TAPE SOFTWARE”, the following software was available on paper tape:

There was a separate DEC publication, PDP-11 Paper Tape Software Handbook, that described all of the above software in greater detail, and it included some programs that the 1971 Handbook listed under “Disk Operating System” instead of “Paper Tape System”, such as:

Thanks to the iamvirtual.ca website, most of the above programs are available as paper tape image files and are included in our “Default” PC11 High-Speed Paper Tape Reader/Punch configuration.

Some additional information on DEC’s Paper Tape Software is available at retrotechnology.com.